Hoh-Lee Chit


H/t to the reader who sent this link, from which the graphic above is taken:

Vox Day: Behind The Revived FBI Investigation

Unconfirmed, but…

See the more understated article at WSJ on the overall investigation (registration with a dummy e-address is needed to access).

See also UK Daily Mail: 650,000 emails found on sexting Weiner’s laptop shared with his wife Huma as the race begins to determine how many are from Hillary’s private server

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  1. Wow. Pass the popcorn…

  2. This will go nowhere. Nothing will touch that bitch.

    • Put it in the hands of We The People. I guarantee results.

      • there is no such. After a few days of uncertainty, Comey will announce that “nothing of interest” was found in the e-mails. Clinton45 is as inevitable as the rising of the sun after a dark and stormy night. Then, onward (quoting another Zionist agent, Churchill) to “bright, sunlit uplands”.

        • Horse shit. It will break, o’ wise majuk on fire stunkalove-cave. Or you’re no student of history like you pretend.

      • Pfffft.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Normally would agree but now this is outside her sphere of control. Too many agencies looking at this plus she burned up a ton of capital weaseling out of the original investigation in july. Now with this new pile of goodness she has been caught hanging those that covered for her out to dry. And if there is demonstrable Clinton involvement in pedophilia? Toast. Publicly a few of the hardcore vampires will attempt to deflect and support, but privately and soon publicly she will be cut off and cast to the deplorables. Not unlike the fate that awaited the bad guys in Ghost.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, the flurry of epic ass-covering by the Fibbies et al., will need a sacrificial lamb. Hillary is hated, so she’s a good option for them.

        • Think like a cop for a second. Regardless of what anyone thinks about todays law enforcement, they are people to begin with. Everyone has motives, and most are pretty simple and basic. Extrapolate out from the dynamics on this for the sake of what if. If the revelation is from credible sources, why it is exposed in the first place is the real question that needs to be answered first.
          Last go around, from all indications, a huge plurality of FBI agents advocated criminal investigation into Hillary’s activities, that was politicized and squashed by Lynch et all and Comey.
          Hundreds of Agents have tended resignations out of protest as a result. The vagina is infamous for her derision and scorn of her security and details, never mind the US military personal she comes into contact with. Now all of the “missing” link emails show up, in a collection of 650,000 on Wieners computer, Huma’s devices have been confiscated as a result also. Who knows, but in over half a million emails, that sex pervert could have other perversions, like interest in what his clique’s sexual perversion are. Addictions are like that, one is not enough.
          Now if I was an FBI agent, and I felt it was my duty to circumnavigate the blatant obstruction of justice going on here, what better assurance would there be to leak this info to credible fellow law enforcement officers on the NYC Police Dept? They are a huge force, something like 35,000 officers, got to be a few white hats in there.
          Got to think like a policeman here. These oligarchs are not just running vast corruption rings, covering up a myriad of crimes, that are destroying the legitimacy of government, destroying the rule of law. Think on the ramifications starting on a personal level if your a cop, never mind honor duty country. Police are like anyone, they need jobs, they have families, mortgages to pay, kids to feed. If this insanity of illegitimate government gets much worse, police will be powerless to work under the concept and idea of rule of law. That implies ultimately, no job. No paycheck.
          Never mind these crooks running things are creating a state of anarchy. In an anarchy, government collapses, no government no police jobs, and even if there is jobs, what sane policeman wants to be a cop in a nation size Ferguson?
          Makes perfect sense to me cops are going to expose these maniacs if justice is obstructed on this scale and scope. What decent law abiding or patriotic American wouldn’t?
          Then there is the aspect of making sure it can not be covered up, like ever, by using the credibility and remaining legitimacy of a big city police cadre. It is difficult to paint a cop as a liar when they ain’t lying. Even the combined might of the presstitute media has to tread softly on that. The media isn’t exactly in the best position to call anyone a liar these days. And how many of those media whores are needing police details these days?
          Me, I think it is exactly what it is. That history repeating unknown unseen unsuspected one person black swan event that brings down tyrants time and time again.
          It doesn’t have to be a sex slave ring, it is the the catalyst of somebody deep inside who tells those little key secrets nobody even knew to ask for or that they existed. Weiner is a greasy little worm who everyone tolerated, but didn’t know how he was sneaking around like a peeping fucking pervert.

          Wiener is Gollum in the Lord of The Emails:
          One Email To Rule Them
          One Email To Find Them
          One Email To Bring Them
          And In The Darkness Bind Them

  3. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  4. Bill Clinton committed multiple acts of treason while in office (Hughes Aerospace intel to China, Global Crossing, Lippo Group, etc) and was a known sexual predator of adult women. So. We. Thought.

    So He and now She are pedophiles and child sex traffickers. Will Barry Hussein pardon the Clinton Crime Family, or use this opportunity to jiggle the handle as they are flushed away to prison?

