The Party’s Over

ruins only ruins

Now, people need to be serious.





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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot:
    “Use that frustration people feel to accomplish something real. Reform your own little community or your own neighborhood. Build something that lasts more than a presidential election and has a whole lot more benefit to your daily life than someone thousands of miles away who won’t ever interact with you. I don’t want to want to reform the latchkey tyranny we have created, I want to make it irrelevant.”
    Irrelevant. This is my goal. No one in DC gives a flying crap about anyone in my little community. While I live here, I want to help make it as off grid, defensible, and self contained as possible. Going Galt would be overwhelmed, were it a physical place. If no one is searching, then you are pretty much undefined. That is a good place to be!
    Yes, I am voting. But I don’t put all my eggs in one basket.

  3. Sounds good but most people work normal jobs with immense tax burdens taken directly out of pay checks to service rent-seekers of all sorts. My and my friends in the neighborhood aren’t going to change that. We can’t even really effect the damn property taxes much

  4. PO'd American

    I think we should make certain that all congressional offices (for starters) have the signature Harry Reid gymnasium equipment installed.

  5. Nice pipe dream. The people in your community are voting for this. Collaborators. Keep running your mouth. They take note of what you do, as good as any digital intel. Anyone will turn anyone in for a buck especially as the economy tanks. Sounds like the same tripe GOP trys to sell to the FSA, yeah they want to work. Your neighbors ain’t the friends you think they are. How many Jews turned on their own, how many stood in the Rev. War? It will be less now, we are far less skilled to fend for ourselves than our forefathers, society is extremely dependant on the cogs of the machine running. Wish it weren’t so, seen it too many times on trivial shit, think it will get better when this gets real? Few men find honor when tossed into a fight to the death. Win. Cheat as required. This is a bit cryptic, my thumbs are tired.

  6. One of these days maybe some of you will finally realize that the time for trying to change a criminal system is already way behind you.

    There is only one way to deal with people who have joined a criminal system organized to harm you and yours.

    Can I come into your home and eat your food and drink all your brews, squeeze your whore’s tits, fondle your daughter, punch your ass in the face, and grab your blu-ray and dumbphone on the way out the door?

    But you let them steal half the efforts of your toil.

    There is only about 1/2 a teaspoon of testosterone left in the US.

    And that couch sure is comfy isn’t it?

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Oh come on now, I’m sure we can negotiate something here……..

      • “Often times, I been told, it’s hard to run with the weight of gold. Other times, I’ve heard it said, just as hard with the weight o’ lead”…… I hope the negotiators are cool with semi-precious metal……

  7. Community =/= everybody in Smithville. C’mon, the straw men aren’t even up to MSNBC standards. We all know there’s a tactful way to do things and not act like a raving lunatic with a tin foil hat. I find it most confusing that no one wants allies or friends. Like I said, when someone can show me how I can make enough enemies to win I’m definitely game. I am eternally grateful for those who were ‘stupid’ enough to point me in the right direction and not play patriotic Smeagle. What do I know, I probably fail the Greenwood one drop rule since I didn’t come out of the womb shouting mommy is a commie. Should probably stick with historical precedent and go with the ‘kill the whole planet minus me’ plan.

    • I sometimes wonder how many on this site are trolls, how many are gov. stooges, how many are just ignorant, and how many are actually people that are concerned with what’s coming and need help and direction… Keep up the good thoughts man some people have a brain to comprehend it…

      • Good question; many make me wonder the same.

        Not a small “if” yet Paul still extols…

        Romans 12:18… “If it be possible, as much as lieth in you, live peaceably with all men.”

        It is, at the very least, becoming more and more difficult.

  8. Trump may well win the legal vote. The polls may point to his victory in the last days of the campaign. But the illegal vote may be in the millions. The pollsters don’t call the illegals. Romney was up in the polls too. He lost badly. If it’s obvious that Trump wins the legal vote but Hillary wins the presidency, all hell may break loose. Especially since there are 4 ongoing FBI investigations into her criminal activities. And her health is still extremely fragile, which is compounded by the insane stress of the campaign and of her legal issues. She may well win an obvious flawed vote, get indicted, fall ill, or any of the above in combination. It all spells a constitutional crisis, which means a possible market crash. Throw in a terrorist attack, along with the ongoing chaos enveloping Europe, things could get really iffy really quickly. Go fill up your gas tank at least.
    And be packing when you can.