Bracken Sends


Spread far and wide.

Assume all you see and hear from the MSM is a lie in service of the collectivist agenda.

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  1. Good info, and timely. Lists of those responsible for our nations demise are overdue. While these are the talking heads, who are the men and the women in the shadows? They also deserves special attention in the near future.


  2. May they All succumb to the same fate as Julius Streicher.

  3. The pork-pie hat says it all.

  4. Our MSM has become a Joseph Goebbels machine designed to push world government. If the country devolves into civil conflict they will be our top enemy.

  5. I believe it would be very helpful if someone would ID the operatives in the graphic. I only recognize a few of them, and it would be good to know their names. If I see something attributed to them without their pic, I’ll know where it came from.

  6. There are similar Quislings in every city, every newspaper office, every radio and television station. Sanctioning these few shown here might be worthwhile, but there’s a lot of them out there who – unless they see the light, will need “special” attention too.
    I truly hope such action isn’t needed. That’s why we pray for the best possible outcome while preparing for the worst. But if the worst is to be our lot we won’t have the luxury of sitting at our keyboards, waiting for someone else to save us. It’s our country,so it’ll be our job.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s unfair to Quisling. For all of his many, many, many serious faults and flaws, ol’ Vidkun at least liked his country.

  7. Remember those names and faces…..

  8. You forgot the lefts deepest mole.


  9. Alfred E. Neuman

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  10. Read your Bracken, check your zero. This might make a good tool for that.

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  12. I watch MSM News just for the entertainment value. It’s free. I can’t Imagine actually paying for it..

  13. SemperFi, 0321

    We can always deliver them neckties for Christmas, the organic hemp ones.