Malheur Informants and 3UP Exposed: Today’s WTF Moment


Read and think through this important post and its embedded links at PHS.

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Keep it sane.

Keep it local.

22 responses to “Malheur Informants and 3UP Exposed: Today’s WTF Moment

  1. Spot on!
    ….but some folks prefer to refer to the Bundy followers as “real men”.

  2. The number one rule is to not commit any crimes. I’m guessing that between 99 to 100% of all Patriot activities can be done legally. The 1% are just minor jaywalking type infractions that happen in any aggressive public demonstrations. There are only a few states where a Patriot can’t obtain all the weapons and ammo he can possibly want. In Oregon, and in other instances, it looks as though the govt informers were goading the stupid Patriots into committing crimes. Which is why I think that liberal jury found them not guilty. The jury was wondering why the prosecution was hiding obvious witnesses from them. Anyone who suggests committing crimes of any type, should be run off.
    As I’ve said before, the biggest battles in the past, and in the future, have been and will be, between the public pension slugs and the free shit army. Let them fight it out. Don’t give LEA any reason to dwell on you.

    • The jury may have been liberal, but that does not imply they sympathize with the federal government. Oregonians are well known for opposing federal drug laws, federal wars, federal surveillance (even lefty Senator Wyden is at the forefront fighting that), and just about anything else about the feds. Portland was about the perfect venue to have jury nullification take place.

  3. My advice to anyone is to cease all association with any so called patriot group, and request they remove your name from their records.
    They’ll be the first to get rounded up and disposed of.

  4. Kit Perez’ article is a must-read; very sobering. And these traitors are paid with our tax dollars.

  5. Saw that with the border-tard Minutemen back in ’05.
    Most “movements” should be helpfully and accurately prefaced with the adjective “bowel”, because they draw dysfunctional sociopaths and feds equally, like moths to the same flame, proving the punchline to the old philosopher’s lesson that if pleasure was the point of life, the perfect world would be one of half sadists and half masochists.
    Get a few close and well-known friends together, and stop there, this side of actual sportiness.
    Nothing you should be doing now needs doing with anything larger than a fireteam- to squad-sized unit. And adding in unknowns beyond that is like recruiting at the coffee shop at the local federal building.

    The first rule of Fight Club is not to talk about Fight Club.

  6. “Keep it sane.

    Keep it local.”

    Keep it OFF Facebook. FFS

  7. I guess these people never read “1984”. If you want to keep an eye on people, start an organization for them to join. Also, the one advocating violence and illegalities is probably the fed.

  8. Good article, but he takes it “a bridge too far”. If they intended to have an acquittal, what is the point in prosecuting in the first place? To make the government look feckless?

  9. “Mother F Jones” kicked me off their site for my rational comments to their Rabid progreSSive readers. I wonder if “Shane Bauer” is continuing his undercover work for the FIB-BATFE Cartel since his “expose”.
    None of this will matter once the dam breaks. The USSA is on Fed Reserve Bank life support and Obamacare will do what Andy Jackson did as president…..Kill the Bank.
    So many black swans flying now, at least one is going to land on top of all our heads.

  10. Stealth Spaniel

    Facebook needs to be ridden with a tight rein, do not use Twitter, and stay off of any other “SOCIAL-IST” website. Remember, like Google & Yahoo-they exist for themselves, NOT YOU!! Always think and act small.

  11. There is a perfectly functional way to operate in the open with people as an organization to acheive the goals of FREEFOR.
    Problem is that most Patriots will not follow that model.
    To be perfectly honest it requires that the group have a person in charge of establishing the level of acceptance that prospective members of the group have, and that person has to be an asshole.
    Establish the rules of the group and this guy is in charge of keeping people to those rules. He has to be an asshole about the rules and if you mess them up he kicks you out. No fucks given.

    People need to get their ass wrapped around the fact that we are in the Finial Assault Position. The time to be nice and accepting is passed. There was a time when we should have devoted efforts and resources to spread the message and grow the “movement”. We screwed that up. We are passed that. Our appeals to higher command were ignored and now we have to fight with the army we have and not the one we wanted. We are 1000 miles behind enemy lines, completely surrounded, under manned, under supplied and under skilled. There is no one coming to help us, and we have only one direction that we can fight to. So we go forward to the sea, for what else can we do?

