SLL: Thoughts On Trump’s Recent Appearance In New Mexico


Robert reports from the field.

Interesting times.

To be followed by even more interesting times.

4 responses to “SLL: Thoughts On Trump’s Recent Appearance In New Mexico

  1. Last line of the article, “Trump looks like a winner.”. Sure hope so. All the stories of big lines at the voting booths is good for Trump. I mean really, people are going to wait in line for Hailary ? I don’t think so unless the govt is their weekly mealticket. Unfortunately, I think the moochers outnumber everyone else now, but as the title of that weepy Sandra bollock, I thnk; movie is titled; my hope floats.

  2. “It seems reasonable to assume that he must feel fairly comfortable about his prospects in the big swing states if he’s taking time away from them to visit New Mexico.”

    Or the outcome was never in question. Stay positive, keep prepping and don’t believe a fucking word either side says. They are all completely full of shit.

  3. Trump looked @ the RealClearPolitics EV map. He now thinks he’s got Florida and NC for sure, which still leaves him 10 votes short. Only other states he might flip are Colo, Nevada, and…NM. Of which he’d have to get any 2 out of 3. Not likely…but possible.