Molyneux On The Madness

Do take the 15 minutes to watch.

It’s a terrific summary of The Big Picture and quite the performance.


12 responses to “Molyneux On The Madness

  1. thank you WRSA, that was a great video, and lessons are learned

  2. Why would any of us want Hillary? I can think of a very good reason or three (assuming we survive the nuclear exchange)… For one thing, she is more likely to kick off the next Revolution or multiple secessions. For another, who better to bring the office of the Presidency into disrepute? She would make Bill look like a piker in this regard. For another, who is more likely to get massive segments of the population to give up their faith in the Government Religion? Not to mention the entertainment value of a Clinton presidency…

  3. People committed suicide for Hitler & Stalin et al too. We are beyond the rubicon & fringe into a unprecedented uncharted paradigm. The power structure is unraveling & devouring itself now.
    Here’s a brief list of current internal conflagrations of FBI Deputy Director McCabe’s wife’s $675,000 bribe, Director Comey’s recent cathartic epiphany about 650,000+ emails that possibly may have ‘classified’ material on them (fookin count on it) not too mention ‘other’ references – copy – text – inferences to other on going investigations (count on it) & not to mention other not know possible financial & otherwise implications – connections to Terrorism or organizations supporting Terrorism etc. ‘Fookin A’ count on it.

    Here’s some background on Hitlery’s personal assistant Huma that the MSM doesn’t think is important.

    Huma Abedin

  4. Stefan is correct but I’ve yet to be disappointed yet by counting on the stupidity of the voting public and the D.C. Mafia. Still think she will win. Provides cassus belli for what she wants anyway. This is just a shortcut to full blown statism. Shoot, if I was her I’d just dispense with the facade and make it a 100 electoral vote beat down. Dare the dirt people to do anything about it.

  5. Paul Bonneau …. can’t remember where and when I first saw that sentiment [maybe here ?! … yes ?] but it is rational on some level. Worse ! Faster !

    The sooner we debride, the better the patients’ chances to survive sepsis. Delaying that process is gonna be slow death for FUSA. Thecunts’ ascension to the Executive would be a starter.

    TWBNES [There will be no Electoral Solutions] and our glideslope is muy bad. How would I want duct tape pulled off my hairy arm ? S-L-O-W-L-Y ? or boomdone !

    I want Trump, but he’s not gonna be able to reverse engines. I fear that he’ll be stonewalled for 4 years by the DeepState sockpupperts in Congress and by the Fed Bureaucracies / courts / POS-media while the booboisie go back to their slumber

    Still, the FU of a big Trump win will be fun … for awhile

    • Don’t get me wrong; I was not advocating voting for Clinton. Like a good anarchist I voted for nobody (mail ballot). I’m just disagreeing with Molyneux, saying there are actually some good rational reasons to prefer Clinton, although they are probably different reasons than her supporters would give.

  6. outlawpatriot

    Hookay. The alternative is a narcissistic progressive whose real motivations are more than likely self-serving with no concern for the country as whole. Please! All you really smart motherfuckers out there. Exactly how is the choice different?

    I ain’t votin’. Fuck this shit. You see, I really do believe there ain’t no votin’ our way out of this. Do what you want. I would ask that you let me do the same. I assure you, I’m gonna do exactly what I want and will fuck up the first motherfucker that attempts to stop me. I assure you. 🙂

    • And that is an honorable position, derived from deliberation.

      See you on the line, brother.


      OP: I am just about there myself. F**K this S**T! I have had enough and just wish to be left alone. Those who do not leave me alone will have to deal with the consequences.

  7. I’m getting a “None Of The Above” rubber-stamp made.

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