State your conclusion(s) and the underlying reasons behind each, please.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Kind of early to play their hand ain’t it? I wonder if some folks are trying to piggyback off of wikileaks.

  3. NYPD, FBI find evidence of sex blackmail ring

  4. Who is this guy? I haven’t found any bio on him. Not trustworthy information, at least not yet. Very possible disinformation. Remember earlier posts about the high level of infiltration at Malheur.

    • Start here:

      He has a web site, and has been offering a particular insight for a number of years.

      He is at the very least, a well documented “high level intelligence source” cited by various alternative media personalities.

      Since he has spent many years as an insider, spanning at least 4 administrations, he must be considered to be in at least philosophical alignment with the one worlders.

      I ponder the possibilities…

      As to the veracity of his claims…someone turned over the material to WikiLeaks. Dr. Pieczenik has shown a particular bent for going against the official narrative.

      Ponder the possibilities, and keep a close watch on events as they unfold.

  5. There may well be something there; heaven knows there must be a lot of disgusted agents just in the FBI alone, probably even some fairly high up. Just adds another layer of excitement to the election, and provides the Clintons yet another leak in the dike to stick their fingers into. These guys (if they aren’t plants and provocateurs) certainly are playing a high stakes game – assuming it’s not just one dude with delusions of grandeur and an internet connection.

  6. Trump 2016 or forgetaboutit at the ballot box, for the remainder of your life.
    Ready for the alternative? I’m not, but choices are certainly slimming down.
    BTW, What’s with all this fear of putting out Trump signs? Seems like excellent Prog bait to me.

  7. He’s legit- not a bandwagoner. He came out right after 9 11 calling BS
    .The worm is turning.

  8. Simon Jester

    Look at things from a different perspective. A vote for Hillery really is a vote for change, just not the change she had in mind. She will provide plenty of reasons to publicly “lament” the end of the republic.

  9. EVERY politician must come with a lever, no exceptions. The pedo lever is a great one because it’s universally reviled by the populace who couldn’t possibly imagine that someone who does that type of thing would be a usable tool. Clinton flew on the Pedo Express 26 fcking times. You do the math.

    And if you’re wondering if there is a rampant pedo problem in our political society wonder no more. Both sides of the aisle are infected. Are you familiar with the story of the 3 year old Dupont child who was raped by her father and got NO TIME under Beau Biden Del AG? Yeah that Biden.

  10. Penny Pincher

    Looked at Pieczenik’s stuff yesterday. He sure looks serious filmed in black and white with a plain background. He must be serious, right?

    If you look at the Wikipedia history of edits, his entry looks like it was created in 2014. In his bio on Wikileaks it says what a childhood musical genius he was. Nobody would really know that except for Pieczenik, his mama, or his music teacher from way back. So Pieczenik or maybe a hired publicist wrote that entry.

    As to his accomplishments at State as a psyop shrink and being pivotal help with all these historical events, you’d have to ask someone else who was also there, and they might not be allowed to tell. It’s essentially a claim you can’t verify. Might be able to verify his Ph.D and M.D., and his employment at State, but the rest probably not.

    He is plastered all over Infowars right now.

    What does Mr. Pieczenik have to gain from all this? Alex Jones really isn’t helping all his street cred, if he did all that great stuff at State. It would seem his main source of income (besides possibly a government pension) is writing science fiction/political thrillers. I have not heard of him before the other day. I also know several sci fi writers and he’s not part of their crowd. Getting on Alex Jones would certainly help his book sales, but wouldn’t help him get rapport with “The Intelligence Community” (TM) contacts he might or might not still have 20-some odd years after his time at State. Most of whom would also be retired, with no more clearances.

    Any gubmint spooks leaking classified information to Wikileaks would be committing a felony. They’d go to prison, but also if they really blab the wrong stuff they could get killed. A CONSPIRACY of these spooks seems unlikely. How could they trust each other not to rat each other out?

    Therefore I call BS on Mr. Pieczenik. If he was a psyop artist, then that’s exactly what he’s doing to YOU, right now.

