UK Daily Mail: Trump Army – Georgia militia steps up its ‘combat training’ as it prepares to ‘fight and kill’ should Hillary Clinton ‘steal’ the election

PHS: Is It Fashionable To Be A ‘Three Percenter’?

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  1. And how many, do you suppose, in the ‘group’ are informants?

  2. What if they are all informants sent from different field offices?

    • Rofl!

    • The lack of interagency cooperation in certain things means that informants of Agency A could end up getting Informants from Agency B arrested. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know if that’s what happened at Malheur? Maybe once they got everyone rounded up they realized that oops, some of these aren’t ours but they’re still OURS. Awkward…

      • It has happened before.
        See Elohim City, there were FBI and ATF there without knowing of the other agency involvement.
        It works to their favor as they can edge on each other to inflate the level of “offense”. Completely innocent low light bulbs are caught up in it and get charged. Then they just hope for the low lights to take a lesser charge and never see the inside of a court room.

  3. Worth sharing:

    6 Reasons Why A New Civil War Is Possible And Terrifying:

    • Confederate miner

      Definitely worth reading. The comments for me were a real eye opener. Definitely liberal. Those people in the comments really are not anywhere close to living in reality.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Cracked used to be a pretty good humor site. For the past few years, it has gone hardcore lefty.

  4. Easy pickings for militia on militia exploitation.

    Myopic for a militia to think that only one enemy exisits.

    But, go ahead and advertise anyway….. the moments of notoriety are priceless.


  6. Why in the name of every single thing sensible are these people doing talking to the press?

    • Because they are all government-paid provocateurs with the mission of discrediting anti-government opinions.

      What is a “Georgia Militia” anyway? Can anything covering an entire state possibly NOT be government-pwned?

      This is just another Ministry of Propaganda operation.

  7. Next year, maybe theyll discover and publish that that III shit blew up a year ago and it lingered with Mike V. and passed with him.

    By then itll be politically correct for the lefties to just say white people instead of III and militia.

  8. Sure keep throwing wood and gas cans on the bonfire. I’m sure you’re firebreaks will be able to contain this blaze once it gets going eh globalists?

  9. I don’t have a lot of training in covert or even overt operations, but could someone explain to me why such a group would announce their intention and cooperate with an article. It strikes me as counter intuitive.

  10. “Is it fashionable to be a Three Percenter ?”

    I don’t know if it is fashionable or not. But the 3% monicker helps to explain the anti-tyranny/anti-big government mentality of many who embrace that designation. Myself, I’ve been denigrated by one “warrior” here simply because my screen name uses the suffix “III”.

    My thoughts are simply that a fUSA civil war has been in the making for 3-4 decades. Although I’d enjoy listing and discussing the reason(s) for my belief, this blog or any other blog for that matter, are not good venues for debate or discussion. The written format does not allow for too much serious interaction. Especially discussions where debate is expressed and desired.

    Should the Klinton kriminal be annointed as POTUS, that MAY be the breaking point for those with the “III %” mentality. However, for those keyboard kommandos/Soros-Bloomberg trolls/Taqiyya-practicing, veiled moslems who like to challenge III% types to execute Lone Wolf activities, I send you a hearty “Fuck Off and Die” ! The key to a violent challenge by nationalists of government tyranny is not individual actions egged on by anti-freedom trolls. Rather, success will only come with challenges by groups of Patriots/Nationalists. Militias if you will. Accented with Lone Wolf efforts.

    It is not fashionable to be a Three Percenter. It is imperative !

  11. Jeffery in Alabama

    A friend of mine sent me a Yahoo story pertaining to this. My friend called bullshit as do I. I thought it odd in the video I saw that the MSM showed footage of a “kitted out” black man who belonged to this bunch speaking. I thought the media’s standard company line was that all right wing types. gun owners, militia folks, etc. were automatically racist. Perhaps the intent was to piggyback on an earlier story this week where a major democrap donor, Benjamin Barber, made the comment (referring to blacks who support Trump) “blacks are seriously fucked in the head”.

    Imagine if anyone other than a democrap had made that remark.

