A Reminder


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I will say he did get his point across(yah,pun intended).

  3. Bad Attitude

    Poor Vlad. He did the world a favor, but instead gets demonized.

  4. And just who were the vast majority of those on those spikes?

    Muzloids who dared to try and invade his land.

    First start with passing a law making Islam not a religion but a full-on political system (which it is). Bring CAIR, the MSA, ISNA and any other org to trial. Trump’s DOJ could easily mount another Holy Land inquiry and trial. Guliani and/or/with McCarthy would love to prosecute these bastards out of existence.

    Then real American men could take a good lesson from ol’ Vlad starting with every fucking imam cocksucker in America and then burn down every mosque.

    Go Blackjack Pershing on them. All of them.

    • Oh, no, no, no, no, no!!!

      We surely MUST maintain the Moral High Ground!!!

      We must NEVER touch any innocents unless we are absolutely CERTAIN that they are evil!!!

      Sure is a damn shame that the HTML sarcasm tags still don’t work properly on this *&%^&^$%&* web site…

  5. Vlad Tepes. Looking at him through 21st century eyes,he seems ghoulish,but consider the Medieval period he lived in. Horrific torture was commonplace,even for minor infractions,in the Christian and Moslem worlds. Romanians consider him a national hero;he saved them from the Moslem Turks. Been fighting those buggers for a long,long time…

    • Agreed. It’s all that stopped rampant spreads of Islam throughout many an empire across many lands, over centuries. Swift, brutal, show no quarter killing of Islamic soldiers, and leave them in pigs blood, or like Vlad, impaled as lawn ornaments.
      Fast forward.

      Thomas Jefferson had it right with the Barbary Pirates. Gen. Pershing had it right in the Philippines and Indonesia.

      But than we became a kinder gentler society.
      They did not. And they are doing the same again. In Europe, in this country, Muslim expansion is happening.

      Offensive Halloween Muslim costumes are discontinued, yet sexy Nun/Catholic costumes are encouraged as to not offend the religion of peace.

      Vlad may have been a sadistic evil bastard, but like the Gurkhas, they make ol’ Achmed say aw fuck.

    • I believe these efforts to understand and empathize with Vlad will somehow fall short.

  6. The opening battle scene of 1992’s “Dracula” is really worth watching. It demonstrates that: A. Muslims have been aggressive invaders for a long, long time already and B. there is only one way to deal with them.

  7. Getting close to payback time for 154 years of war of northern agression.

  8. Nationalism gotta love it. Vlad loved his country & his people. Too phucken bad We the People can’t say that about the anointed political class in that perfidious den of back stabbing vipers in the District of Criminals. The pox on all of them. Genuflect to that Commie Bhutan HRC & her Un – Constitutional laws & activist judges. Never happen !

  9. We should also thank Charles Martel. Now France will need another one like him to save their sorry a$$es from the Islamic hordes.

  10. I don’t know if it was art…but I like it.

  11. Jimmy the Saint