Old School


In air.

No wifi.

No leggy stews.

No reclining seat.

Content tonight.

Go to the range or go do aerobic work.


10 responses to “Old School

  1. I miss the SWA hotpants.

    Then again, I look at some of the SWA stewardesses and I’m glad they don’t do hot pants anymore.

  2. Did both yesterday PM. Went to range with 2 AR’s and did some aerobic work.

  3. Watch the chickens in the overhead bin.

  4. Can’t swing a dead cat around here, without hitting shitskins from india. Fucked up attitudes and fucked up ways of doing things. They’re like a plague of locusts. Oh, AND THEY DON’T BELONG HERE.

    • Where is “here”? Isn’t the Hindu invasion localized to Californication and New York?

      They are possibly the most irritating new immigrant group, but also the most successful. The have ones of the highest average incomes of any ethnic group in America..

      They seem extremely arrogant, statist.

  5. +1

  6. Waiting in Idaho

    Those were the days at SWA. Free drinks, $20 fares and those friendly Texas girls. All gone now. I was there 24 years and its not like that now.

  7. I used to fly on the old PSA from Burbank to SF (back in the early 60’s) to stay with a friend in San Francisco and the stewies were not as hell.

    Saw Janice Joplin, Moby Grape, J. Airplane and a shitload of other bands at the Filmore, Matrix and Avalon.

    Now, the only reason imhave to fly is if a relative dies out-of-state, and maybe not even then.

    The round-trip fare was about $45.

    Those were the days…

  8. Stealth Spaniel

    I dreamed of being a PSA stewie, in high school. God, they had great uniforms, worked 20 days a month, traveled everywhere, and met lots of men. At 18, I went to the ticket counter to get a hiring application. There were 2 guys behind the counter, and 4 young men travelling to SF. I was, of course, in a super short up-to-my-butt skirt. The counter guys asked to look at my legs, decided that they were good, and gave me the application. Neither my girlfriends who also went, myself, the counter guys, or the waiting passengers were horrified, angered, needed a safe space, or some such bullshittery. I was very happy that all those guys thought I had great legs. Sadly, I was told to get 2 years of college under my belt, and come back at 20.
    18 yro girls don’t have fun dreams anymore. Pity.