Z Blog: My Heart Is An Alligator


Z Man speculates as to motivations in The Brouhaha.


For most, Schadenfreude will explain enough:

6 responses to “Z Blog: My Heart Is An Alligator

  1. Saw also AG LL tried to lay the smack down on Dir Comey.

    Could he not present a case/evidence for obstruction of justice against the AG?

    If you’re gonna be a bear – be a fucking grizzly!

    Gowdy and Chaffetz need to cancel their vacays, load silver bullets, and round up a posse post haste…

  2. Would be entertaining to watch him release bombshell evidence within a timeframe before the election not allowing H’s people to spin their way out of it. Say, like this coming Saturday or Sunday. Not holding my breath tho.

  3. I think the prison image may be right, Bill might has seen the chance to set her up and gain his freedom. Do you really think he could get his full freak on as first husband. No, he’ll have a much better time traveling the world over bring his “humanitarianism” to women, girls and who knows what else.

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