Propaganda Politics At Their Worst


H/t to Curtis for this piece.

There is no good reason for the dying American Empire to fight the dying Russian empire.

Unless the plan is to burn all of the evidence of American financial and diplomatic perfidy.

Best to prepare for Attack Plan “R”.





35 responses to “Propaganda Politics At Their Worst

  1. enough already with the Draft our Daughter’s. anyone else tired of seeing these? besides I’m on blood pressure meds and don’t want too stroke out! get my drift?

    • Deep breaths.

      It will get worse than pix from a good propaganda campaign.

      The bitch, if she wins, will be drunk, pissed beyond measure, and looking to lash out.

      • Tru dat, CA.
        It’s the ‘hell hath no fury’ doctrine.
        She was supposed to waltz into office in ’08. When that didn’t work, she expected to waltz in ’16.
        IF she wins, Trump will be bankrupted for his sins. Some people that screwed her over, said too much or failed to destroy emails.will be fed feet-first into the woodchipper.
        Assange comes to mind. Comey. Weiner. Huma. Podesta.

      • imagine all the female carpet-munchers (ahem, guards) she is going to have

    • Not tired at all. My BS meter was pegged long ago by the lefty commies from the dem party. Draft our daughters, draft our gays, draft our trans and by all means leave the white boys alone. They have no dog in your commie fight. That’s my thought. Get my drift?

      • You are exactly correct RDG.

        I think it’s about time that the people most likely to vote for this creature should bear the full responsibility. After all, we are supposed to be all in for equality.


  2. HHH Old Vet.

    She will Lose, ALL. High TREASON will take her OUT.

  3. cavguy,

    “enough already with the Draft our Daughter’s. anyone else tired of seeing these?”

    Yes. I am tired of seeing these. Why ? Because the truth hurts. You wouldn’t BELIEVE the senior NCOs (Army males, combat arms) who concur with having these female “warriors” in their ranks, in their platoons and squads. It’s a fucking disgrace.

    Bottom line….Susie Rottencrotch and Tommy Slippinsheet are going to get their asses handed to them when it comes time to exercise the Spirit of the Bayonet !

    No tears from me when MORE body bags come back through Dover.

    • Third world men who don’t have affirmative action policies will have no problem filling body bags with amerikans.

  4. I never get tired of seeing the US military Snowflakes. Just another victim of the failed Feminist Movement.

    • What’s up with the WMs and the slicked-back and parted “Alfalfa” hairdos these days? Looks like shit…but then again, they ARE WMs. Never had much use for them personally, and found them mostly to be a huge PITA…even in my pogue Reserve outfit. Desert Storm became a freaking nightmare accommodating them. Lots of hurt feelers. Warriors? meh

      • Zoom,

        “Warriors”. That’s the current buzz word Army has been using to describe it’s pansies, homos, emasculated males and women who wish they’d been born with a schlong. That’s why I put “warriors” in quotes.

        The US military is a reflection of Amerikan society. It is no less a disaster than what we experience every day in fUSA.

        • General Shinseki gave them black berets; so poof, they are elite right?

          The amount of grab-assing that occurs in place of doing their jobs and pulling security will get large numbers of them wiped-out.

          USS Iowa gun turret explosion is a stand-alone example.

          With the open handy-panky being boy on boy now….they can all act like they are one big Abercrombie add photograph.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “The US military is a reflection of Amerikan society. ”

          To an extent – it is being used as a testbed for social experimentation (and has been for some time), so to some extent, it is showing where the elites want society to go, rather than what society is.

      • “They say that in the Marine Core,
        The women are mighty fine,
        They look like Phillis Diller,
        And walk like Frankenstein”

        “Every man to his family and his belongings”

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Back in the early 70’s you hardly ever saw WM’s, and when you did, they were wearing skirts in an office. Can’t say I remember seeing a WM in a green pickle suit (utilities).

  5. Non of the BAMs I bumped into ‘back in the day’ looked anywhere near as attractive as these fine examples. Heck, one of em’ even has a bicep!

    • Goodness. I’m creeping up in age and look like shit, but those young girls are butt ugly. And you are saying they are an improvement?

      I’ll try drinking more; maybe that will help.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. The Usual Suspect

    Annnnnndddddddd the hits just keep coming. Perfect !!!

  8. Bitch wins on the strength of the female vote and they fucking deserve to be tossed into combat for some vague cause. The ONLY war I’m willing to fight for this nation at this point begins near the Potomac.

  9. Political correctness never stood a chance in my world.Done correctly or it was not considered done. Pretty fucking cut and dry.The job is done ,when it has been done properly. When you work for another person your goal is return handsomely their investment in you.When you work for yourself you work for every person who walks through your door plus every person who calls or e-mails you. When you don’t do it properly,you are supposed to fail.When you don’t fail, and take the fall, you fuck up the whole system.We have a bunch of loser shithead failures calling the shots. Lets change the paradigm.No consent or civility for scumbags.

  10. Yeah, I was thinking of the pathetic BAMs coming through PI back in 90-91. Pathetic.

    Even more pathetic is a culture that is trying to remove all functioning male organs AND tries to convince the females that they can do anything a male can. This is patently absurd! Even better is this thought: you put a bunch of females together and their menstrual cycles will begin to synchronize. I can ONLY IMAGINE how that would play out in combat!

    God save us! Bring about repentant hearts and minds in this nation. Bring about a revival!

    • Back in the day, the US Army lost my records for a couple of months and I was put in hold-over. Before I was transferred to another barracks, I spent a week in a barracks that was split in 2 by plywood. It wasn’t a very good fit. Anyhow, I got lucky and got to pull guard duty the second night at the male side of the plywood. You could smell that smell wafting through all day, and all night from the female side.

      It’s the same thing when you get a bunch of girls sharing a house. That smell.

    • You get one good week of combat out of them…..then they spend the rest of the month asking questions like “Well; I don’t know where do YOU think we should attack”.

  11. they all look foreign or biracial.

    100-200 million…

  12. You misspelled (((Time))).


  13. I’ll bet those bitches have Spetsnaz quaking in their boots.

  14. thesouthwasrght

    The majority, and this was in the 90’s so I can only imagine it now, of the white women I encountered in the army were devoted mudsharks. Make that vast majority.

    The bankster/military industrial/politicized thing that claims the same name but bears no semblance of the mission capabilities of the WWII version. Certainly not knocking some of the top shelf personnel that Don the uniform, but their leadership and many of their fellow people are gonna get them needlessly killed.

  15. No need to travel to foreign lands to victory rape the woman, our enemies are going to have a ball with home delivery.

  16. Am HIGHLY doubtful too many Women will find themselves in actual combat that are Marines.
    ie trained as 0311 rather will be truck drivers, supply clerks, administration etc…. these ads are just some SCREWED up idea of The C*nt who wishes to be prez… and she maybe seen actual Russian Female Soldiers so figured turnabout is fair play. Is funny a guy at work thinks to vote for Hill because Trump will “get us into a war”

    • The pix actually are an alt-Right anti-Clinton propaganda play. They are brilliant, IMHO – but it is really hard to tell them from a real HRC campaign.

      • This propaganda campaign from the anti-Clinton camp is one of the most effective things to come out of this election. People think they’re Clinton ads, the ads expose Clinton as the one who is pushing for war, they push people away from third wave militant feminists, etc.