Why A Civil War Is Possible In The Former USA










>The Plan For Food Dependency

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  1. tangotango-03

    humor magazine articles?? seriously???

    • Noted.

      Now what is incorrect about the substance?


      One of the bad kids who learned about the adult world in part through reading Mad and its weaksister Cracked

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Looks like us “far-right” types are to be feared as setting off a war. They’re pretty cool about stuff like governmental overreach, though.

        Interesting things to ponder, but also clearly marking who they think the bad guys are.

  2. Here’s some Drudge links from today
    Brakes on Brexit…
    High Court Shock…
    Farage fears ‘betrayal’…
    Warns of public anger…
    Anyone besides me see a pattern here? A global pattern? They are signaling they are ready now, or at least they think they are.

    “Personally, I think it’s gonna be urban versus rural.”

    That sounds just fine to me.

  3. Pretty thick doom you’re spreading there, boss. Can’t be helped, it’s the times we live in. That starved-to-death-kid should be a thing that causes people to think harder and smarter, but my experience has been that when people see it a few times, they become inured to it, and horror like it becomes more commonplace. It is a good thing war is so terrible, else we should grow too fond of it.

    • “It can’t happen here. This is America.”

      People don’t realize we are not that far removed historically and geographically from civil war and genocide. They think that only happens in “Third World Countries.” Of course, they don’t even know where the term Third World came from or what it means. To them it just means poverty.

      I don’t think people become inured with it, they just don’t believe it. WE need to become inured to starving kids and death and loss if we are to stay sane and keep our families safe.

  4. The Walkin' Dude

    I am going to enjoy slitting commie throats 😁

    • Better do so to pig throats first, if you wish to have any success.

      Pig hunting season starts on 9 November, if the treasonous felonious whore “wins” the “election”. No bag limit.

  5. Eh,do not want to take over the fed,just want to be left alone.I see more a war of succession,drop out to degree possible,engage in alt economy,beas self sufficient as possible,starve the fucking beast.

    • “I see more a war of succession,”

      All wars are in succession of the previous war.

      I thin you mean secession.

  6. Pic looks like a Ukrainian starved by Lazar Kaganovich and the NKVD.

  7. That was a LOONY left wing link! I’m sure that the folks over there think the same of me too after I posted this:
    “This article reads like a broadcast from the Southern Poverty Law Center. That “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy” of Hilarity exposing her own dark heart.
    Even “rednecks” start to understand when they are constantly called “Bitter Clingers”, “Deplorables”, and “unRedeemables” in the MSM propaganda outlets by the highest leaders of the ProgreSSive Party.

    The “civil war” has already started Within the Feral Gov. itself. Do try to keep up to date, Comrade Evans.”

  8. Cracked.com is obviously a plant for the evil SPLC. They are going orgasmic over jury nullification in Ammon Bundy trial but as for bringing the killers of Lavoy Finicum, not so much.

    The good news is that all these Commies lack any life skills. Just wait until they have to feed themselves.

  9. TL; DR version:
    “None of these awful things could possibly happen if we would all (except those nasty right-wingers, they belong in jail) just hold hands and trust our government.”

    One small consolation for having to endure the coming unpleasantness will be seeing patronizing, sanctimonious cattle like this experience the consequences, up close and personal – like Muammar Gaddafi – of trusting our government.

  10. “Ammon Bundy and the other militia who occupied the Malheur Wildlife Refuge were acquitted by a jury of their peers. That should give you an idea of how much support the American militia movement has in certain parts of the country.”

    Yeah, right. “Keep it weird” Portland, probably one of the most liberal cities in the US, is fond of the militia. If there was anyone Bundy and friends were tried by, it certainly wasn’t “peers”. The actual reason is that Oregonians, and particularly Portlanders, hate the federal government. And that the feds didn’t make their case.

  11. I’m strangely comfortable with the idea. Besides, it just might be the best thing that ever happened to America. One thing is certain, the alternative ain’t much worse. Violent freedom or peaceful subjugation, take your pick.

    • “Violent freedom or peaceful subjugation, take your pick.”

      That is so right… for once, the triumph of the greater possibility of good over the certainty of ever greater Evil.

  12. Not anytime soon

    Citizens are way too comfortable. Things are not that bad. Even if it got worse, still wouldn’t be that bad. Why would one give up their comfort? Compromise? Yes. Civil war? No.

    Don’t think so? Look at the people around you. Still don’t think so go to the next town and look at the people. Still don’t think so? Go to the next state. As you will see, all humans are equal, all votes are equal. May be along time when people are not equal again, things will have to get much more dangerous and hard for that to happen. Until then, inalienable rights reign and all citizens are equal.

    The human population clock is what one should watch. How many humans can fit on planet earth and still be comfortable? 10 billion?

    • Forced equality =/= equality. People aren’t equal, that’s insane. Tell me more about Joe Plumber having equal standing as HRC in court or the purchase power of Bill Gates. Wealth. Talent. Intellect. Appearance. Doesn’t mean life isn’t sacred, but it does mean we are not the same.

