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  1. Know your Tribe & keep it small.
    Danger Close & prepare for impact in 3-2-1

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  4. Expect to experience corruption more directly from individuals, leo, and gov in your everyday life. Don’t be surprised to see the usa start to resemble a combination of older and today’s Mexico more and more, e.g. Bribes, assassinations, blind eyes, threats, coercion, etc.

    So one gots food, water, shelter, then surveillance and security.

  5. This is a good read! I am not military trained, but I can see John Boyd’s OODA loop right in the middle of it. Hit the enemy in several nodes at once, up the tempo, and fusion with intel. You have an OODA loop on steriods. Comm is really important to convey intel as close to real time as possible.

  6. Important to understand that all Intel shops and operators use this loop or simlar, not just military. Could be city, county state, and federal.

    Big brother wants all speaking the same lingo, regarding data dumps, and “talk back” post ops.


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