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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Stay frosty things are getting beyond craZY & interesting.
    Steve Pieczenik is legit & vetted. Going to be an interesting next few days.

    The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

  3. European American

    The Hillary Clinton Takeover of the United States

  4. Stephen Clay McGehee

    Election fraud is just one tactic. Another is voter fraud. Tomorrow morning, our son and I meet with a conservative reporter who is going to do a story on how his voter registration record was stolen. I don’t mean just the card. Someone with access to the voter registration database MOVED his record from this county to another county in South Florida. They took a Republican voter registration and moved it to the most heavily Democratic county in Florida. If he hadn’t discovered it when trying to get an absentee ballot, any guesses as to what would have happened on Election Day?

    I used to be rather passionate about voting. Now I realize that it is just a ritual that democratic countries go through to make the people believe that they are truly self-governing. As the title of a well-known book puts it, “Democracy – The God That Failed.”

    • +1000. Anyone who has a longer-than-10-minutes attention span should spend the $2.99 on Amazon and watch her HBO documentary, “Hacking Democracy”.

      It now becomes clear the need to oversample the polling, widely reported by the presstitutes and create the “history” of the inevitability of a Clinton win. The “victory gap” will mirror the “polling data” trail that they have been creating since January. Some people think by vigorously conducting “exit polls” that will demonstrate a discrepancy between “exit polling data” and the final results they can “stop” the fraud.


  5. Yep. Steve is the real deal. Looks like some patriots STILL IN the U.S. intel orgs have had enough and teamed up with Wikileaks. I’m sure the NSA Utah facility has ALL of Hitlery’s emails. While they are attempting a bloodless coupe and that is admirable… they are probably too late to stop the coming unpleasantness, even if Trump wins. Time will tell. Strap in and grab the popcorn because the last week will be nothing but fireworks.

    Grey Ghost

  6. If voting worked as advertised, TPTB would make it illegal.
    I’ve followed Black Box Voting.org for years. Nothing new here – TNVOWOFT. Could get sporty soon…

  7. well of course. The whole point of electronic voting machines, w no paper trail, is to rig elections. The switchover to evm’s was initiated, incidentally, by Republicans. The same gang that gave us “integrated schools”, “affirmative action”, “hate-crime laws”, “gun-free school zones”, 9/11, the “Patriot Act”, the NDAA, the DHS, the NSA, the TSA, endless increases in the “debt limit”, RomneyCare alias “ObamaCare”, and etc.

    but get out there, Trumpaholics, and vote some more. ‘Cause you enjoy the punishment.

  8. Simple fix. Vote twice? Die once. Engage in institutionalized voter fraud or tamper with our electoral process? We eradicate your entire fucking bloodline. No excuses, no explanations. I’m sick to fucking death of this ends justify the means bullshit and the people who believe they’re above our legal system because they know what’s best for us.

  9. Has anyone here considered that “they” will let clinton get pulled from the race and then cancel the election for there not being a fair election process. Obama then stays in office for one more year claiming to use the CONSTITUTION as the reasoning to postpone? And in the meantime war with Russia breaks out… no more elections… ever?

    • I’m sure it crossed their mind, followed swiftly by visions of rope and lamp posts. We shall see……..

    • Well for the last several months I’ve said there would be no election and Obama would stay in power. With 6 days to go I may yet be right. How they “false flag” it matters not. Hopefully I am wrong in that prediction but you never know with these psychopaths in charge. IF there is an election, Trump wins the election. Either way, the Fed throws the economy into the abyss and the MSM blames “conservatives” and Republicans for the greatest depression. Inner city riots and Martial law ensue. With the U.S. economy taken down, the whole world economy goes into a tailspin the likes of which has NEVER been seen. Then to see who runs the world for the next 80 years we have a world war. Winner take all.

      The chessboard is all set in Europe:

      Grey Ghost

  10. It doesn’t matter who votes, what matters is who counts the votes.

    Joseph Stalin

  11. A brit (no less) explains why electronic voting is bad: