Equal Time


Scott Adams: James Comey – As seen through the Persuasion Filter

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And this Hill piece, with related WaPo article:

FBI agents argued for Clinton Foundation investigation, DoJ Public Integrity Unit nixed: report

Denninger weighs in here.

Interesting times.


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  1. According to Molyneux’s latest rant (cutting and funny stuff, by the way) … Dem voters are reported as being largely unimpressed by any revelations of impropriety.

    Only 7% said that these latest shenanigans MIGHT have an influence on the way that they vote.

    In other words, 93% could not care less that the American Govt is wholly corrupted. They apparently don’t care that the American Govt is infiltrated at the highest levels, by agents of hostile States.

    They just don’t care … because they perceive that their own interests are aligned with those of big-time thieves, philanderers and murderers.

    I’m not entirely convinced that there is even going to be an election on November the 8th. I’m expecting one or other of the various parties to crack wide open, spill the beans, and show us where all “the bodies are buried”.

    Anyway, it all makes for gripping entertainment.


    • “In other words, 93% could not care less that the American Govt is wholly corrupted.”

      They (many at least) probably do care. They just don’t see it getting any less corrupt in an R administration. And they are right about that.

  2. Patriot and Comey are not synonymous, nor do the two words even belong in the same sentence (my bad, mea culpa). I tend to be a bit conservative and think that William of Ockham had it right 800 years ago. And more than likely he is right today —>The obvious —> Whats good for Comey is good for Comey. I see no bullets, casings or blood. But Comey did, thus the tune he was singing had to change. And it did.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For agencies, it’s all about turf and power – acquiring it, or defending it, since personal power, money, and prestige flow through that. Nobody wants to be the guy who weakens their agency.

      • You got it. Most folks are way overthinking this. Fact Number One: The FBI is, and has been from its inception, nothing more – or less – than America’s NKVD. Fact Number Two – a corollary of Fact Number One: The FBI acts in the interest of the FBI, and all other considerations are secondary. Emails Part Deux is simply a gambit – executed at such time as to produce maximum effect – to maintain the FBI’s “reputation” among the boobeosie incapable of grasping Facts One and Two.

        • I disagree, I’ll share this tidbit with you. The last fucking people you want tracking your ass down are the FBI, they are relentless, have nearly unlimited resources and clearly lots and lots of snitchs. They will eventually find you.

          One is foolish to EVER underestimate your enemy.


          • “I’ll share this tidbit with you. . . . ”
            All of that may be true. None of it refutes – or addresses – my point.

            “One is foolish to EVER underestimate your enemy.”
            One is even more foolish to take your enemy’s PR propaganda at face value.

  3. Comey is just another corrupted, sell out, POS from the anointed halls of the District of Criminals.

  4. Comey is front-running the info coming out this week. It’s a way of positioning DoJ/FBI as being relevant and serious. “Let the system work” they’ll say. They only did it because the leaks forced their hand (and are not going to stop in quantity or QUALITY). And they had to do that in the news cycle last week so it was factored in this week.

    Do not forget for a moment that James Comey is a liar and has been fully compromised (July announcement). He invented a reason to protect Clinton that not only went outside the law but basic reason/morality. It is clear to “them” now that they can longer protect her and do what the rats have always done. Watch Obama and not the DNC/GOP/political theatre. The Dems have just neutered themselves and their professional voters know it (check the anger on social media).

    Things are incredibly dangerous this week and going into next. The veil of legitimacy has never been thinner. A single miscalculation will set off a chain of events executed by desperate people who have attained too much power over Americans. That miscalculation doesn’t have to be significant either (Soros has a lot of resources at his disposal).

    Thank God for the rifles in our hands, I fear if not for the ability to balance violence, this would be it. At least we have contingency, come what may.

  5. Of,course he’s a shill, after all he’s appointed, and in DC, what further evidence do you need.

  6. Even if we give them the benefit of doubt and assume that a huge number actually wakes up after comey’s announcement, the fix is already in. 22 million early ballots have already been cast.
    At this point, what difference does it make?

  7. Sadly votes don’t elect presidents, electoral college secret ballots do.

    I dare you to try and determine exactly who YOUR states electoral collage state representatives physically are.

    Good luck. Men/ women without faces. Seems reasonable to,me!

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