Where’s Weiner? Of Course


Via GVDL’s Twitter feed.

20 responses to “Where’s Weiner? Of Course

  1. IIRC, he’s done that before….

  2. He’ll wear his little Weiner out in prison.

    • C’mon scrot. It ain’t gonna be his weiner that gets wo out. It’s gonna be his ass. Just like Monday Night Rehabilitation with the Dildozer and the Ass Blaster and Beef Supreme. That’s just how that shit went down on TV!

  3. I don’t think checking himself in for “detox” will put the problem back in the box. The secret is out and now the Hilda Beast will have to pay the piper. How do you call it? The WICKED WITCH is dead? or something along those lines. Or should I say that the entire world can see her ASS showing. They did it to themselves so no one to blame for their problems now.

    • Steve,

      “….the entire world can see her ASS showing.” Surely you jest ? Dat be a LOT of ass that bitch has been showin’ the world. That ass of Klinton’s is so big even Stevie Wonder could see it !

      I’m hoping when Mr. T wins next week the bitch hangs up.

  4. nice cover for entry into witness protection program…

  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Better stay away from the NAIL GUNS there, Dude. Also, best you wear a safety harness when you’re on high level floors with OPEN WINDOWS. ya know, slip-n-falls outta windows–very common for neurotic patients, And the LAW OF GRAVITY still works. it’s ’bout the only LAW that hasn’t been corrupted or neutralized…YET—but give ’em time. The “long march” for our betters has been going on since 1913. They play the long game.

    Oh, and if you go to your facilities’ gym for a workout, best you watch out for the BARBELL. Seems, (of all things racial), a Black Guy), lost his life in a gym when the barbell crushed his throat. Yep–made real hard cider outta the guy’s adam’s apple. Does he look like a guy that would let the bar slip? I guess Black LIves Really Don’t Matter, eh?

    P.S. If you “Arkancide,” my count is you’d be #55 in the wake of dead bodies floating behind the Clinton Crime Syndicates’ Yacht.

    P.P.S. Vince Foster was unable to attend nor comment.

  6. In a statement, Weiner insisted, “I’m not a corrupt pervert … I’m just very, very ill.”

    Witness protection, though … good call, Spartacus.

    • Tx. Witness protection in the hands of the FBI (and FBI alone) is the safe move for both Weiner and Sharia Barbie. Because right now, Hillary probably wants them both deaded, DOJ wants them deaded, and Huma DEFINITELY wants Weiner deaded. Do not be surprised if the FBI puts the habeas grabbus on Huma to keep her from fleeing with her cub to another country who would just love to kick the US govt in the jimmy by not turning her over to DOJ’s tender mercies.

  7. Just to keep him away form questions in public.
    The wheels are flying off.

    I hope against all hopes that this is true. I hate that so many young lives may have been destroyed by these people, on all levels. From those sent to die in foreign fields to line their pockets to those sexually abused by them.
    The truth must be told even if it makes the heavens burn.
    With the way things are going it may very well burn some atmosphere

  8. He should be relatively safe in treatment and will be immune to process servers or law enforcement while in a residential facility, it’s a common move.

  9. But, will he come out alive? Conjecture, based on recent ‘events’ with others who have run afoul of TPTB.

  10. Yeah, but I’m waiting for the inmate who sexts pictures of himself “breaking Weiner in”.

    C’mon scrot!

    At this point, what difference does it make?

  11. Monday Night Rehabilitation

  12. Where he gets whacked.

  13. Stealth Spaniel

    This whole mess with the Clintons & their cronies: if it wasn’t happening in real time, no one, but no one, would believe the book/script. I’m beginning to feel like I need a shower, every time I read another Clinton email.