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  1. I read from numerous sources that the Benghazi operation was “planned” by “our side,” in cahoots with top Muslim rafter-bats in Egypt. The Ambassador was to be kidnapped so that he could later be swapped for the Blind Sheik still in US prison.
    Made sense to me since there are numerous other incidents showing intentional support and cooperation with Muslim extremists by this administration.
    Not quite sure how it went south. Might be because the contractors refused to stand down. They were obviously not informed of the scam if it was such. May explain why more security was withheld. Operation was planned, but to succeed in the kidnapping the way I see it, rather than start a big deal incident. Poorly and traitorously conceived, poorly planned, poorly executed, and the cover up was a cluster as we know. Easy to see how a confirmed globalist/statist would totally fail to see contractors as valiant guys prone to jump into the breech even if ordered not to.
    Also read a few places that the “annex” was a weapons collection and transfer operation…Qaddafi’s weapons being scooped up or bought, then shipped to the rebels in Syria in the millions of pounds over some significant period of time.
    This stuff was frequently mentioned by on-line sources but of course the MSM didn’t have any interest (or incentive) to look into it, or didn’t bother to monitor what else is being revealed by more independent sources.
    Wish I could site the sources but I am miserable at that. Wasn’t planning on writing on it or anything since the apparent dragnet was out for opposition and I wanted to wait until the right time.
    There is no longer any official journalism. I piece it together because I used to be one and am compulsively still at it out of personal curiosity. . Have been thinking my comments or writing them and then deleting without sending until now since 2004. No Facebook, no Twitter. Just sitting it out for now, saving my power for another day. Of course They know what you write even if you don’t post so might as well. Are you on the red, blue or green list? Wish I knew but I chiefly just want to be useful when the first ranks are silenced.

    • no. Obama/Clinton wanted CS dead. He knew too much about the Regime’s weapons-running to Sunni terrorists in Syria. So they had the local terrorists kill him and his defenders.

  2. There is no question that Americans are not getting the truth or even remotely close to what happened there or anything thing else since this administration started it’s Ops. 100% Treason & metastizied systemic pathocratic kakistocratic power hungry criminals.

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  4. The thought occurred to me this morning. What if this whole thing, the Huma connection et al, is actually an espionage case? That is what makes sense to me. That is why Huma was forwarding/emailing State Dept. business to herself at home, then printing it off at home. That implicates Hillary in one of the worst crimes against the country, second only to treason (which could potentially be applied also).

  5. The contractors on site may not have known of the plan, but they knew what would happen to them if they stood down and were taken captive. And they were not going down without a fight. There may have been plans to repatriate Stevens. For the ex mil guys on the wire? They would have been left in the hands of what became Isil and abandoned.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Who wants to have their head cut off live on TV?
      As a Marine with some understanding of history, I look at the surrender of Wake Island and the Philippines, or the Germans on the eastern front (the few that came home spent 12 yrs in captivity AFTER the war ended! My father was kept 18 mo. after VE Day by the Americans in France).
      I think I’d go down shooting.

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