David T. Hardy: Hillary Will Impose Gun Control by Judicial Fiat


Must read.

Don’t stop provisioning for the MDCOA next Tuesday.

You don’t yet have enough allies, food, or ammo.

13 responses to “David T. Hardy: Hillary Will Impose Gun Control by Judicial Fiat

  1. Yah,she may try,given the way things are heading and daily new releases of information,well,good luck with that.

  2. The answer is no. Isn’t happening at my home. We refuse to comply.


    • Every one of your Fudd neighbors will comply and they will gladly take the scrip to turn you in.

      I hope we have more than a few unorganized rugged individuals to put on the field.

  3. Wow you mean a $700 AR15 will now be worth over $30,000 ? Yup.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. To hell with such tripe. Are you free or are you not? Make the decisions you must and deal with the results. Read SFC Barry’s question as to conscription. Does anyone out there have someone forcing them one way or another? Oh I may loose my TV set or my house or my car. Sooo? That is not force. You still paying taxes to an unlawful government? You still get all your licenses for all the designated demands of some bureaucrat? Is the bureaucrat still breathing? Why? You are either with the system or you are against it. Anything in between … you are a puss.

  6. I don’t see repeal of PLCAA as in any way realistic, no matter who ends up in control of Congress. The ramifications go WAY beyond guns, all the way up to the ruination of the economy (which they are accomplishing anyway via debt, but never mind that). Keep in mind that PLCAA was passed when gun control was at its peak; we now have a population MUCH more accepting of RKBA than it was back then. Hillary is going to be skunked on this one.

  7. Hillary’s fantasies don’t equal information.
    This is just click-bait for the NRA.

    If TPTB want to unleash Sarajevo and Belfast on a nationwide scale, that would be a good way to go about it.

    The underlying message to focus on priorities despite the decades-old wish of the Left to ban firearms remains in play, but nothing has materially changed.
    Any attempt to do this would merely make the job of the Secret Service utterly impossible for the balance of her notional term of office. The Whackjob Contingent would become mainstream, and POTUS press conferences and media photo-ops would have to take place in a bunker in perpetuity.

    That’s assuming she wasn’t simply impeached outright.
    She lacks the pigmentation SPF of the Magic Kenyan, and therefore prior rules about that course of action being unpossible don’t apply.

  8. You have 18guns.
    Hillary declares 12 of them are illegal and must be turned in.
    How many guns will you have left ?
    Answer — 18

  9. and Mr Bracken’s riddle was…

  10. She’ll have a tough time enforcing her edicts/fantasies from a prison cell.

  11. Roger Morris

    molon labe Hill, you personnaly……………..