WeaponsMan: “Confiscate This”

A policeman is pictured on October 19, 2016 in Georgensgmuend, southern Germany, in front of a house of a member of the so-called Reichsbuerger movement. Four German police officers were wounded, some of them seriously, when a member of the shadowy far-right group "Citizens of the Reich" opened fire during a raid, authorities said. / AFP PHOTO / dpa / Nicolas Armer / Germany OUTNICOLAS ARMER/AFP/Getty Images

A bounty of learning opportunities here.

Remember the Cannibal’s Paradox.

Pray for strength, courage, discernment, and wisdom.

11 responses to “WeaponsMan: “Confiscate This”

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Centurion_Cornelius

    This is just the “trial balloon” thrown up by the Euro-Tyrants. You know, “throw it on the wall and see if it sticks” thing. How will other Deutschers react. A Petri dish for TPTB. Make no mistake about it. Merkel and her crime syndicate are on hard times–time to act and see what happens.

    “Prosit!” Herr Wolfgang P.

    You’ve got FED GOV here stateside in the dugouts salivating and waiting its turn to try this out here. Give ’em a little time.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      It would be an interesting play if a large Eurasian nation with a history of manufacturing and distributing shitloads of weapons were to suddenly announce that – in European/Christian solidarity – it would happily supply arms and ammunition to any group finding itself in need of same, due to foreign invasion.

      The collective pants-bemerding in a number of other European nations would be impressive, to say the least.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Well you see what happened today in Iowa. If they come for your guns smile and hand them over. Then you’re free to burn every jackboot authoritarian piece of shit life down at your convenience after you’ve planned and are ready. You could easily acquire more guns from police if it went down and became hot.

    It doesn’t make sense to make a stand and take one or two out at the most when you could do a lot more damage. If it goes hot think strategically not tactically.

  4. It bears noting that even in the case, the gehiemstatspolizei can, at best, chalk this up as a tie. The unteroffizier Herr Wolfgang P. shot died, and yet they can only execute or imprison him once.

    Even a slight improvement by Team Deplorable in that 1:1 ratio over time makes the confiscatory option untenable, pretty much anywhere it’s tried.

  5. I see he terminated one of the uniformed thugs. 3 or 4 would have been better though. And, as WM indicates, it’s best to be proactive.

  6. “A number of them are opposed to confiscation, but they keep it to themselves. The greatest majority aren’t comfortable with it, but will do whatever they’re told.”

    All it takes for evil to triumph. Again.

  7. .if just 1 out of 10 fight when they try to take our guns the authorities will loose the motivation for confiscation very quickly.

  8. Think chaf. Your local hardware store is full of incipient verbotenware. You’ll be surprised how many liberals you may know have hidden Title 2 zipliberators in their homes. Call 1-800-TURNIN1 and keep the confiscation train rolling down an easy greased track. Win/win.

  9. You have to win the psychological and emotional battle in your head before you can win the battle on your front porch. If you’re brain dead afraid of LEO’s/ soldiers then you need to get quiet and alone and do situation imagery in your imagination (or do role playing with friends) to the point you can see the confrontation and how you will handle it. I guarantee LEO will show up completely by surprise and now what do you do.
    And you have to see your life (all of it) as inconsequential compared to what you are fighting for. Put your family, property and future into the hands of God, and go to war. For then you are a “dead man walking” death itself looking for a life to take. There is no fear in men like that but they themselves are a nightmare for evil men. And justly so.
    If you don’t know God, perhaps it’s time you get to know Him. He’s not against Just War (when peace means slavery) for a righteous cause. And for the humble man who seeks His face for protection and victory; He will lead him into battle for the sake of righteousness.
    You cannot fight and win without Him and you cannot lose (your cause defeated) with Him.
    Some of us will die early on–some will rot in camps and prisons, some will become legendary, but most–if I know my countrymen–will simply be the spirit of Valley Forge reawakened in good men.
    We have squandered what was given to us by better men than we will ever be and will we not suffer the agonies of war to pass on the blessing to our children. If not, then we are cowards and worthy of our shame.