Herschel: The Hillary/Monsanto Connection


BLUF: HRC will take money and promise to do what is asked by anyone.

There’s a word for someone like that…

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  1. good essay. JudeoGlobalization, Stage I, is the open-borders destruction of the Whites, now well underway. Stage II will be the liquidation of the now-superfluous ethnoids via global terror famine. That’s where Rockefeller/Agenda 21, Monsanto, Archer Daniels, and the other murdereous, corporate seed-and-food racketeers come in. I can’t recall the exact details, but several years ago some small agricultural business in a midwestern town had a “mysterious explosion” that killed about a dozen people. Turned out they were in litigation against Monsanto.

  2. Jimmy the Saint

    Technically, two words: good whore.

  3. Klinton is a freaking psychopath of monumental proportions coupled with an evil, hate filled core.
    The most alarming thing to me, however, is that one of the major political parties nominated her for chief executive. That is truly alarming!

    • Even more alarming is that the OTHER major political party would be GLAD to have her as chief executive.

  4. There’s a word for someone like that…

    Whore, I assume?

  5. wealthy farmer

    Powerful short video. This man and his father are giants, and he is right about the ultimate demise of Monsanto. As I see it, the satanic globalist edifice, which is ipso facto a massive ongoing crime against humanity, stands on four legs: Banking, Agribusiness, Politicians and Pharma. All are interconnected/lubricated by flows of money and cronyism.

    Agri-FACT: Do you know that most of the ‘conventional’ (non-export) wheat in the USA is harvested by drenching the wheat fields in glyphosate (roundup)? This does 2 things which conventional farmers deem advantageous: the wheat dies standing straight up and crispy dry, which makes it easier for the combine to harvest, therefore you get a slight increase in yield. Also, as the wheat dies it sends up an extra bit of seed stalk, giving another approximate 2% increase in yield. No matter that the wheat carries substantial traces of glyphosate product right into the food supply. Celiac disease, metabolic disorder, cancer. Yum.

    Seed saving is a fundamental human right. Do it as an act of defiance. Even for your garden: save everything! Non-hybrid tomatoes, zuchini, corn (especially corn), flowers! If you are a producer save it for yourself only. You will develop seed that is uniquely adapted to your local conditions, you will save a HUGE amount of money, and right now certified organic non-gmo grains are getting mind-blowing premiums in the market! Or take the fucking blue pill, shuffle your fat ass into that combine you owe so much on, because you know that THERE IS NO OTHER WAY, and roll forward to your destiny as a pawn to an army of parasitic corporate executives, lawyers and academic shills……

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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