Codrea: ‘Special Prosecutor’ No Guarantee Hillary will be Toppled


She is but a manifestation of the culture of corruption and death amongst Codevilla’s Ruling Class.

This problem is much bigger than the Clintons.

The stench goes straight through.

4 responses to “Codrea: ‘Special Prosecutor’ No Guarantee Hillary will be Toppled

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. For some reason, i’m recalling the “punishment” received by mickeysoft when the klitonz were in kontrol of justus.

  3. Of course there’s no guarantee, it’s all theater. I’d wager the script guarantees the exact opposite if we were to skip to the last page.

  4. Codrea on target. And, if he wins, Trump will do precisely nothing about his fellow-oligarch, Hiligula. Nor will he “build a wall”, or “expel the illegals”, or any other nonsense he spouted to fool the White People into – yet again – participating in the (((System))) while the (((System))) destroys them.