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  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    YA! Just like Gen. Patton said (paraphrasing) in challenging Rommel: “I get in my tank and he gets in his. We button up and duel to the death. Winner takes all!”


    …would set cosmos record on “pay to see” tee vee….

    Hey! calling Clinton Foundation…..

  2. Lame. Anyway, I choose Putin.

  3. FrozenPatriot

    It seems the Ruskies don’t understand this is a parody, and instead think this is legitimately from the Hitlery camp…

  4. A little entertainment:

    “A Man Called Horse”

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  6. Could be those girls won’t have time to get drafted.

    I’m reading of a massive build-up of US forces in Diego Garcia … coincident with the arrival of Russian nuclear subs in the Med.

    Supposedly, lots of bombers, refueling aircraft, surface ships and submarines, assembling at Diego. Presumably, they will be within comfortable striking distance of Syria.

    Looks like the standoff is going to the wire. Who blinks first?

    Who knows what to believe, anymore?

    Politicians; we shouldn’t suffer them to live.

  7. Go ahead and draft the bitches.

    Mebbie we get rid of a whole lotta Feminazis.

    And a whole lotta lesbians to boot.


      Word. But, it won’t happen. The menstrual cramp battalion will be back at base camp inventorying toilet paper, while the male soldiers get their asses shot off.

      • Orders to actual deployment result in a need to test positive for pregnancy, cancelling this deployment with the team. Abort at own expense (to avoid command knowledge) or give birth, as is convenient to the “warfighter”.
        At least 20% of females will do this tactic, demolishing the unit effectiveness. Notice how Putin always smirks: he is considering pitting slightly-above-average Russian men against American women and mixed units during the PMS week.

  8. This just in: “Massive cloud on collision course with the Milky Way.” Women and minorities expected to suffer the most.

  9. Equality, bitches…. You DEMANDED it, now we DEMAND you live up to your philosophy. What’s that? You “thought” equality and preferential treatment were synonyms?…. That’s too fuckin bad. There’s a price to be paid and I see absolutely nothing wrong with extracting that cost from those who push it upon the rest of us. We pay enough bills already for you fucking ignorant sluts. Good luck fighting the war your corrupt queen wants so desperately. “girlpower” right?………

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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