NYT: Spooked by Russia, Tiny Estonia Trains a Nation of Insurgents



Field training of citizens against a militarily-superior collectivist enemy.


Glad there is no need for such a thing in Greenwoodistan.

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  1. But….but…….wait…! they are distributing full auto AK 4 rifles, rucksacks full of food and equipment to their people…….common dirt people ? but I am confused isn’t there reasonable gun control measures in this country, isn’t the government / elite fearful of the people being armed, being trained and being educated in the dance of swords…………what in the world ?

  2. pete, over on zero hedge are a couple article on propaganda, worth review and posting here. I don’t know how to contact you, so I’m using this. Two articles, on on the second page and one in the header.

    Sad but true stuff on the media roll in propaganda.


  3. “The guerrilla activity should start on occupied territory straight after the invasion”

  4. Interesting indeed. Would be nice to do that in a gloriously free country such as Murica but http://archive.adl.org/mwd/faq5.html

  5. Evil evil Vladville is not planning any invasion of L / L / E / Finland. Or Ukraine. This is more Bolshoi from the (((NYT))) Russias’ strategic doctrine is defensive. Only the AngloAm (((Banksters))) and their captive governments are invading, ‘nation-building’ and generally fucking things up.

    Europe and NATO certainly have secured the continent from the Great Bear, haven’t they ! Meanwhile Gyorgi Zhoros et al have flooded Eurabia with innumerable jihadis. Deutschland es tote

    So yea, the Sulzberger Clan and their fishwrap must be the font. Must


    • The governments of Georgia and the Ukraine would disagree with your nonsense.The Russians have no issue bringing “Russian” people back into the fold. Even if they happen to not live in Russia. Keep asserting that Russian aggression is some myth propagated by Scooby Jews. Its ignorant of reality. I dont begrudge the Russians or wish to confront them over a few thousand acres of soil, but to pretend that is some zionist conspiracy is just bullshit. The Russians may not be professionally interested in nation building but they have it as a hobby.

      • ‘Governments’ of Georgia and Ukraine… Lol. Those poor bastards have been ruled by puppets since (or before) Tsarist times. Estonians jumped on the Blitzkrieg bandwagon ( to free the Russians from the Bolshevik yoke I’m sure) which doesn’t help matters.

  6. Dimwits in minuscule Estonia joined NATO, allow foreign troops to operate right on Russia’s border, now worrying about consequences?! Good thing Putin is a nice guy, but Russian doctrine is that attacks on Russia’s borders will, if necessary, be met with tactical nukes. Estonia should be hanging its leaders…..

  7. Interesting. Have a couple friends from Estonia who immigrated to Norga and their comments included that depending on whose numbers you trust; between 25 and 35 percent of Estonians are Russian. Just saying …

  8. Article 5 does NOT commit other NATO members to come to the assistance of one which has been attacked.

    ” …will assist the Party or Parties so attacked by taking forthwith, individually and in concert with the other Parties, such action as it deems necessary, including the use of armed force,…”

    You can Google it.

    It basically says that other NATO members can help you, if they feel like it. There appears to be no obligation to get involved in “your” fight.

  9. Those boys look to be fielding a version of the G3.

    Good on ’em.

  10. Cassandra (of Troy)

    Estonians aren’t the only ones who’re preparing to get feisty:


    There’s also trouble brewing Down Undah,:

    & in the Good Ol’ U.S.A.®/GOUSA as well.:
    (Note the first part of the first sentence of Pgh 2 & recall BPS’s attitude toward those desiring MSR when various ‘assault weapons’ bans were being touted)

    Someone should inform Donaldus Magnus Rex’s campaign of not only the above items (especially the Oz ones) but also the following ‘inconvenient’ reports from a reliably Leftist (& therefore ‘acceptable’) source.:


  11. In the article it mentioned 16 teams of 4 showed up for the training. That’s 16 fire teams in this one specific region. No telling how many other regions were holding training and how many showed up in those other areas. That’s a heck of a great turn out for a bunch of volunteers who are obviously getting some useful training. It’s disappointing that we can’t find something similar here in the “land of the free, home of the brave”. I’m old and beyond my prime and would have a major problem with a 25 mile ruck hike but feel I would have a role to fill in the cadre somewhere. Oh well. Good luck to them. I hope they never need this training.

    • “I would have a role to fill in the cadre somewhere. How do you feel about running a safe house, or providing logistics support, or communications, or a clandestine printing shop, medical background? There needs to be auxiliary. There needs to be an underground. We need those things more desperately then most realize. Like 20 of these to one shooter. A minimum of 10 to 1.

      • ‘zackly.
        Personnel support.
        Intelligence and communication activities.
        Logistics and supply.
        Civil affairs/liason.

        It sounds like if the Estonians can’t have an artillery battalion, they’ll settle for a guy with 100 gallons of gas, a guy with 25 gallons of dish soap, and someone with several dozen cases of empty glass bottles, a funnel, and a few bags of Styrofoam packing peanuts.

        Their government also recognizes effort can be directed, but it’s hard to move a group of people just sitting on their asses.
        And it’s being done locally, at the village level, and in plain sight of NYTimes reporters and their would-be allies in Russia.

        Dual-purpose: make an occupation a nightmare, and deter it from ever being undertaken in the first place.
        Cost to the government: miniscule, vs. a huge IDF-style internal defense establishment. If they convince Putin the lemon isn’t worth the squeeze, they win.

    • There’s still plenty us older folks can do when things get sporty-provide a place for people to stay,provide food/cook meals for groups of people-large or small,those of us who have been working on all our own vehicles for years will have plenty to do-as will welders,the guys with garage machine shops,etc.
      The wives also will have plenty they can do to help,even the older youngsters can help.
      As Lost Patrol said -at least 10-1 more like 20-1 aux./logistics/support to every trigger puller.