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  1. the amount of wishful thinking on the “Right” is astonishing. Clinton45 is as inevitable as the rising of the sun.


    We can certainly fantasize about jail for her. Maybe she’s even keeping the plane fueled up to make a dash for a country from where she won’t be extradited. Images of a Baby Doc Duvalier certainly (and ironically) come to mind.

    However, the takeaway from everything going on right now should be one of just how corrupt our [banana] Republic has become. It should drive home the fact that America as we once knew it is certainly over.

    What is also just as likely is that the election goes as planned and Hillary is elected. No matter the outcome of the election the other side will NOT accept the results. Cries of vote fraud, manipulation, and stolen elections will escalate. The ensuing division and CHAOS will be JUST AS PLANNED. Whoever nominally heads the fedgov from DC can use the crisis as their opportunity to release the Oprichniki on their enemies –or any other Hoi Polloi who disturb the peace.

    But, let’s go back to the histories of Plutarch and recall even earlier history. If you don’t know Sulla and Lysander, you don’t know the potential outcomes for the America-in-name-only-land in the time ahead. If you don’t know the 30 Tyrants, you don’t know that a Trump win doesn’t even ensure your permission to keep and bear arms by the State.

    • wealthy farmer

      Soros has made statements implying that electors can simply be paid (bribed) to vote contrary to the actual popular vote in their state. Indeed, the laws on this issue are pretty thin. As far as I know, there is no federal law requiring that electors honor the popular vote. And why not? That’s how she was handed the D party nomination-super delegates. As far as she’s concerned this is how things work. However, the fact that Comey, of all people, has broken ranks is a ray of hope. The Deep State is every bit as much a slow, sleepy leviathan as the electorate. It may be awakening to the fact that a Hillary presidency would be as nightmarish for them and their interests as it would be for the lumpen.

  3. Oh Hell, YES…

    Perfect Start to the Day!

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