    • Second. barry doesn’t like Hailary, if he can keep the white house and put her in jail, he’s on it.
      And all this time we thought it was just Bill going out of country to molest the underage girls, turns out it was both of them; and the country thinks Trump is disgusting; they hadn’t seen anything apparently.

  5. Gawddamn, every time I think the clown car that is our political process has got to be empty, it disgorges another floppy shoed surprise for me to marvel at. Most entertaining election cycle of my life thus far, in a disconcerting frightening sorta way.

  6. Someone has passed this on to me earlier on Sunday, but I thought it SO outrageous that I let it pass without posting. But now, seeing it here… well, ohh-lee-chit is right. She really is a nasty woman.

    • And I could regret the editorial decision.

      But Kallstrom (former DD FBI and the voice of the Feebs when I was in NY) was alluding to very serious info coming this week. My NYPD contacts are all out now, but will be making calls in the AM nonetheless.

      • At this point what does it matter!

        Seriously CA, if it is correct, the best thing is to get it out and distributed. Past a certain level of distribution it can’t be stuffed down the internet memory hole. Already Lynch has attempted to squash the re-opening of the investigation. Harry Reid and the rest are screaming pluperfex bloody murder. Comey had to have some pretty serious reason to motivate a careerist appointee like him to defy the CCF Inc. Something serious is up. Assainge stated Hillary will be in jail the 1st. Who knows who else has the 650,000 emails?
        I get the sneaking suspicion the fibbies deliberately let it leak to the NYCPD so it would be out regardless of the clintons attempts to keep it under wraps.

        You did right brother.

  7. robroysimmons

    Rope is the answer, and since it is reusable it is Green.

  8. This filth is not new and Trump is washed in it as well. See his quotes on his “pal” Jeff Epstein. What a better world it would be if we shot pedos in the face. There’s a new law to pass, the shoot a pedo in the face act.

  9. Dear God. What a sickening bunch.

  10. FrozenPatriot

    If this topples Hitlery, the richest of ironies will be that Anthony Wiener will have had a hand in saving western civilization. No word yet on what his other hand was doing…

  11. Why would NYPD know anything about laptop contacts in a Fed investigation?

    • Who was doing the sexting investigation on Weiner’s laptop?

      Sounds like a local caper to me.

      Just a theory.

    • Randall Flagg

      From Denninger’s article at MarketTicker:

      “Let’s remember here that what led to this was an investigation of Weiner allegedly sexting an underage girl. The investigation began with NY authorities and then the FBI gained jurisdiction when it became clear that the other party was across state lines. This is an extremely serious charge, standing alone folks — interstate sexual offenses involving minors are serious business and people go to prison for a very, very long time if they are proved to have committed those acts. Those are good laws, not bad ones. By the point the FBI got jurisdiction and exclusive control of the evidence, however, it has to be assumed that NY State authorities, either in the NYPD or the NY State Police, had access to at least some of the material in question via forensic investigation, and perhaps to all of it.”

  12. Deep State civil war is my best hope, internecine criminal struggle more likely but man what a shit show on all fronts.


    I spent a big chunk of my Peace Officer career investigating sex crimes of all types, including child abuse/molest cases. These revelations are mind-boggling but not surprising. Years ago, the rumor mill among my work partners was centered on a cover-up of a molest case by the Baltimore PD of the Hildabeest caught in a dalliance with a under-age teen girl. Where there is smoke, there is fire. And, maybe Mr. Weeeener can at last be of use to the rest of us.

  14. “Thompson’s 1988 campaign tactics were called into question by the Miami Herald. At one rally, the Herald reported, Thompson handed Reno a letter with a prepared statement, asking her to check the appropriate box: “I, Janet Reno, am a * homosexual, * bisexual, * heterosexual.” The letter continued: “If you do not respond . . . by that date then you will be deemed to have checked one of the first two boxes.” (Reno declined to comment.)”
    from here:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. Two weeks ago I came across a link in some ZH comments to another forum. Someone anonymously claimed to be part of the WikiLeaks circle and had already posted information before it was released. This source was considered to be potentially very reliable. He stated that there would be continued releases of an escalating nature, timed so that it would be close enough to the election that the dems couldn’t dump HiLIARy and replace her. Allegedly there was video of Slick Willie committing forcible sexual acts on a 13 or 14 y/o that was to be released around 11/1, just a week before the election.

    I didn’t pay much mind to this, not that it didn’t seem possible, but I asked myself what was the likelihood that someone had said video and sat on it for an extended period of time. It would be classified as child porn and kept out of the public eye, although I am sure that wouldn’t stop motivated people from actually seeing it.

    We are truly living in INTERESTING times! It is conceivable that a fair chunk of the political class could go down in flames. We might actually avert the anticipated civil war, at least for a bit longer.

    May the God of Heaven put His hand upon this land and restrain the horrific evil that has been growing. Bring us to a state of repentance and restore a godly morality to this nation Bring us revival!