BREAKING BOMBSHELL: NYPD Blows Whistle on New Hillary Emails: Money Laundering, Sex Crimes with Children, Child Exploitation, Pay to Play, Perjury

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  1. Well I will be damned,folks actually doing their jobs and not engaging in cover ups/trying to get bribes/too fearful to let out the truth for fear of losing jobs/pensions/perhaps even getting killed.These folks ever become public will buy em all a coffee or a drink,way to go folks.

  2. The whispers are getting louder.

  3. I’ll believe this when I see the Lamestream Media denying it

  4. Correct me if I am wrong but would this not imply that the NYPD searched the laptop without a warrant?
    The last I heard the FBI had to wait to get one and are still working around the clock analyzing the contents.

    • If the Weiner caper began as a local sex crime….

      • Without verbal or written consent, a Warrant IS required.


        • Plain view

          You do a legit traffic stop and see a gun or kilo on the floor as you approach.

          The local DA and coppers are doing a kiddie sexting investigation and obtain via warrant or consent access to the device, forensic exam of which leads to inadvertent discovery of other criminality.

          Just speculatin’….

          • Apparently he gave verbal permission for the NYPD to search the computer. The FBI had to get a warrant.

          • From the article: “The NYPD seized the computer from Weiner during a search warrant…” My assumption also. NYPD warrant for the porn; discovery of other stuff, which is then passed along to FBI for assessment. Pretty straightforward.

          • Not a computer in plain sight in a vehicle. I guess you could try the ” Automobile Exception” due to the mobility of the vehicle, and the fragile content possibly being destroyed on or in the computer, in short order.

            Ooo CA, I see I was responding to above regarding did they need a warrant. We’re saying the same thing.

            In fact didn’t Weiner give verbal and written consent for his computer content.

            While clean either way if the verbal is recorded. I think a good investigator would cut paper to cover ALL the bases, I know I would have.

            Why fog the case with pre court proceedings, when you can make it spic and span clean with a warrant. Old saying when you,can’t attack the facts, attack the person, doing the work.

            In fact I have a theory. I was alarmed when I read that the police, and FBI, didn’t have a judge signed a Search Warrant. From a retired policeman, I view this as extremely sloppy.

            It is my experience that sloppy only happens when an agenda is in play. My point is IF either agency didn’t cut paper, I view this as them intentionally tanking the case.

            I know Dirk and his conspiracy theories.


    • Shinmen Takezo

      They obtained a warrant late Monday night FYI.

      Goodie! Goodie!

    • Weiner gave them his consent so they don’t need a warrant.

    • I see no reason to assume that the NYPD did not have a valid warrant issued by a New York City municipal judge.

      • Von, A Muni court Judge, now I know someone’s trying to sink the case before it gains traction.


        • Dunno.

          If it’s a state law case by NYPD SVU at the start, the warrant would come from NYC Criminal Courts. At least in Manhattan, there was a 7x24x365 assigned judge to review felony warrant applications.

          And that DA’s office was pretty anal when it came to warrant sufficiency review prior to presentation to the Court.

          Back in the day, that is.

  5. I keep thinking about the Bugs Bunny cartoon where the two bank robbers are begging to be stuffed in the oven to hide from the police. Bugs says ” I must be dreamin’ it can’t be dat easy. Just a thought.

  6. I’m calling misdirection in a similar vein to the Pieczenik bullshit.

    There’s been some seriously nasty shit dropped in Leak 26.

    One of my favorites was the collusion with Katie Couric.

    Keep thine eyes on the prize.

    In other news:

    • Anyone read that piece on Zero Hedge, Clintons moved 8.1 billion to a bank in Qatar, purchased a multi million dollar compound? The Bushies moved large dollars to a bank in Bolivia, if I remember, whiles back obama and not a few others have been hedging their buyout countries. Funny thing about it, they are all states with no extradition treaty with the US.

