Epic Agitprop


A reader sends the above, and please do check out #draftourdaughters via Twitter below; backgrounder here:
















Not a joke:

Clinton: Treat cyberattacks ‘like any other attack’

NYT: Senate Votes to Require Women to Register for the Draft (June 14, 2016)


24 responses to “Epic Agitprop

  1. Shit’s about to get REAL.

    Apparently Weiner didn’t delete the files captured during the various trips that Bill, Hill and Weiner took to Epstien’s Pedo-Island.


  2. I’m all for drafting females.
    They don’t need any training. Just put the bullet bait in the way as speed bumps.

    • Sarcasm or you have no daughters of draft age.

      • Kane,

        Perhaps Mr. Barry has NO daughters of draft age ? But in your reasoning it would be perfectly fine with you if Mr. Barry had male heirs available to the scum of .gov via the draft board ?

        Your reasoning is fouled up beyond all recognition.

        • You assumed a lot about my reasoning. I was only responding to the topic at hand.

          Conscription is not indicative of a free society. No matter who is calling the shots. Forced servitude is otherwise defined as slavery.

          I don’t want anybody’s son or daughter being drafted and I don’t want volunteers being sent to fight politician’s wars.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    No thanks. I do not want the 4/5/6/7/10/11 pm news blasting away about how many women soldiers have been gang raped, raped before having their heads sawn off, raped before becoming whores to the opposing soldiers, etc. I get enough horror with the men we send off on these pointless wars.
    One more time before The Fesivities begin: women are NOT men. Yes, we can fight when called to defend family (especially children), home, country, and even the damned IPhone. However, it is usually personal for women. Men fight because they like to. That is difference number one. Yes, there are women pilots, and women commanders-but I sincerely wish that there weren’t. We do excel as spies. Mainly because women are really, really good at extracting information from those we chose. There are a thousand other reasons why women do NOT belong in combat. Just remember, Chelsea Clinton does not get her hands dirty-and neither will her daughter. But your daughters, sisters, cousins, grand daughters? Chelsea will have no problem watching the caskets arrive.

    • Yeah. But sometimes it takes a 2X4 to the back of the head to convince millions of skank-fems otherwise.

      I personally believe we should invite woman on a voluntary basis into direct combat MOS’s. Even lowering the physical standards to fit women. At completion of their training, put them in all female units, then send them off to fight ISIS. The only direct role of men will be intelligence, maybe some air power.

      Then we can put this to rest… for fucking forever.

      • Rabbits,

        I’ve made the same argument as you, time and time again. Create a provisional infantry battalion of females only. Also, all support elements….cooks, bakers and candlestick makers….females only. Send them into the hills of Afghanistan for 60 days to hunt Hajii. Air support, arty…..no men allowed. None. Nada. Zip.

        To borrow your phrase…..”Then we can put this to rest….for fucking forever.”

  4. What difference, at this point, does it make?

  5. ALCON,

    Females not only in the military….that wasn’t good enough. But, then the restriction of the bitches being in combat arms was lifted. Had to give them “equality”. Social justice doncha know ?

    When the United States Military Academy at West Point started accepting women to be West Point trained and educated that was the beginning of the end. No longer would West Point be tne premier training ground for future wartime senior leaders. It would become in 1975, the military’s breeding ground for social justice. The Spirit of the Bayonet would begin it’s long, slow death culminating in it’s burial in 2015, when the fags at DoD concluded that Susie Rottencrotch could now assault that trench line of Russian Spetsnaz and win. Not !

    I love women. I want them in what once was a proud, male-dominated Amerikan society. But, I want them in their valuable roles as wife, mother, nurturer of the family. Not in the left-wing placing of them in roles and careers that only men should occupy. But hey, I’m certainly wrong as the emasculated, limp-wristed, accepting males-of-the-species will berate me for wanting women the fuck OUT of what once was a man’s world.

    Bedroom and kitchen and in the medical field….that’s where they belong. Not assaulting a Russian Spetsnaz trenchline !

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  7. What’s horrifying is that libtarded communist homo-fags seriously don’t even understand the meme #draftourdaughters. They truly don’t understand the point it is making or why the fact that even one person could vote for Hillary proves democracy is not the answer.

  8. When women are drafted then FORCED abortions by the state won’t be far behind.


    Too bad we will not see any of the above “recruiting posters” making their way to the MSM “news” shows.

  10. The first thing to do is just get rid of the Selective Slavery System. Women serve in every branch of the armed forces as enlisted and officers.
    They get to go to the military academies and flight schools and get scholarships to go to professional schools.
    But they can’t be drafted? Bullshit.

    So who’s going to be drafted, my son? Why? When Jane next door gets a full scholarship because she’s female or Pedro gets that construction job because he’ll work for peanuts. And all these Syrians entering the country plotting terror attacks while the citizen males are fighting for Wall Street interests in their former countries.
    End the SSS or draft women, we maybe won’t be so eager to involve ourselves in every conflict that the banksters say we need to fight for –freedom.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    SFC Steven M Barry USA RET | October 30, 2016 at 22:52 | Reply
    I’m all for drafting females.
    They don’t need any training. Just put the bullet bait in the way as speed bumps.

    This is really rich, Barry’s tongue in cheek post is completely over the
    head of the vast majority here.
    He was essentially prophesying the destruction of our military 20 yrs.
    ago w/his Resister publication.

    Hate to break it to you, but your the Johnny come lately.

    • We used to call them “transvestites.” They were unwelcome, not wanted, not needed. And now the military is riddled with faggots and tranies. The origin of all this depravity was integration of the military in 1947. It’s been downhill since.

  12. The old school Italians had it right. Bare foot in the winter ,pregnant in the summer.

  13. Anyone (male or female) who registers for a draft is a fool. Noncompliance rates are already high.

  14. There was an especially awesome one out there with a pic of a stern female and a caption along the lines of “Freedom isn’t given – it’s taken!”. Funny how I can’t find that one now in Google images…