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But as with the re-election of the Magic Kenyan in 2012, the real issue is your fellow FUSAns.


And the resolution is not going to be as simple as the dissolution of Czechoslovakia.

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  1. CA,

    “But as with the re-election of the Magic Kenyan in 2012, the real issue is your fellow FUSAns.”

    I’ve been arguing the above point for YEARS. While those elected are certainly culpable, we wouldn’t be M-F’ing them if they were just a bad memory after serving one term and put out to pasture.

    I’m glad I’m not the only one who realizes one’s family, friends, neighbors and strangers on the street bear the bulk of responsibility for the elected scum.

    • I agree the problem is the people who voted for them and that’s not going to change now, the problem I have is I am in the same boat with them and can’t get out and get on another boat and I am doing a lot more paddling then most; unhappy about that is putting it mildly. unfortunately, all I can do now is keep paddling and hope I do enough to be able live on my own boat as much as possible(with a good dog).

      • You can’t do it alone and until people start banding together to form Liberty Communities things will remain the same…

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Yes Siree Bob… these useful idiots have “served” their
    purpose – “New management” is being placed:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”


      Dr. Steve and Jeff Epstein will meet mysterious ends. It is absolutely mind-boggling the power and reach these two criminals have. They make the Russian Mafia and the Columbians look like amateurs.

      • anotherusualsuspect

        Epstein I know about. But this guy Steve..what makes him in the same league as Epstein?

  4. Agree. No one should underestimate the power of ‘free stuff’ and voter fraud. Hillary has the advantage, assuming her supporters choose to get out of bed to vote on election day.

  5. The Usual Suspect

    Too stupid to rule, CLASSIC !

  6. Burn any winner-take-all construct in national elections to the ground. Not a metaphor.

    • FrozenPatriot

      So that the Commiefornia and communist bloc eastern seaboard population centers can rule us all in flyover country? No thank you. If you want to push for a big change, push for secession…

      • You really don’t even need secession if enough of your area can make the gov. irrelevant in their daily lives…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Even the People’s Republic of California may be in a bigger degree of play than previously suspected. The traditionalist types may be outnumbered, but even a bunch of the lefty folks are starting to think it’s gone way too far.

  7. The article on Czech and Slovak dissolution is the sort of background that should exist for readers of any intelligence report. Clear, to the point and contextually rich. I assure you that most of what our decision makers want/consume is more Podesta email kwality than this. Go read it if you have not. Spot the issues, extrapolate to America circa 2017 and synthesize for yourself. Go for the “why behind the what”, then go get a cold pilsener out of the fridge.

  8. 100-200 million…

  9. The problem is not that Hillary et al. are too stupid to rule. That, I believe, is a given. It is that the majority of Americans (and apparently thousands of non-citizens who will get to vote) are too stupid and immoral to maintain the gift we were given from our Founders. They display no curiosity, no respect for tradition, no desire to learn, and no reverence for the back-breaking work that our ancestors did to create what the dream that was America.

    People whine that we should have had better candidates this year. I respond that both of the candidates are precisely what we Americans ordered.

    I will vote for Trump because a Hillary presidency is too horrific to contemplate. But a culture that had any respect for its past and a desire to perpetuate all of the greatness of America would never have degraded itself to a point in which a Clinton and Trump presidency became possible.

    • yeah…with Trump the Right can go back to sleep again for 8 years. At which time there will have been 25,000,000 – 30,000,000 more non-Whites infused legally/illegally into the country. Then the Whites – and their civilization – can go to sleep forever. You – and the rest of the Trumpaholics – really are stupid.

      and, should he “win” next Tuesday, I can predict to a dead certainty Trump’s first post-inaugural statement: “I have decided not to further investigate Hillary Clinton’s e-mail situation, as it would be divisive and bad for the country.”

    • Second. I saw with some coworkers last week who were discussing the election, supposedly smart people, all with post graduate degrees and they were lamenting that both candidates were so bad and I responded that the candidates were a reflection of the people.
      now, I agree with trump on many things(immigration, muslim immigrants, govt corruption, etc) but that the country had to get a reality tv star to bring it to the front shows how gone the people are from acting like serious adults.

  10. It’s looking more and more like Kim Dotcom did the hacking of Hillary and Podesta. God knows he has the expertise and the motive, with Hillary involved in the 2012 search and seizure of this assets in New Zealand. Hell, if Hillary was smart she would have HIRED Kim Dotcom. Hell, he’s a bigger grifter than the Clintons are. They were made for each other. The problem is is that Kim made his fortune with his Megaupload file sharing company where he stole billions from the Hollywood music and movie giants, the people who bankrolled Hillary and Bills campaigns. The Clinton’s haven’t figured out that their grift is out dated by 15 years. The world has passed them by.
    So long, it’s been good to know ya.

  11. No one is smart enough to rule well.

    Lead, maybe….