Greyman Armor Carrier – Stolen Ideas Recombination


As FUSA continues to go Third World, this kind of gear will be increasingly important.

Thoughts on related current and future offerings will be appreciated.

13 responses to “Greyman Armor Carrier – Stolen Ideas Recombination

  1. Do away with the shiny metal eyelets; think painted to match or Velcro or reinforced stitched eyelets. The side Velcro panels (top panels) need to have rounded design and face to the rear or have a cover flap otherwise they will rub against the wearer’s arms and the upper corners will rub through the shirt sleeves in short order

  2. also those pointy epaulets need to face away from the neck

  3. Looks mighty official, like popo official. This is pistol protection at best.

    Not that anybody here gives a flying fuck, but consider possession of concealable body armor is a felony in many states.

    To many bangers sporting this stuff, guess I can’t blame them especially if their from Chicago.


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  5. Luckily in the Stars-And-Stripes Country it is easier to acquire armor inserts, and there is a lot of skilful manufacturers doing custom work.

    The main point is – use it, train with it. Right thing for the right place.

  6. The idea, of course, is to take a normal everyday civilian shirt, not a uniform shirt. Think Carhart plaids, or a simple monocolor canvas twill.

    Half an hour with a decent sewing machine, or even a tube of Shoe Goo (yes, you can make clothes with it that’ll outlast stitched garments – ask me how I know), a shirt 1-2 sizes larger than what you wear, or a suitable medium-weight jacket shell, and a small amount of careful work will yield something bullet resistant to hand weapons and undetectable to even the police for anything less than a hands-on pat-down.

    For those in states where it isn’t a felony, it’s a prudent prep for sportier times.

    And remember to leave zippered/velcroed/buttoned access to remove the panels from the carrier, because for EDW, it’s going to be warm, and you’ll need to be able to launder your carrier(s), without getting the panels wet.
    Bonus points if you also sew in heavy-duty panel pockets to slip in AR500 plates, or the equivalent, come the day. Leather or Kydex reinforcements, even slip-in ones on the weight-bearing sides of such pockets will pay for themselves should their need become obvious.

    You should also know that for those who’d care to comparison test, you can now get HDPE (yes, really thick, bullet-resistant tupperware) panels about an inch thick that are Level III+ rifle rated to .308/7.62 NATO or less for multiple hits, that are 10 pounds lighter than AR500, per plate. They’re just thicker than the commensurate steel. And will stop anything that’s not a .30-06AP or greater.
    Just saying.

    Only 52 shopping days left until Christmas.

  7. Needs bedazzled

  8. That doesn’t look very gray, but neither does a vest in the summertime to anybody with weapons knowledge. A Realtree pattern would stand out less at Walmart.