Fred: The Loosening Grip – A Beginner’s Guide to Death Throes


Meanwhile, the One Indispensable Nation continues to take on water, despite use of all pumps and counterflooding.


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    Some good observations. Some years ago Pat Buchanan predicted the same thing in one of his books. As far as the population disparity between us and the Chinese, one only has to consider the 53 million and counting innocent, murdered, unborn American citizens. Who knows how many Edisons, Westinghouses, Salks, et. al. are among those lost innocent souls? We will answer for that. Mark my words.

    • The Israelites were commanded by God to destroy, eradicate, whole cultures/populations of idol worshipers who sacrificed their own children on the altars of their “gods.”

      How is what this nation has allowed,condoned and codified by law any different? It was done for mere convenience!!!

    • As has been said before, Dweeze; it is the height of American arrogance to beleive we will be spared His wrath for what’s been done. There are a multitude of reasons that America is not in the prophesied end times of the Revelation.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Except most of the aborted were from groups that value collectivism and don’t value education. Had they lived, we’d already *be* the new Soviet Union, but with less science.

      Abortion is a very nasty business, but it did buy us time.

      • They eat their young, and the rest of us benefit from it.

      • Jimmy, those are some of the most egregious generalizations and suppositions I’ve ever read.

        60 million is a large number to squeeze into your assertions… and we’re discussing the murder of infants and the consequences thereof, not the buying of time.

        Karma and Eternity do not reckon as we might.

    • Dweezil, our pastor spoke specifically to that today. God requires atonement for the shedding of innocent blood; blood for blood. Yes, we will answer for the atrocities you mentioned.

    • I’ll answer that: we have lost LaTwana Westinghouse, Trayvon Edison, and D’Marcus Salk. Oh well.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Dear Mr. Reed,
    You, the bots, enforcers, talking heads, mouthpieces, puppets, and a few others of middle management may not be religious, but the masters of the empire are religious:
    I am sorry to bear the news that you are not human, so you (and I) should be deceived, robbed, enslaved, raped, and killed. Tel Aviv’s colonies on the Thames, Potomac, and Hudson act in accord with their religious imperative:
    The good news? We were long ago warned about the “adversaries to all mankind” (1 Thess 2:15) and, after hell on earth, we know this will end well for those on the right side.

  4. Coming from a dusty old fart living in MEXICO no less, who precisely is this asshole railing against? Not himself. He’s not here.

    Fred, you’re a coward.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Retirement dollars go farther down there. Whether or not he’s a coward, he’s not stupid.

    • I think you don’t actually know anything about Fred Reed. He’s a lot of things but a coward is certainly not one of them. He’s paid his dues and earned the right to live wherever and say whatever he pleases. In my experience he’s usually spot on.

  5. Westernrifleshooters, I would welcome you sharing my posts on your site on the condition that the source is made apparent with links back to my site. Google+ has censored me, so hopefully this can get through. These are my last three articles. There may be a trend in my writing.

  6. colddeadhandsdays

    The only problem is china is really just the manufacturing arm of Western based companies and technology. Yes, they’ve reversed engineered things but their culture is such that they will never be the innovators and forward thinkers we are. Thus they need us. They are big but slow and will never have our creativity.

  7. looks like the IJN battleship Nagato. What a handsome vessel. And I believe she is still afloat.

  8. Sunk as a target in Operation Crossroads, 29/30 July, 1946. Once again, Haxo, you believe wrongly.