A Good Question


At what point, having themselves lost their utility to their handlers, do the Clintons become expendable?

Stilton has one answer:


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  1. Two words: Electoral College = Presidential election hype has always been a big show anyway. We may get to see the veil ripped off this time around when it becomes revealed that pledged electors mean nothing. I’m not sure if that will be a Sad Panda or a Pepe moment.


  2. Internet archeology: a typepad site. CA musta dug deep for that one. Anyway, the author did mention “Soros…who expropriated Jews’ property for the Nazis”. Did he mention that George Schwartz-alias-Soros was/is a Jew? No, somehow he didn’t. But I did. And Schwartz-alias-Soros has got some pocket change – at least $25 million – invested in Hiligula. She has lost no utility. In fact, as (((Ann Elizabeth))) pointed out, the more a sociopath gets away with…the more confident and useful they become.

  3. Yep. Stay positive, keep prepping. Learn. Do.

    Split some extra kindling now, it’s gonna be a long cold winter.

  4. Never, when your willing to stand in front of the world and sell your sole day after day for money without conscience, is pathological. Hilary has unethical history all the way back to the Nixon resignation. Read her JD paper on Alinsky. fucking alarming, even back then.

    Deep state big business saw her value to them and built her.

    Why do we keep re-identifying the obvious. The real problem which clearly needs a name and faces soon, are the deep state GS14, 15 And 16 civilian generals within our govt.

    Those deep state operators do so with impunity. No fear of accountability. No fear of job loss, these people ARE the men/women without faces, behind the curtains minpulating virtually all the moving parts

    It’s time to put faces and locations to each. If the govt won’t hold them accountable, and we as a nation are unable to hold those folks accountable, maybe a few citizens might eventually make things right.

    Hard to do without a Intel package. Who,what where,when,why, how.

    Their comes a time when the real policy makers need to be addressed. That time is now, or very very soon.


  5. Tom, electorial college representatives are virtually nameless and faceless. Their identity is virtually unknown. Only a few within each state know their identity, we the people are held at bay.

    Another obvious stacking of the political deck. They vote for whom their told to vote fore, agin without accountability to we the people. I spent the past two years trying to get my state Rep senators to,address the issue, of openly identifying these people, and to also not have all six EC votes go to the Dems.

    If 40% of Oregon’s vote are republican. I want our vote to reflect our candidate. Not the case. If the majority is dem, then all six EC votes go to the Dem, candidate.

    Yet another rigged system.