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  1. Missing from the comparative size chart:
    the size of notional OPFOR’s respective components.

  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    recall the “Underground Railroad” during the War of Northern Aggression?

    DUDE! You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! When it unravels. gonna be plenty of hiding places ‘mongst the “dirt people.”

    Cloud people, elites, and traitors–beware the fangs and claws that take life.

    • …”gonna be plenty of hiding places ‘mongst the “dirt people.””

      Gonna be plenty of traitors(friends and family) willing to rat you out for a job, a little cash or just a sack of potatoes. It might be easiest to gut the weak ones early on.


        Mr. Kane: You are stating the cold, hard, unvarnished truth. Et tu, Brute comes to mind. My deadliest enemy is taking his kids out Trick Or Treating in my neighborhood right now. I still lose sleep gaming what I will do when it all goes down.

  3. Sadly, we Americans do not do “subtle” very well as a culture. Nor do we think long-term; if something takes longer than a sports season or fashion cycle, we get bored. Finally, most of us do not think several steps ahead; it is like our cultural strategic-thought development ended at Duck-Duck-Goose. This will come to bite us in the ass.

  4. The briefing has embedded links to PDF versions of ARIS documents and the two documents regarding Human Factors and Undergrounds, which are meant to complement each other, seem particularly useful. Recommend download and print.

  5. You are correct … the support elements are missing from most conversations. Without those support elements, Underground,and Auxiliary the armed element will not survive. Safe houses, communications, logistics, intel evaluations, medical to get patched up, eyes and ears and a place to crash that is safe. All must haves

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. ralph’s got the right idea. already had some of those bits and pieces, but the aris project fills in some gaps. very useful, especially if you’re anticipating an insurgency developing around here this november, if not sooner. methinks the game is afoot.

  8. With this – – as an issue, if Hitlery gets in, she will have no reason not to declare war on Russia. If she’s gonna go down, she’s enough of a psychopath to want to murder the planet with her. Tensmith – if game’s not afoot in November, perhaps January.