    • I’d respectfully counter that any ‘appeal to higher command’ was never ignored by those who, by skill levels achieved and experience possessed, were the ‘higher command’. Rather, the ‘higher command’ section was ignored, sidelined, demonized, and marginalized in their calls for discipline, training, study, PT, etc, by and large. Not by all, of course, but by a great number of ‘rugged individualists’ here and elsewhere. The same tactics used by the collectivists were used against those who would or could have made a difference in the areas you identified as deficient. Now the chickens have come home to roost: Completely surrounded, check. Under manned, check. Under supplied, check. Under skilled, double check. And about 99% undisciplined. triple check.

      A dilemma, to be sure. Interesting word, that. Dilemmas are what should have been dealt with in training, not now. It’s going to be a wild ride, that’s for sure.

      And the flaming will start in 3, 2, 1…..

      • Amen to you Both…There are still a large majority that live in or near a large city which if they had any brains they should of got the hell out of…

      • I copy you clear DTG but that was not the Higher command I was actually referring to.
        I was really thinking more of the warnings that like minded folks have been speaking for years.
        Basically “we have told you that this was going to happen”.
        I can see exactly what you were reading there however and I am in agreement.
        Some folks cant get passed the personalities. I get it, sometimes I cant either but we should have respected knowledge regardless of where it came from and set aside the personal disagreements.

      • 3, 2, 1…..

        ok I’ll bite

        “Rather, the ‘higher command’ section was ignored, sidelined, demonized and marginalized in their calls for discipline, training, study, PT, etc, by and large”

        and a large ass group of the supposed ‘higher command’ came off as a bunch of condescending pricks who could only talk down and dismiss.

        As all you “professionals” are so quick to point out, the common guys out here can’t be militia (actually who the fuck would want to be), can’t be, can’t do, can’t, can’t, can’t…

        This isn’t some branch of the military where your respect was forced by a chain of command, this is the real world where all us undisciplined assholes live and our respect is earned not demanded. Out here you can’t demand anyone’s respect, and that just pisses some of you off to no end.

        You want my respect of your supposed superiority, then act in a respectful manner. You guys in the ‘higher command’ don’t know it all so stop acting like we are supposed to worship the ground you walk on.

        Oh and by the way, who is to say all the rest of us aren’t working on discipline, training, study, PT, etc?

        As a side not I wasn’t looking for any fucking higher command. If I was I wouldn’t got out back in ’79.


  12. Amen. The time for by-laws and public events and recruiting is gone. Go through your folks, ditch the stupid/loud/etc, and then scale your operations to the size left. Stop recruiting. Even if you got a few decent folks, they’ll never catch up in time.

  13. Couple thoughts on informants,

    An army of one in the currant battlefield In country is by far the single most effective threat to our govt. they fricking fear the lone wolf. They can’t track the lone wolf.

    Secondly, what is gained by a bunch of dumb asses taking over a refuge. How exactly does this tactic effectively work, what exactly is gained. You waste a ton of resources, you publicly display your soldiers, and you telegraph tactics, weapons, skills sets, etc etc.

    Perhaps their best soldier was identified and killed by those with the most to loose.

    3rdly. Micro cells, done the old way. No phones, no texts, no FB, and no retards. “Drops” , ” Meets” ” Mail” no electronic paper trail, no money trail, short sweet. You feel the need to send a message then consider ” pen paper, envelope,,and a stamp”.

    The US mail is still drop dead simple, and drop dead anonymous .

    purchase an old typewriter, your going to need one sooner then you think I’ve got one!


  14. It reminds me of “Ranch Rescue” in SW Texas on the border. Over half of the players were federals or active duty military working with the federals. Glad a couple folks got out as soon as they did or they would of been rolled up in that mess.

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  16. to be kind, that whole mother jones story is just so wrong it hurts. any group, militia or not, that lives on facebook, recruits thru facebook, and vets thru facebook, and then tells on themselves with facebook needs an immediate change of leadership. and don’t tell me where you hid the bodies. not to mention a lot of the other information in that story is just plain wrong too. the whole story could have been fabricated without ever leaving the office in new york city. but somebody might believe it.