GoV: Please – Become Outstanding Grandparents


A poignant essay on what we learn from our elders.

Or not, if there is no intergenerational engagement.

You are going to die.

Make sure your core beliefs do not die with you.

Teach the younglings.

16 responses to “GoV: Please – Become Outstanding Grandparents

  1. Jimmy the Saint

    “Teach the younglings.”

    Good point; however, the West has a bigger problem – it has ever fewer younglings to teach, at least of its own. Its replacements are breeding quite rapidly, though.

  2. Some Guy in WA

    My wife and I relocated this summer specifically to be nearer to our childrens’ grandparents. To some of you, an hour by car to either set of grandparents is not “near,” but this means that our children can spend substantial amounts of time with each of them at least once a month, if not more often, and for longer visits. My parents and in-laws spend the night with us more, and we with them, or we can visit for a quick day for a specific event, or we can drop the kids off for a weekend if we have hectic / boring family business to attend to. It’s an absolute blessing and I wouldn’t have it any other way, aside from being able to live in the same town(s), but that’s simply not possible. Alas.

    When I was a kid, I spent perhaps 120 days with my grandparents in toto, but those are the most influential 120 days of my childhood, really shaping me into who I am. I was given the charge, and the interests, and the steerage, all along the way, and who I am is something of an inevitability. I wish it had been more, and I want more than that for my children. My wife did not know her grandparents, only meeting one of her grandfathers when she was an adult, and seeing him for two days, and feels the lack. The past is the torch that lights the way.

  3. RE: The CURRENT MASTHEAD: I’m Expendable
    I love my loved ones.

  4. As someone in my early 40’s I can say that I don’t like my parents generation much. Soft bunch of selfish hippie losers who gave away our freedom.

    My father joined the Navy to avoid Vietnam draft and bragged how he got the easiest job he could find as a steward on a sub. He and his friends are milquetoast conservatives, who talk a good game and do zero action beyond a sign in the yard every couple years.

    They laugh how they hire illegal Mexicans, in a place that growing up we never even seen a black much less a Mexican, now the small Midwest town is over run with Mexicans. They don’t care that they steal the food from the very mouths of their neighbors children, because they got theirs.

    My grandfather (born 1913) on the other hand was made of stronger stuff. If he was alive today, he would be swinging a pickax handle upside a few heads. (literally cause that’s how he rolled)

  5. So I take it if I cannot comment on a post within the first xxx time, my comments are unwelcome? It kinda sucks considering I work 9 hours a day and commute two hours. It is a bit hard to post more than a “sound bite”. Oops I’d say more but I’ve got to go to work now.

  6. To become outstanding grandparents, you must first become “parents”.

    The future belongs to the people who show up for it.

    Nothing you do, can change that.

  7. OT: All children should understand the current political system as it is structured in order to make a decision on the utility of participation in said system.

    The following are states which mandate “electors” to vote in line with the popular vote. I would wager one hundred fiatbux that most “college students” haven’t a clue that the electoral college even exists, let alone understand it’s purpose. There are a few states missing from that list eh? I’m sure it’s just an oversight vs. an opportunity for graft and corruption eh?

    Hoist your jolly roger today.

    ALABAMA – Party Pledge / State Law – § 17-19-2
    ALASKA – Party Pledge / State Law – § 15.30.040; 15.30.070
    CALIFORNIA – State Law – § 6906
    COLORADO – State Law – § 1-4-304
    CONNECTICUT – State Law – § 9-175
    DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA – DC Pledge / DC Law – § 1-1001.08(g)
    FLORIDA – Party Pledge / State Law – § 103.021(1)
    HAWAII – State Law – §§ 14-26 to 14-28
    MAINE – State Law – § 805
    MARYLAND – State Law – § 8-505
    MASSACHUSETTS – Party Pledge / State Law – Ch. 53, § 8, Supp.
    MICHIGAN – State Law – §168.47 (Violation cancels vote and Elector is replaced.)
    MISSISSIPPI – Party Pledge / State Law – §23-15-785(3)
    MONTANA – State Law – § 13-25-304
    NEBRASKA – State Law – § 32-714
    NEW MEXICO – State Law – § 1-15-5 to 1-15-9 (Violation is a fourth degree felony.)
    NORTH CAROLINA – State Law – § 163-212 (Violation cancels vote; elector is replaced and is subject to $500 fine.)
    OHIO – State Law – § 3505.40
    OKLAHOMA – State Pledge / State Law – 26, §§ 10-102; 10-109 (Violation of oath is a misdemeanor, carrying a fine of up to $1000.)
    OREGON – State Pledge / State Law – § 248.355
    SOUTH CAROLINA – State Pledge / State Law – § 7-19-80 (Replacement and criminal sanctions for violation.)
    VERMONT – State Law – title 17, § 2732
    * VIRGINIA – State Law – § 24.1-162 (Virginia statute may be advisory – “Shall be expected” to vote for nominees.)
    WASHINGTON – Party Pledge / State Law – §§ 29.71.020, 29.71.040, Supp. ($1000 fine.)
    WISCONSIN – State Law – § 7.75
    WYOMING – State Law – §§ 22-19-106; 22-19-108

  8. “What if the only viable option is a long-term “stay-behind” operation, with the primary goal being multi-generational cultural preservation?”

    I’ll try to find some of the descendants of the original tribes around the Great Lakes and ask this question in the Algonquin language.

  9. Outstanding essay!

  10. My greatest joy is being a grandpa to, two little boys. Gettin it right is subjective, no checking the boxes on this important gig. We spent 31 and 32 years helping our children formulate their own ideology, their path.

    We patiently provided tangible reliable resources of learning material, for the kids to review/understand. We refused to lead our kids down any one path, but have them enter stages of their lives with eyes wide open.

    Those choices needed to be theirs, they had to get to those objectives on their own,,and own their ideology, not mine.

    I’m amazed at their positions on political,conservativeness, monetary conservativeness, and their complet understanding of just how fucked up our world really is, at their young ages. What surprises me the most is,,neither will allow govt, to identify their enemy. They both reserve that choice for themselves

    Home owners, hard working, full time jobs, and neither is afraid to call a spade, a spade. In their world a politically correct chump is addressed as “hey motherfucker”. Apparently their mother, my wife got it right.

    Took me to my mid 40s to find the real truth of the matter. My grandchildren will be fine with their parents leading the way.

    Our tribe IS tight, we understand exactly who the enemy is, and how we’re going to address their propaganda.