Denninger: “Every. Single. One.”


KD on the real story behind the ~650K HumaWeiner laptop emails.




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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Boom. All that email is sitting in a big fat OST file on that computer.

  3. Please explain why should we care about what Mark Cuban says about this mess?

    • MichiganderJim

      Complicated, need an expert. And be sure he’s certified.

      I saw one theory that Comey was doing Bill’s bidding all along. Old pattern there, I guess. Not impossible. Maybe it means a lot to him to wear the pants in that family…ha, if Chelsea already doesn’t.

      It’d be a hoot if it all came down to that. You never can know with maniacs; kingdoms have fallen for less.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    No one cares about Mark Cuban. He’s a 14 kt self nominated Elite-who is also an asshole.
    I read this article and laughed out loud at the STUPIDITY of Hildabeast, & every corrupted imbecile within 10000 miles of DC. Hillary did not even hire people who knew what they were doing!! Christ! If anyone has ever worked for a major corporation, you know that email is NEVER SECURE. Despite AT&T skimming the cream of the cream from MIT, Harvard, other design and development companies in Silicon Valley, etc-AT&T was still invaded and had MAJOR data info stolen. How?? Why, in the 90’s some low level yahoo wrote ALL OF HIS PASSWORDS DOWN inside the front cover of a company instruction book. Once the yahoo decided that he knew enough to fake his way through to keep his job, he threw the instruction book out! No shredding-even though every desk had their own shredder that worked at warp speed. All some industrious jerk had to do was go through AT&T garbage that the janitor dumped. We, employees, spent eight-count them eight-months on UNLIMITED overtime rebuilding data bases and trying to get customers into service. It cost the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in work product-and that didn’t include customer suits and PUC fines.
    The whole Clinton Crime Family needs to hang.


      SS: Yes, he is an asshole. But, he is a rich, powerful, and connected asshole who along with many more of the same, has funneled millions into the coffers of the Clintons and other Marxist traitors. That is what is frightening.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Faux News?
      As a grown adult, you should now know listening to MSM is not worth your time, except to compare notes with the other liars.
      I know, they told you they were fair and balanced……..that should count for something. Oh, and their ratings are the highest ever? So are Hillarys.

      • I don’t waste my time watching. Was forwarded link by a friend. However, when the MSM mentions this, it will pick up steam and more people will understand how serious it is to national security. Multiple foreign entities hacking her private server is something the American people need to know. If it brings the Clintons down, I’m all for it. That is worth my time.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          Yeah, the usual excuse I hear from people.
          “oh I don’t normally watch this, but today they had…….”
          You folks still don’t comprehend Orwell.

  5. Centurion_Cornelius


    Who’da thunk that some tiny electronic blips would bring ’em down?

    Plus–is anyone else thinking, a la Ann Barnhardt, that this Huma/Anthony pre-camouflaged arrangement is, at its base, the age-old “Muslim vs. Jew” animosity and fight?

    …and Hitlery was dumb enough to join their menage. Damn! Z Man is right–these people are TOO DAMNED STUPID to rule over us!

    • FrozenPatriot

      Who’da think that Anthony Wiener would have a hand in preventing WWIII and saving western civilization? No mention of what his other hand was doing at the time… Definately didn’t see that one coming… Pun NOT intended…

    • Listen to yourself, f’crisakes!

      “rule over us” FTS!

    • You heard, of course, that the file folder on Leaky Weiner’s laptop all 650K e-mails were discovered in was labeled “Life Insurance”, right?

  6. Fox News, Faux News, employing Foxes News… Just doesn’t matter. If watching makes you puke, read the damn articles!!! Correlate with other sources. Look for what is missing in some, but overstated in many. You’re only going to get a small picture if you only read the sites you like. Read the sites you DON’T like. Examine their thinking. Validate (or invalidate) their sources. Screen for accuracy. DO YOUR OWN THINKING!!! Only by comparing and contrasting, and looking for what is not being said, will you be able to turn information into actionable intelligence, and meaningful plans.

  7. The Clinton’s and entourage are not the mover and shakers anymore than Obama, or Bush. They’re just the middle-men. The stooges. We might get some leeway with Trump as allowed, but as long as the U.N. exists, the march to globalism will ebb and flow… as it always has. And here we are. Who would have imagined? Oh yeah, there is the matter of undoing 103 years of Banking. Then you have the up and coming Technocracy… and all those gadgets. 2030 is not that far off. By consent, or conquest, as they say. The Clinton’s, for all their faults, are managed, as the case of their potential down fall, will be managed. The movers and shakers will still be there… and still moving and shaking. History may not always repeat, but it always rhymes. And those men behind the curtains always survive, at the least, ply their knowledge of the arts to true believers who carry on, as true believers, as they have, for thousands of years.

  8. Here. We. Are. Again. And, once again: THERE WILL BE NO INDICTMENT. (((Kadzik))), the DOJ shyster handling this latest “investigation” is a crony of John (((Podesta))). The Eastern NY Office is a nest of Clintonistas. No question the dust-up will cost Hiligula a few points in the polls…but nothing the urban Demoncrats can’t make up with some 8 November vote jiggering. And BTW, Centurion, there is no “Muslim vs. Jew” fight. Jews and Islam have been hand in glove against White Western Civ for 1,300 years. Currently, the Muslims are (one of) the invasive weapons…while the hand holding the weapon is the open-borders universalist Tikkun Olam Jews. .

  9. I too have wondered, and publicly so, how many (apparently all!) of the 33K deleted killary emails are now in the hands of the FBI.
    I so want to see that bitch perp walked to a cop car in handcuffs and put in a jail cell where she will be Bonequesha’s bitch for the rest of her life.