Has Huma Flipped?


And if not, when will she?

Fun times.

Pretty tough to buy insurance, too.

13 responses to “Has Huma Flipped?

  1. European American

    More on Hilary’s lover…

  2. I don’t think Anthony Weiner will be a custody battle with her if he stays alive himself and out of prison. The baby will probably be raised by family or in the foster care system. I hope she turned but I’m betting her body will never be found.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Fun times, all around.

    We all need more ammo. Because at this point it’s not about which candidate gets selected; it’s about what the empty-headded Main Street Minions of the FSA will do after the ‘big game’ is over. Car-bequeues and random shootings of whitey in the street are not a good way to have a peaceful holiday season – but that doesn’t make such events any less probable.

    We haven’t even come near peak-violence, yet; but we may get a sneak preview about 8 days from now…


    Has Huma flipped? In a word, no. Will she flip? In a word, never. Is this another Clinton rope-a-dope? In a word, maybe. Just remember back to Monica Lewinsky: “He’s toast!” “He has to resign!” NOT! And, what happened to the well-meaning Dead Elephants who were the Impeachment Managers in the House? I know the Billary Mafia ran their man against the one in a district in SoCal. I forget the guy’s name, but the Clinton Machine got him defeated.
    I just read something on Steve Quayle that an asshole-buddy of Podesta at DOJ will be reviewing Comey’s latest “October Surprise”. Now how is that for fair, ethical, and professional “law enforcement”? So, while this makes for great entertainment with all of the Weiner jokes, there is nothing to see here, folks. What Jesse James just posted above is much more relevant. Keep watching, listening, prepping, and planning. Bleib ubrig.

  6. Neurodegenerative malfunctions damage brain neurons.They,to the best of my limited knowledge, do not regenerate. The brain- damaged retards should not be in charge. This is the finest puppet show in the history of man. Huma was always in over her head. Maybe she fell hopelessly in love. Whenever I am in the vicinity of bad boy criminals, if business comes up I leave. If you know nothing,you don’t have to lie.Also you are not considered a threat.The worst life you can live is being a snitch rat-bastard. Caught between handlers and people that want you dead.
    Recently watched the Adams Family movie with the grandkid. Gomez had his trains cranking down the track. As a country, we are cranking down the track.

  7. Flipped?

    Devoutly to be wished but…

    Dead women tell no tales.It’s the Clintons’ long practiced SOP.

  8. Some “sicssors” aren’t worth keeping when they dull….; dull scissors cannot be used for anything other than scrap.

  9. Lt: It is not how much ammo you own. It is about how much ammo YOU CARRY. I got 21 rounds on me. That’s how many I get if the balloon go’s up and I’m not setting at home. THINK people. The ammo you have WITH you is all that counts. EVERYTHING ELSE is hope. The gear and “preps” setting in the locker “X” miles away, might just as well be on the moon, when ‘Twan and Kareem start “bustin’ caps”. Look to your EDC first.

  10. I know one thing. Huma is a female. That means loyalty is secondary and self preservation is primary. Huma will turn IF “the powers that be” can’t squelch the FBI’s investigation(or control it from the inside).

    Let her turning be a litmus to what’s actually happening.

  11. This is from 2011:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”