A GOTV Reminder


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19 responses to “A GOTV Reminder

  1. I love the sychitzophrenia you guys suffer from.

    1. You can’t vote your way out of this.

    2. Get out and vote

    Make up your mind.

  2. I have awoken…

    …in a parallel universe:

  3. Those who cry ‘voting doesn’t matter’…..I’m not gonna vote etc.’….are pure and simple, part of the problem. A major part in fact.
    Get off your sorry asses and vote for Trump or forever STFU.

    • outlawpatriot

      Make me. 🙂

      • You don’t need me for that. You’re shutting yourself up by not participating. That’s the entire point.

        • By conscientiously choosing not to vote my “voice” is one of non-consent, non compliance and non-co-operation.
          A couple of questions; 1) How has that voting thing worked out for you heretofore?
          2) Do you approve of how these cretins are spending the money you pay in tribute?
          3) You do realize they are now spending not only your money, but the earnings of your children and their children and their children’s children, right?

          I bet you don’t like these thieves, but yet you continue to pay them. Best of luck with that
          Do what you will but don’t tell me to STFU because I don’t see the world the same way you do….or, as outlawpatriot said, Make me!

          • Item 1: It hasn’t to my satisfaction.
            Item 2: Absolutely not! I loathe the lot of them with rare exception and their fiscal irresponsibility is destroying our economy and thus, nation.
            Item 3: I am VERY financially aware of what they’re doing not only with my future but that of my two kids.
            Final: You are correct. As far as I’m concerned anyone claiming a D behind their name is the enemy.
            As to opening statement, maybe those apply but you need to add ‘non-participation’ to the list. Or better stated you don’t care what they’re doing in DC swamp since you opted out. Short of shooting the bastards, right now the vote is all we have.
            My STFU comment may be too harsh for what I meant. All I’m saying is if you’re not actively working to change the system, don’t bitch about it.

            • SemperFi, 0321

              Now that’s smart, only blaming the Democrats. Shows how brainwashed you are.
              How many years have I said to stop being groupies to this corrupt system, and yet most of you continue on with worshipping a 2 party system, half of which you condone, because they’re the “good” guys. Fukn morons.
              The only enemy you have is yourself, not us non-voters.

            • I’ll bitch about whatever I choose and you can pound sand. How’s that you quisling fuck?…..

            • no, hbow, we’ve voting against the D’s and for the R’s for over 30 years now…without the slightest good effect. It’s all a Zionist Uniparty.

    • Another picture could be one of a mouse pulling one of two levers to get some cheese. When enough mice have pulled one lever it locks out the other for four years. From that point only one lever will produce the cheese. Little do the mice realize that they get the same cheese no matter what lever had been pulled. It was an invisible hand that filled the hopper from the very beginning.

      Funny thing is the mice thought they had control over how, when and where they got the cheese.

    • I’m curious and have to ask, “How has voting helped in the past?”

      Seems to me that your vote counts” has been the mantra forever, yet there’s not been any change for the better regardless who gets in.

      So, tell me again, how does my vote matter?

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “So, tell me again, how does my vote matter?”

        My vote elected Lyndon Johnson, so there’s that. Of course, like any good Leftist, I voted 3-4 times.
        -Zombie Lee Harvey Oswald.

      • It’s simple: Voting is participation both pro and con. This time around, I am passionately voting anti-Klinton. That woman is pure antithesis to all I hold dear!
        So, I vote. When the nation transitions to the cartridge box (and it will), I can, with clear conscience say I did all I could, while I could and I won’t be sitting around wringing my hands saying ‘somebody should have done something.’
        Not voting Trump this time around is in fact a +1 for Klinton.

        • One more time:

          If you cannot count on your vote being tallied as you cast it, then NOT voting – specifically, making sure you are not even registered to vote – is as good an option as you’ve got.

          • So instead you are counting on your vote not being tallied as you cast it. Better NOT to light a single and curse the darkness instead.

            If you want certainty, you came to the wrong universe. Life is a chance.