TL Davis: Don’t Act Innocent With Me


The old Turner shop is shocked, shocked to find integrity issues amongst one of its contributors.

My ass.



10 responses to “TL Davis: Don’t Act Innocent With Me

  1. Morbid

  2. 🤘🐸🤘

  3. A pro-abortion “Christian”….. I don’t see how these morons can even say the stupid shit they do with a straight face.

  4. CNN has an integrity issues by retaining Brazile once she ascended to the DNC Chair position. Glass houses….

  5. just plain todd

    for the alert force………klaxon klaxon klaxon!

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. As much as I despise that cvnt MeGYN Kelly she completely outed that AA fat cow sheboon Brazille and had her twisting in the wind.

    Her barely intelligible, typical Negroe responses reminded me of all those ferals that get busted on the show “Cops” (which is the only reason I watch that show. It’s just too entertaining not to).

    Typical feral behavior, deny, lie, project, smear, play the victim and then rinse, lather, repeat.

    Ship this porch monkey off to Lincoln’s paradise for useless and obsolete farm equipment: Liberia.

  8. News flash: All media is propaganda.

    And now to our next story Americans still prefer the flavor of pablum.