The Zombie Epidemic Of Idle Men


H/t to Bill B. for this FEE article.

There is a storm coming.

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  2. Hey ! I resemble that guy sometimes, but I earned the right to do that; few do what I do on a weekly average.

  3. Spent yesterday doing the fall roto-tilling of the garden.

    Damn hard, but it got done. Paying for it today. Now planting won’t be so difficult come Spring.

    Folks think beans, bullets, band-aids and bullion (the metals, not the soup cube) will tide them over if they sock away enough… but beans come from somewhere.

    Knowing something of history can save you.

    Before the Peace of Westphalia, small fiefdoms would send small bands of heavily armed men to go attack other small fiefdoms . Because fighting other bands of heavily armed men resulted in losses that were expensive to make up, the peasants were often the targets – they grew the food that supported the rival fiefdoms.

    Grains can be burned. Trampled. Starvation and death as a result.

    But potatoes? Trample away. Even set fire to the land itself. The humble spud will be safe and sound below ground. You can even abandon the land for months and go elsewhere, and they will be just fine.

    Your diet will be pretty damn boring, but you won’t starve.

    • Dude, starch is a killer so your patato idea is a non-starter.

      Protein is what you need, not stupid potatoes.

      • Detroit,

        While I appreciate the comment, if what you are saying is true, then Germany and Ireland should not exist.

        See, potatoes are native to South America. When the New World was being explored, some were brought back as botanical samples for the Spanish court.

        Since South American natives were classified heathens, the humble spud was considered “the devil’s food” and it languished in botanical gardens for a very long time as a curiosity.

        We can thank Germany for popularizing it.

        See, what I said was true – grains can be trampled and burned. And they were. Out of necessity, the Germans started growing potatoes – which cannot be trampled and burned like grains can – and they survived.

        The Irish also survived on them. The weak link was that they only grew one kind – which was susceptible to the blight. And widespread starvation ensued when the blight wiped out pretty much everything.

        As far as your “protein” comment – you can actually get protein poisoning by eating too much of it, and people have. Try surviving on a diet of only rabbit and tell me how that works out (but I don’t want to pay the charges on a long-distance call from the afterlife… maybe a Ouija board?).

        Bottom line is that food has to come from somewhere. You just don’t throw seeds at the ground and harvest pizzas 6 months later.

        It’s not as sexy as some cool guy black velcroed $10,000 high speed Death Laser or 4th Gen night vision or IR invisible Stealth Camo… but it is a necessity.

        You do your thing. I’ll do mine. When it’s over and done with, we’ll see which way worked out better.

        Fair enough?

        Edit: By the way, just so you know, you can grow them vertically. One guy I know stacks up old truck tires and grows them that way… so, good luck.

      • Starch is an acceptable staple if you work it off doing hard labor all day.

    • “Whats taders?”.


      “Boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew”

  4. I have hired four different people out of Colorado Springs in the past two months. None of them still work for me.The job entails maintaining and running heavy equipment.The first guy smoked pot when he got out of bed.Number two and three are heroin addicts.Number four was a meth addict.All four showed up on time and ready to go;when it was payday.The rest of the week,not so much.Useless,lying,whining,conniving bags of fuck.If I hear anyone use the term drugs and disease in the same sentence again..I will punch them in the face. Cancer,ALS,MS are diseases. Not stuffing drugs or alcohol down your gullet or into your veins. With the exception of the licensed trades,plumbing and electrical, most job sites are populated by hard-working Mexicans.White boys are too special and delicate to perform manual labor. Useless blobs of shit. The white boys growing up farming and ranching are usually squared away. Urban and city dwellers may hurt their fingers . Can’t operate your phone or game console. A man has to set his priorities.


      Word. Same up here in Rawles Land, just over the state line in Spokane Valley. A big plumbing company cannot get the delicate white boys with their beards, skinny jeans, man buns, and lumber jack shirts to sign on as paid apprentices with paid training! Unbelievable.
      When I see all of these slack-jawed, shambling, texting, weenie-armed mall zombies of all ages, I have to ask myself: What are they going to do when the FEDGOV shuts down the ‘Net due to a “National Emergency” or, we experience a Carrington Effect? I believe things will get very entertaining, very fast.

      • i can appreciate what you guys experience. I figured out this year that I’m the only consistently reliable person and hardest working in our group by a longshot(although I am the only white guy unlike your hires) and my supervisor started taking issue with me because I finally started giving a little pushback now that I know this and until now I have just been given everything with whatever timeline with nary a thought that I wouldn’t get it done on time.

    • I understand completely. Since I was forced into retirement, I took a part time job delivering pizza. We lost another young guy Friday because his scheduled hours were cutting into his pot and video game time. Hell, I have a grandson that is nearly that bad. Pot and video games, but at least he does have a job. He also did a couple years in the Marines. I guess some of me rubbed off on him.

