Update On SE POL Situation


Gas line explosion could have ‘tremendous’ impact on fuel supply, NC Gov. McCrory says


Git ‘r done.

ZH: Line 2 back, Line 1 maybe Saturday

13 responses to “Update On SE POL Situation

  1. Keep in mind, during the previous problems at Helena, only one line was shut down. This time it’s both.


    Money quote:

    “Analysts at Barclays said the gasoline line could be shut for at least a month because regulators “will be very cautious about restarting the pipelines, especially since Line 1 just suffered a spill and tensions between pipeline companies and environmentalist groups have never been higher.”

  2. tangotango-03

    so its a gasoline line? I have seen reports of it being a NG line…

  3. Keep telling yourself that its just a coincidence. Current gas pipeline protests and explosions couldn’t be in any way related, right?

    • I’d like to provide details, but I don’t want to get too PERSEC-y.

      Bottom line. Empire in decline. Crumbling infrastructure.

      Plan accordingly. We’re circling the drain.

  4. You fellas are a little jumpy. Hillary will tell us it was Russian hackers
    My little theory is that it was a ethnic, blind, transgender EEO hire running the fucking backhoe. Because diversity is our strength.
    The truth lies somewhere in between, they’re doing maintenance (have been, too) on a pipeline that’s probably my age and whoops.

  5. I committed a victimless crime by filling some green jerry cans.

  6. Damn, just when the price of gasoline dropped below $ 2.00/gal. here in NM. WTF? Usun poor dirt folks just can’t catch a break ……

  7. As I understand the situation, a work crew was using a backhoe to excavate the line, and struck and ruptured it with the bucket. Does anyone else have conflicting information? If not, that is neither sabotage nor “crumbling infrastructure”.

    • MichiganderJim

      Workers count as part of the infrastructure, comrade. Believe it, they’re crumbling.

  8. AnonForOpsec


    “…..a contractor struck a 36″ below ground transmission gasoline pipeline…..There was an ignition source. We don’t know what that was and we will not know that until we conclude our investigation,” he said. “It could have been a spark from a piece of excavation equipment or from a pickup truck nearby. We will be looking that in our investigation in the coming days.”

    I’m local, know the area and am starting to think 2+2 actually does equal 4……..’F’ me….