TL Davis: More Than Arrogance


Evil, ascendant.

We ain’t seen nothing yet.

You really don’t have enough allies, food, ammo, and skills.

Tempus fugit.

lynched elephant

6 responses to “TL Davis: More Than Arrogance

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Upper stock photo: How nice it must be (at that level) to be able to exploit somebody eager-enough that will over-comensate for their own inferiorities.

    Will be nice when her value to the crime-family evaporates and they throw her under the bus.

  3. Cassandra (of Troy)

    And what happens when the conduct Mr. Davis remarked on reaches the public’s ‘Popeye Point’?:

    Rope or bullets for the above you say? Nah, too wasteful of resources. Consider, instead, the virtues of the following.:

    Fabrication, re-construction, & recompense in a single package!



    No victim, no crime. Where is Congress? That is why these evil criminals get away with everything. Their tentacles reach into every corner of Capitol Hill. I am sure they know who in the House and Senate are the Butt Pirates, Pedophiles, Adulterers, drunks, druggies, and other assorted perverts. Paul Ryan and company will do NOTHING!

    • Nor will Post Turtle. Nothing more than the other end of the same steaming turd as the Democrats.

      Wonder what Andrew Napolitano could do to that crowd as AG. Remember that it took less than four months for the Muslim in Chief to totally turn around DoJ under the tutelage of Eric the Red…

  5. colddeadhandsdays

    Death to them all.