      When the SHTF, I’m not worried about the young alleged men of today. The can’t quit playing call of duty long enough to fight a real war.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Knuck rings TRUE. First question these effeminate douche bags ask at the job interview: “What kinda gloves ya gots, so’s I don’t get my fingers dirty?”

      Afraid of dirt under their fingernails! I’m 70+ years old and can kick the manure outta most of these precious darlings with one hand and foot tied behind my back. Most of these smart-assed white boys “demand” $15/hour to start plus beaucoup bennies. When I ask ’em what machinery they can run–I get the deer-in-the-headlight look. Better still, show ’em the tractor and tell ’em to hitch up a plowing rig and: “Have at it–plow that field yonder. I wanna see how straight, deep and true your furrows are.”

      BUT how many first check the engine oil level, hydraulic oil level, fuel level, grease fittings, coolant levels, tire pressure, battery connections, etc.before even firing the rig up? THAT is my first “pre-employment test.” And you’re gonna trust this moron to run your machinery? Yeah–they’ll run it–straight into the ground, by gar!

      Nope–none do the first-step checks! Dumb as the day is long…BUT they think the world of themselves. They are oh, so SPECIAL.

      • Nice green tractor.

        Mine is red. 1947 Ford 8N. Just rebuilt the carb on it – now to find one of those old aftermarket pre-filters for it.

        Wish I could locate a Sherman step-down tranny for it… would make it a bit more versatile. They come up for sale now and again, but are pricey.

        Old School is Best School.

      • You want them to fail, obviously. You enjoy it. And you certainly don’t want to teach them.

    • Sounds like a failure of management to me, boss…… If EVERYBODY you hire sucks, well, figure it out for yourself.

      • No-it ain’t him-they all suck. For the reasons he stated above,and I stated
        in my comment.

      • No qualified operators for trucking and heavy equipment.
        Epidemic of drug use in Colorado Springs. Failure of management? Try to give people a shot at a job.Four out of nine.Everyone doesn’t suck”.Well,figure it out for yourself.”

    • The younger guys in NE Ohio are every bit as bad-they either want to smoke weed all day,drink beer all day,or they disappear every couple hours to snort oxycontin/shoot heroin/smoke meth/shoot meth/snort cocaine/shoot cocaine.
      Every spring,when I find a couple kids for laborers-none of them can even read a freakin tape measure. Hand one of ’em a sawzall and tell them to cut out what I marked off-they look at me like I’m crazy-how complicated is a damn sawzall?
      Over the past 8-9 years,I had exactly one kid who could read a tape-and it was his last year in college,so he only worked one summer. He’s an engineer now-double major-EE,and ME.
      What’s sad is one kid out of about 20 was even close to qualified-as a laborer.
      I would bet money that if you handed one of your hires an old Starret micrometer and told them to measure whatever part needed miced-they would look at you like you were from another planet.
      This everyone goes to college bullshit combined with K-12 public school leftist indoctrination is what produced all these special snowflakes-that and taking shop classes out of high school.

      • It’s worse’n that, GG.
        Most of those special snowflakes can’t read a cursive-written note, or an anaolog watch.

        “School” doesn’t teach that anymore, y’see.

        • Oh yeah-forgot to mention the watch.
          3 or 4 years ago I had a kid who could not tell time on my “normal” watch-I was astounded. Shouldn’t have been though, this was a kid who told me an app on his phone was as good as a tape measure-(not even close)-and who took two and a half weeks to learn how to read a tape measure. There’s 16 lines per inch-the long line in the middle is a half, etc. He couldn’t grasp the concept, I took a scrap piece of plywood and drew out the markings and labeled 1/2,1/4,1/8,1/16 for him.The kid carried it in his back pocket until he could actually read the tape. There were a few times I told the kid if he cut one more piece of siding too short I was gonna throw my hammer at him. All he had to do was cut pieces of siding and hand them up to me as I worked my way up the wall-not a hard job.

    • Knuck-
      I bet none of ’em could figure out how to work a grease gun,especially if they had to put a fresh tube of grease in.

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  6. Was talking to a young man the other day at a guard shack. He was worried about a possible infection from a PAPER CUT. He was trying to get authorization from his supervisor for a workers comp visit to the doctor over the paper cut. Thought he was going to cry when the boss laughed and said no.

    • Bad Attitude

      He wanted to visit a workers comp doctor? He obviously hasn’t looked at the list of doctors in the workers comp network. I would not want to visit one of those doctors. I have instructed my coworkers to drag me off company property before calling an ambulance if I suffer a workplace injury.

  7. PT Time:

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  9. Found this as a link to the article CA herein posted and thought it was interesting too;

    ….“A Farmer” wrote in the spring of 1788 in what would eventually come to be known as an essay in The Antifederalist Papers.