      Now, I’m just saying, but if I was to become a certain president this coming election, and a bunch of very corrupt criminal former politicians, current and former where to take the money and run, and leave an unmitigated economic disaster behind, and a couple of those fugitive former corruptocrats had left a bunch of former special ops guys, border guards and a few thousand solders to die just so these fugitives could get rich, well, I might find it particularly easy to find a few volunteers to run if I was to grant a little “cross border authority” for some payback.
      But I’m not going to be president.
      But it is a nice thought.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Great idea.
        But I think a middle of the night drone strike would be especially appropriate for pajama boy, no? Or better yet, wait for a wedding.

        • Nothing like politically correct poetic justice?
          That works.

        • PS,
          Though sometimes men have a need to look their enemy in the eye and watch them die when they kill them for the terrible things they have committed.
          It is a carthasis, a requirement of becoming a nation of free men once again.
          Some humans need to be killed up front and personal, it is the way of such things. Something we as men have forgotten.

    • Brenda is a google affirmative action hire.

      Republicans have outvoted Democrats by 20,000 votes in Florida early voting.

      Trump wins Florida in a landslide.

  7. tangotango-03

    we the american people are too stupid to see the truth in all this. Those that are not, are too weak to do anything about it.

    She walks or goes to Bahrain without an extradition treaty.

  8. There’s a reason why his laptop has so many damning emails on it.

  9. IF all this is true, I expect to see bodies dropping shortly, a round of heart attacks will follow. And we will indeed be looking at a conny crisis. It’s a great script thus far, ya can’t make this shit up unless well…..

  10. Some of these wikileaks leaked emails on these criminal democrat scum are only a few days old……..this says NSA …Between wikileaks and wienergate …..Democrats HAVE to be extremely paranoid about communicating with each other right now and running their everyday operation of lies, collusion with the MSM, bribery, kickbacks vote fraud and murder.

    Im guessing they are using pay phones, waki-talkies, bike couriers and carrier pigeons these days to communicate with each other …..and are using some elaborate mafia style code.

  11. Don’t think a warrant would be necessary if the two former love birds (Mr. & Mrs. Weiner) changed feathers to a canary to broker a better plea deal…. My favorite 5 words of the whole thing? “People are going to prison!”

  12. I waiting to see if this pans out. As I was reading it, I kept asking myself if this was an Onion article. If this really is the bursting of the damn…woo-eee!
    (And, about time!)

  13. 13 knot neckties.
    Lamp post ready.
    Get yours at http://www.deplorables/paybacks-a-bitch.fuck-you

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      mtnforge, we’ll first need 535 of those “neckties” and then proceed down the Mall for other “wearers.”

      The irony–FUSA prolly doesn’t stock 535 neckties anymore–we’ll just have to buy ’em from…from….CHINA!

      Poetic justice after all! Our jobs got off-shored to China, and now China serves up the remedy!

      • Respectfully CC, fuck china, fuck the rest of the world. It is time to make things here again in America. Become again the great industrious ingenious inventive nation of people we once where very good at being.
        And if it means becoming the worlds leader manufacturing nooses, well that is a great place to start.

  14. Do not lose sight of the target:

    The above confirmed that the Bureau is investigating CF.

    I’ve got a conspiracy theory:

    CGI/CF are going to be exposed as Ri’āsat Al-Istikhbārāt Al-‘Āmah (GID)-Cut-outs.

    Up to, and including, providing backchannel intelligence, access to SAPs, along with assisting the HoS in funneling arms and cash to IS.



  15. I’d love to believe but it sounds like too much piled horseshit to me. Let’s stick with what we know and can prove today. Follow the money.

  16. Well,thinking about it if was really troubling to nypd to point of mutiny,well,folks,just dump and mirror all over net.Unless real details get out before say Monday while still pursuable would be much less useful to stop the insanity path(even if it just stops it a little is good)the country is headed on.Come on NYPD,you can do it.

