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ZH: John Podesta’s Best Friend At The DOJ Will Be In Charge Of The DOJ’s Probe Into Huma Abedin Emails

We are having fun.


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screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-09-24-pm(H/t SM)

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    • Thank you. I was looking forward to reading it and was disappointed to hit the bad link. You save the day.

      “Podesta… wrote that Kadzik was a ‘fantastic lawyer’ who ‘kept me out of jail’.”

      Sounds like quite a guy.

  1. I keep thinking it can’t get any better than what we have seen so far. Then it does. Come on guys, I am near exhaustion from all the belly laughs.

  2. Two Sets of Solutions as the Status Quo Crumbles

    from a man of reason and sanity

  3. Yeah, thats what I said.

  4. Allrighty, then. The first investigation was headed by a deputy FBI director who was married to a state senate candidate who received almost $700,000 in campaign money from the Dems through Terry McAuliffe. Now this investigation is being run with the help of a Podesta buddy.

    All while they say that Trump’s claim of a ‘rigged system’ is a threat to democracy.

  5. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Caligula would be sooooo proud of Hiligula.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. SemperFi, 0321

    These ass clowns can play games all day long, which is exactly what they are going to do.
    The real question is; when are the American people going to step up and take their gov’t back?

    • 0321,

      There’ll be a lot of takin’ back to accomplish. Hell, just on the fedgov civilian side alone, it appears every ass clown above GS-7 is going to need a hemp necktie.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Just looking at my small town; the folks who work for USFS, the schools, city and county workers, phone company, etc are all so deep into the communist way of thinking they don’t understand how badly they need removed. Everything is so based on grants, corruption and gouging it’s sickening.
        They pay thru the nose for insurance, and then defend it as necessary, WTF? Taxed half to death, and then defend it as necessary, WTF?

    • the “American People”. (turn on laugh track). Post-1965 Jew-authored White Exclusion Act, and 1980’s ff. open-borders via (((neo-con))) take-over of Republiscams, your “American People” are long gone.

  8. Peels back the layers of the onion, and all the layers are rotten. I guess we should be surprised?

  9. To be fair, at the highest levels of our feral government, all of the weasels are so inbred that we’re starting to see mental illness, emotional problems and profound retardation, so naturally it’s going to be difficult to find some independent weasel to investigate the emails that isn’t implicated in the emails.