    According to “A Farmer,” the habits and character of a powerful, unrestrained leader soon become those of the country as a whole:

    “Here then we arrive at the summit of imperfection in human legislation – the magistrate whose will is law, is no longer restrained by the influence of manners … his own inclinations become the manners of the empire….”

    As “A Farmer” goes on to note, when things reach such a state, “Virtue only breeds confusion in perverted government.”….

  10. On top of the tragedy of far too many young “American” men being a lot like the guy in the stock photo; too many have also been emasculated to the point where their frontal lobes are unable to control their amygdalas; with that segment of the population, emotions and apathy rule their lives.

    Glad to know there are some exceptional younger Americans still out there.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      On the other hand, it has to be depressing as hell to be a young man these days. For your whole life, you’ve gotten conflicting messages of how special and precious you are as a child, how nothing is your fault – you’re just finding yourself, AND that you are irredeemably evil, totally useless, unneeded and unwanted, and that every single bad thing that happens in the world is your fault. They’ve been drugged, raised as defective girls, and then thrown into a culture that mostly despises them.

      Add to that, they’ve never known a solid economy for their entire working life, they’re going against a system that tries not to hire them, and they have to deal with baskets of raging insanity that are modern Western women.

      It’s not hard to see why a lot of them just said “fuck it.”

  11. ALCON,

    “…Epidemic of Idle Men.”

    “My fellow Amerikans, that’s why I’ve plagued, errrr instituted, the US military and their combat arms in particular, with faggots and females.”

    – – – barack barry hussein soetoro-obama, Usurper-in-Chief – – –

  12. Want hard workers? Hire some Russians, Mexicans, Chinese… just don’t hire anybody born here.

    Actually that is unfair; there are a lot of home-grown Americans willing to work. The problem is, they can’t get work because small businesses are regulated to death. This is a world of corporate giants, and that world us not friendly to entrepreneurs and small-time operators. You need to show HR departments that you have a degree so you can work pushing a broom.

  13. I would only add it’s a Shit-Storm coming.

  14. An epidemic of terminal losers, more like, and best described overwhelmingly as 7M Worthless Eaters.
    We instituted nationally ruinous levels of welfare compensation to stem the criminal tide of one demographic, and have now graduated to legalizing dope to attempt to curtail an even larger generational crop of feral douchebags from gathering the intent and ability to mount serious criminal mischief. The crowning demographic mistake is permitting any of them to breed.

    The best thing to do, short of open season and no bag limits, would be to simply hand out all that free government cheese at once, and let coronary plaque and a couch potato lifestyle cull the bulk through the twin co-morbidities of diabetes and morbid obesity, and the resultant heart attacks and strokes, all mandatorily untreated by pubic medical assistance.

    A distant third choice would be to take away the cable TV in prison, and start making it a marathon of sledge-hammering large rocks into small ones in perpetuity from dawn to dusk, for anyone not suffering from quadriplegia.
    Anyone upon release who wishes it could then be offered legitimate work fighting forest fires, building freeways, railroads, levees, and dams, or erecting a wall on the southern border.
    Seven years’ faithful and unblemished work at same would qualify for an expungement of any single-case non-violent offenders’ criminal records.
    The rest can suck it, or spend LWOP, depending on the dictates of individual state legislatures.

    As it is, the 300+ pound land whales will find life solitary, nasty, brutish, and short when their chosen occupation is no longer possible. But at least they’ll make marksmanship far less challenging for everyone else, come the day.

  15. Looks like Momma picked up the empty Cheetos bags and rolled up the video controller. I bet she dusted around him, too..

    Fat bastard needs a job!

  16. Stealth Spaniel

    It isn’t just men, it is young women too. When the Kardashians are the measurement of class, intelligence, and social standing; is it any wonder why there are no Grace Kellys, Florence Nightengales, or Hedy Lamarrs? Even if you get a young bunny who is willing to work and learn, so called businesses have no idea how to interview people or ascertain job requirements. I once asked someone in HR why a starting clerical job would need a BA? Well, I was told, they got so many applications, that they had to do “something” to stop getting so many!! This country is in a world of hurt.

    • SS,

      “I once asked someone in HR why a starting clerical job would need a BA?”

      Got to give the college-degreed Einsteins a job doing SOMETHING so that they can take what’s left of their pitiful paycheck and pay toward that college-incurred mortgage known as “student loans”.

      One can go far with a degree in basket-weaving !

  17. Morons… ever wonder why that kid didnt learn anything, was never trained to read a tape, check a engine or drive a tractor? I’ll clue you in on the reason bright boy…

    It’s because his father was a Drunk, MIA or ROAD, or heaven forbid too tired to give him the time of day after a 12 hr shift…

    Take it from a guy who’s father died in the mines at age 7… and worked all his life for his family. If I’m fat and Idle it’s because my back looks like a jigsaw puzzle in the x-ray from working every dirty, shitty job that I was able to find… When I wasn’t being discriminated against…