  17. As yo your masthead quote, CA…it may well be the most merciful option as well.

    Ponder the response to a failure of this magnitude in the waning hours of decades…nay…nigh onto a century of meticulous planning…imperiled by arrogant, insatiable appetites, and a profoundly delusional belief that all the laws of the universe are magically suspended within the inner circle of all things “Clinton, et al.”

    Even the CFR is struggling to remain above the fray… sending its own Ambassador Pieczenik out to address the great unwashed…with a “we got this…and we are here to save the Republic.” Maybe so, maybe not…who can say?

    But to roll over its own darling? Carry on, Dear Sir…carry on. Perhaps we dirt people will forget that an end to sovereign nation status, in favor of a global governance, with your seat near the center of the table intact, is the reason for your very presence on American soil.

    Yes…I believe I can live with ” a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation.” and better still…so can my sons.

  18. Eight hours with no lamestream confirmation?
    Not even on Drudge??
    That’s a century in the real world.

    Starting to sound Onion-esque.

    I’d love to be wrong. This would be rain in a desert of bad news.

    • You got to understand, lot of people have invested in their entire thinking in a personal level of cognitive dissonance.
      Taken as a whole, the ability to look anything but little stages of thought outside that comfort zone in the eye and roll with it is akin to herding cats.
      This is a vast majority of people who must be spoon fed, with a bib, the truth.
      Truth is scary, it’s like liberty, you got to become responsible, if these accounts of how nasty these people around the clintons become accepted, key word right there, this vast multitude is going to have to drastically change their perceptions, their world views. It is extremely discomforting to them.
      It is why we are in the pickle we are in in this country.
      None of this political elitism is new. Even the level of this hedonism and criminality, it’s always been there, any of us who have a care know it, it isn’t a surprise to us.
      That’s why blogs like WRSA are still an underground media. Pete don’t lie, prevaricate, dissimulate, or spin the truth and the news of it.
      Think about it, why isn’t WRSA and all the other outstanding blogs of this genre of media not blowing Drudge or Fox out of the water?
      And look at the commentary. That tells a definitive tale. It is rife with deniers, resistance is futile types, oh nothing will ever change craptards, and that’s the point, because they are afraid of change, of changing themselves, of changing their world view. But not only that, it is of extreme necessity that they influence others to remain in a state of denial, they are afraid so afraid they will bullshit themselves if it kills them.
      It is why totalitarianism works. Fear, make people afraid, keep them in a state where their cognitive dissonance does the work, and no matter what you do as a ruling class elite, they will refuse to look at the truth. And those not afraid, they are small in numbers, stick out like sore thumbs, and are easy targets, because the consent of the deniers is a tacit consent that gives this oligarchy power to go after them.

      Not for nothing, how many people does Hillary Clinton get to murder before the vast majority face the truth?
      How many woman does Bill Clinton get to rape before men in this country hang him from a tree?
      How much money do these two have to steal before they are sent to prison?
      But the real question that matters, is how many people in this country are required to see and accept that hose truths before they do something because of those truths?

      So is it any wonder why people like the clintons have the power to get away with murder? Recognizing these people for the nasty pieces of shit they are is an indictment on the vast majority who have ignored the truth of them and what they have done.

  19. Moral of the story: if you are going to construct and operate a major crime ring, encrypt your hard drive. 😉

  20. Fox News says an indictment is likely. Brett Baier video in link. If they say so, I’d say that’s getting close to lame stream confirmation.

    • While nice, that’s all still coulda/shoulda/woulda.
      When someone is actually indicted, or the NYPD goes public with a press conference to confirm the gist of the True Pundit allegations, I’ll start celebrating.

      And if that happens, go long on gallows and guillotine futures.
      If it happens before next Monday night, the Dems will get the schlonging of the century Tuesday morning.

    • first time around, I said: No Indictment. I was right. I’ll say it again: there will be no indictment. They (((System))) is corrupt at every level.