Good Analysis – ‘Til The Final Bullet


But worth your time nonetheless.

Mark the author in Kübler-Ross Stages 1/2 re FUSA.

As the cult says: Don’t drink, and keep going to meetings.

Clarity and a better life are promised.

14 responses to “Good Analysis – ‘Til The Final Bullet

  1. .”friend of isra-hell”…………..well that… answers that… for me.!

  2. What shit. So NOW the talking class cotton top boomers are going to DO SOMETHING. Why the fucking rush all of a sudden?

    I will halt through any means necessary all production and shipment of Metamucil. That will lock up the entire demographic. Get it, lock up! Laugh now if you’d like to see the embargo lifted, oh mighty journalists who shoot 22lr ar15s from sitting rests.

    These “men” are from Chicago. Enough said

  3. Rim fire AR15. Tells me all I need to know. Poseur.

  4. Julius Streicher

    Idiot dribble.

  5. To the contrary, this article was not worth my time. I don’t think he has anymore a clue as to what is going to happen than I do. A baby could of told you the next few months would be turbulent. I also agree baby boomers have a propensity to violent extremes, but mainly on the left. The right wing baby boomers have been patient to the point of capitulation. That is changing, but he seems to fall into that category of do nothing and pray. These tea party types gather around and sing hymns and look at Norman Rockwell paintings and long for the “good old days” that aren’t soon to come back. I would rather build something new that builds upon the mistakes of the former, rather than regress backward and repeat the same mistakes over again. Any future society needs to allow only those that produce and are informed to have a say (or vote). Anything else gets us right back to the free shiz army voting to take our shiz from us. This is not going to happen without a fight, likely physical.

    Hate the break it to the guy, but note that the free shiz army includes a disproportionate number of women, minorities, illegals and their allies the (((choosen people))). Not saying we have to live eye-for-eye, but we need to stop picking up rattle snakes in hopes that they don’t bite us. Plus, I don’t believe in a God that helps people who aren’t willing to help themselves. The time for action nears if we want it or not, and I do not for the record. But it is what it is and we cannot put our heads in the ground and hope smugly that our preps will make it all go away. The consequences of doing nothing to future generations will be dire, if not genocidal.

  6. “I will actively oppose secession purely as the result of a presidential election, irrespective of its outcome. There may be adequate reasons someday to permit the dissolution of the United States. This is not that time, notwithstanding that the major parties and their supporters have failed us even more miserably than I would have thought possible. I again call upon those supporters to repent of disdain and scapegoating and utopianism, resist demagoguery, and resolve to continue the greatest political experiment in history.”

    Wins the Greenwood trophy this month.

    • Steve Kristmann

      Paul hit it on the head!
      Just another ‘cuckservative’ doing his verbal winge
      over his parchment worship…. and he has to shoot
      his AR15 poodle shooter from a rest?!…
      Just another useless mangina!!

      Yours In Liberty!..and it’d damn past time for Seccession!!
      NorthGunner III

  7. Missoula, Montana Highlights the
    Inanity of “Universal Background Checks”

    • Yea well that didn’t phase me a bit when I bought 2 more this weekend… Fuck them and their stupid fucking ordinance… I would really love them to try and stop me from buying a product that they have no authority on whether I can or can’t…

  8. The author, while making some interesting observations, has adopted a classic fence sitter position. That carries some sub-optimal eventualities. I somehow doubt that his position of moral high ground reasonableness will carry the day when this whole thing starts to solidify.

    He would be well advised that patriotism and gravitas are not conveyed by green-ish clothes, a beard and the (noted well in comments) .22LR “AR”. As people smarter than me have stated, “hardware only gets you half way”.

  9. California seeking secession if Trump wins? No way we could get that lucky. 😉 The State of Jefferson might even become a reality under such circumstances.

  10. A 70 year old with a .22LR dressed up to look like its useless. That pretty much sums up 90+% of the “III%” and militia’s, and 50% of the “preppers”. All show and no go.

  11. The Usual Suspect

    You really need to read the article for content before
    exhibiting your ignorance, that old fart was a troll.
    Probably you are too.