Bovard: Twenty Years Of A Dictatorial Democracy


The State is.

Money quote:


The central question remains “Who, whom?”.

And how hard.

7 responses to “Bovard: Twenty Years Of A Dictatorial Democracy

  1. Trump at least is an American, and I’ll take that over a crooked NWO bitch from hell.
    and I’m not convinced that he isn’t more Constitutional than any candidate in the last……hmm……..well since President Coolidge anyway.

  2. I wonder sometimes (like most of the time now days) if the COC ‘dictates’ and executive order, his minions (that would be what/which ever alphabet agency which is tasked to carry out that order) and Congress does nothing (which is most of the time) and someone takes it to the Supreme Court and they in their most political learned insight declare that order to be (gasp!) ‘Constitutional’ when it is clearly not (seems to happen on an accelerating basis) then it seems to me that I (as an individual which the Constitution was created to protect) can tell them to go screw themselves (abet with quite possible retaliation). We all have to die sometimes – better in my opinion to choose the how, where and what for …………..

  3. Article XII has always been my favorite part of the constitution too.

  4. Trump’s honeymoon will be very short, when people realizes he is only tolerable when he has no power. If Hillary gets in, “honeymoon” will boil down to “not in jail yet”.

  5. Without penalty’s for infractions that parchment under glass is useless and you’ve been living the evidence all of your life.

  6. Nope… over 154 years of Dictatorship… there I fixed it for ya.

    Grey Ghost

  7. “Both Trump and Clinton would continue the power grab”

    The Washington Times is in the tank big time for leftists. Keep that in mind.

    Clinton WILL ABSOLUTELY power grab to a level never seen before. Trump may or may not. If he does, we’ve lost nothing.

    Let’s all go read and reflect on the 2nd Amendment. (That would be to the US Constitution to all the ‘conscientious objectors’ out there who are content to actually do nothing.) Especially reflect on these two little tiny words: ‘free State’.

    How does that ‘conscientious objection’ feel now? Do you feel the cold wet boot of the founders going up your ass yet?