  12. So, you are a Militia, are you? Under what authority? The Governor’s? The County Commission’s? The City Council’s? The Sheriff’s?

    A militia without sanction is a Gang and nothing more. When push comes to shove it will be dealt with as such by an organized military force, a force which is professional and disciplined, a force who’s actions have the weight of law, a force which has (comparatively) unlimited supply trains.

    In each State the Governor is the ultimate commander of ALL the militia, whoever form it takes. Militiamen, you want legitimacy? Do you claim it? OK then, you will be subject to the State Governor’s authority, including his authority to PUNISH you, in all cases whatever. You like that idea?

    No? Then admit you are a factional Gang and be done with it.

    But you’re not a gang, you say? Not that large an organization? Then call yourselves a Social Club. Call yourselves a Sport Shooting Association. Call yourselves a Neighborhood Mutual Defense Organization. You claim the right of individual and mutual defense of your homes and your property? Good! You can do that.

    When you call yourselves a “militia”, you are claiming that you are a Military body, with Military authority, with official State Sanction. You are no such thing.

    • That unfortunate moment when you consider that legitimacy in this context means do what I say or I’ll shoot you/jail you. Weight of law can kiss my ass if all it takes to have it is more guns and ACU’s. I comply because serfs get killed if they don’t and I’m pragmatic. Dude we are an occupied territory and you’re claiming the occupiers have some sort of magic fairy dust that makes evil not evil. Patrick Henry would be rolling in his grave that ‘free men’ need to ask for a hall pass to associate with each other. Playing the law kung-fu is great fun, but every single person in the US commits a crime on a daily basis. We confuse freedom with lack of enforcement. Don’t give those guys any more legitimacy than they deserve, which is none at this point.

      *Not that I don’t agree Mulisha III% Consteetushun Brigade Greenwood Co. isn’t retarded, but I take exception to the idea Mcauliffe has any more of a right than my neighbor to tell me who I can talk to and what I can call myself. Not sniping you, just hate that term ‘legitimate’ we throw around when we should be acknowledging the reality of the situation. 🙂

    • And another statist comes forth to out himself….

      “State sanction….we don’t need no stink’n state sanction to be
      Free and defend our Liberties here!!!”

      Vote for Liberty from the rooftops!!

      Yours in Liberty w/o any damn superstitious worship of any
      fictional thing called ‘gov’ or ‘the state’!!
      NorthGunner III

      • Hardly. I don’t like to see good men commit mass suicide. I wouldn’t use the word Militia any more than I would use the term Army. It is asking, no, demanding, to get stomped on.

    • Every supply train depends on tires. Every deployment of soldiers depends on tires. Drones depend on tires. Do any of you get the idea here? Everything the Fedgov needs to move runs on tires.
      And there is something else I want to share with everyone. The oligarchy that rules us, mostly lives right here, well not here in TEXAS, they live in crappy places like DC and NYC. Do you know where one of them lives? Is there a FBI guy living down the street from you?
      Did you know that all these commies live amongst us? Yeah, some might have body guards. Can the body guards be turned? Have you ever thought if everyone of us had a target picked out who was close, and the time came to take out the oligarchy, it could all be done within several days for the most part. Some will run and have to be hunted down and that will be messy, but there are only around 6000 to 10,000 of the elite who have power in this world. Taking most of them out would be a cakewalk.
      And to do so wouldn’t even stir the military up. “Things” would just begin to “happen” to the elite. It would take weeks for anyone outside to figure out what happened. And everyone of us who “did” something was acting alone. No wars, no big battles between us and the military or cops. Things just got re-adjusted over a week or so and the world became a better place.

  13. The militia are the people themselves, and GA.has an Army of armed citizens. Are some guys hat want to “train” or just go camping or sit at home on the keyboards with a rifle in the closet the problem? I don’t care and feel no need to demean any of them. It doesn’t matter a whit now, Obviously. But everyone and every society has a breaking point, sooner or later it will come, and people who have nothing left to lose are unleashed hell itself. There will be no lack of “troops”, the shortage will be in veterans to be the leaders and not waste their fellow citizens lives.
    Knowledge, Responsibility, Control


    Sad and dumb.

  15. No blurred faces or nothing….