    Similarly I call BS on the Pundit website that quotes an unnamed “NYPD police chief” who “went on the record” about all sorts of salacious material implicating the Clinton Crew, but didn’t leave his name. Police investigations are done by an investigator, and the material would not have been shown to any other officers. This chief talking to the press would have screwed up the investigation… made guilty parties destroy more evidence or flee the country, and might get it thrown out in court. If there is in fact some kind of evidence of horrible crimes on this laptop they’re not going to say BOO about it until indictment time. And if there isn’t, then the Clinton Crew would have a federal case against the NYPD for libel.

    There are about a dozen chiefs at the NYPD. One for each kind of LE, like traffic, drugs, etc. So it would be too easy to narrow this down and find the leaker. You think someone spending his whole life in LE and got to CHIEF rank in the NYPD would ruin his career by wrecking a case this important by leaking? For 15 minutes of anonymous fame?

    But it would be a nice bit of irony to have the Deus Ex Machina We All Dream Of come from Weiner’s machine. I’m not saying it won’t… I’m just saying a police chief would not leak like that to the Pundit People, and there probably ain’t no “Intelligence Community Leak Conspiracy” either.

  11. Dr. Pieczenik was a member of CFR for many years…..

  12. Dude is Pied Pipering.

    They don’t want you looking into Leonidio Holdings, Joule Unlimited, Direct Campaign Interaction with PACs, Peter Kadzic’s Collusion, Uranium One, Pay-For-Play discussions, Bribing FBI to downrate Benghazi e-mails to circumvent FOIA, DoJ Receiving Stand-down orders, Marc Rich’s pardon, etc.

  13. A room in the elite house is on fire. It cant be saved. In fact, it makes a convenient scapegoat. The elites and intelligence community, etc…all think it would be better to save the wing and the house by letting the room burn. Then they can claim the rest of the house isnt full of pedophiles and traitors.

    This is what Piezenik is doing. Limited hangout. Burn the Clintons and act like it was just theClintons. The normies will be relieved to return to their fantasies when this is over. If the normies discovered the whole entire mess is corrupt not just the Clinton room, it would cause big trouble. So they are offering just enough. Notice piecnik specifically calls it a Clinton coup. We all know they are operatives not controllers. The boss of this level may be Soros. We have not yet seen the boss of other levels or the endgame bosses.

    Its possible some honest NYPD or FBI are helping provoke this. Its possible the old school elites (think 50s style shear em dont skin em elites) are taking back the reins from their degenerate kids. Its possible the internet helped.

    I am more worried than i have ever been in my life.

  14. Bollocks. It must be kept in mind that the U.S. Intelligence Community is comprised of government employees whose career progression, like any other bureaucrat, is advanced not by dint of some stellar piece of analysis, but how big their budget authority is and how many staff do they have directly reporting to them. Inefficiencies and bloated efforts are not a by product, they are the lifeblood. Contractors are, by and large, retired government employees. Many of those are good people who joined with the best of intentions, only to find themselves trapped in a very bad system. The U.S. society has been undergoing a process of subversion and demoralization for over 50 years – there is no reconciling the views of a social justice warrior with that of a devout adherent to the U.S. Constitution, it is a waste of time and energy to try. The current melodrama illustrates that perfectly – facts and morality are not what’s relevant in the mind of the social justice warrior, victory is all that matters. The nerve center for this collectivist madness is the central bankers (Federal Reserve, ECB, IMF, World Bank, et al) and their ability to fund whatever insanity the collectivists want to impose – cut off the supply of a fiat currency and the problems will right themselves over time. Best case scenario for the FUSA is a “velvet divorce” through a dramatic assertion of the 10th Amendment (state’s rights) so that the people can vote with their feet and move to a locality that is in accordance with their individual morality. Collectivists can have their little version of paradise, Constitutionalists can have theirs. The alternative is the case of the former Yugoslavia and current events in the Ukraine and Syria. Unfortunately, collectivists, by definition, cannot abide by peaceful coexistence of conflicting ideologies – they demand full compliance and therein lies the rub.. Restoring a market-based economy and subjecting regulations to a test of cost-benefit are key to restoring prosperity and a sense of self-determination – pity, it will take at least 50 years to get back to where we were.