      • JJ,

        “….equal standing as HRC in court.”

        Hahahahaha…..that comment is hilarious because the ruling elites control everything in fUSA. The truth is sadly, funny.

    • The entire population of the world, some 7+ billion, could all live in the state of Texas, and they would have over 2 times the space New Yorkers currently enjoy………AT NIGHT!

    • You can fit the current population in Texas, and still be “comfortable”.

      • Texas is uncomfortable now. It’s 96% private land. Same with the eastern usa. If one is a regular joe and doesn’t own land, it’s basically like a prison. There’s more no trespassing signs then people in many areas back east.

        A true essence of America got lost with human greed, esp back east, that is access to open public land and unmodified natural spaces. It’s getting bad out west to.

        Be interesting but sad if the world pop hits 10 bil.

      • But you can’t fit the present/future world pop into twenty or fifty mega cities without squalor, devolution and boot heel tyranny… examples abound with unerring prognosis for fell result.

      • But we Texans don’t want all that we have now. I liked our Country much better in the 1960’s when we were crowded with 7 million. And now we have 40 million or close to it. Mostly Yankees who don’t know how to act or vote. We need to begin vetting all people who want to move here.

  13. Yet the public keeps voting for the same damn assholes and submitting…

  14. European American

    Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity – A Pentagon Video

  15. Has anyone notified the Southern Poverty Law Center of the Clinton e-mail links yet?

  16. The Usual Suspect

    ‘ not anytime soon ‘ your a defeatist ostrich.
    Revolutions are started by a very small percentage
    and the rest just get drug in.

    You might not be interested in it, but it’s interested
    in you.

  17. I thought it was a pretty good article content wise, and terrible from the writing style point of view. It seems like people under a certain age view everything through the lens of television shows and characters. But still he went out and talked to some interesting people and got their views on things.

    All of his points are pretty good, as far as things we are likely to see.
    * Former military deeply involved in insurgency
    * many-different factions, not one or two
    * tactics from the Middle East coming home
    * status of USA currently in the “growing distrust” era
    * solid insights on the role of the active minority vs. the rest
    * critical nature of loss of faith in law enforcement among the people

    HIs ridiculous 15-year-old channeling Hunter S. Thompson writing style is nearly unbearable, though.

  18. “And a wide enough roadside bombing campaign could literally starve many American cities. 90% of food in the U.S. is transported by truck. Colonel Couvillon called our highway system a “key vulnerability” in any hypothetical civil war. And added, “Our way of life right here is about nine meals from anarchy.”

    Don’t find much fault with that paragraph in terms of its effect. Rationing? Quelle horreur! when you can’t eat the latest video in the Redbox thingy. 🙂

  19. I don’t post here much, I’m too busy planning on how to survive the comin socio-politico-economic destruction facing all of us.

    I registered and replied to an asshole commenting on Cracked, you will have to read between the lines to garner his initial suppositions. My response:

    Such a simplistic yet wrong perspective. The article is not talking about “any silly political conflagration”, it is a sometimes misguided question/answer discussion about what American Civil War Part III might look like. Yes, Part III. The revolution of the late 1700s was indeed a civil war, with British subjects on both sides of it.

    Being from a ranching and agricultural area, and having many relatives involved in those pursuits, when TSHTF the producers will default to survival mode, keeping as much as they can store for themselves. After determining a safe margin between what they can store without spoilage and what might be sold off to the prospective buyers of THEIR preference (yes, they will abrogate any contracts they had with the mega corps, this is a new paradigm), they will do quite well, since their families are interconnected with all the other families in the area, and are all quite well-armed, with many COMBAT vets in their number.

    Uhh, our Gov’t is NOT economically strong, it is shot to shit, and we are on the verge of collapse. The only thing still propping up this house of cards is that the fake Federal Reserve Note is still the world currency. The BRICS and other less powerful consortiums are already poised to remove our dominance in that respect. You must not read the most prominently RELIABLE financial/economic articles.

    It’s obvious that you did NOT *READ* this article. Many professionals in assymetric warfare have told us HERE that any substantial amount (they talk about 400 such groups) of small groups organized against this corrupt Gov’t could bring it down. Just read between the lines. The fallout will not be pretty.

    Finally, you ascribe magical powers to the US military. Maybe you missed the point that many of them will be AGAINST any Gov’t hardline that orders them to kill Americans? Yes, they will be fractured, and into many pieces. They will kill each other before they faction off into opposing groups.

    Our military actually sucks. Sure, we are technologically superior, BUT? We can’t defeat a buncha GOATHERDERS with AKs over a timespan of 15 years! Do you know that Afghanistan is known as “The Graveyard of Empires”? Ask the Russians about it.

    So, how well will your imaginary warriors fare against not only themselves, but against even a handful of determined American GIRLS armed with nothing but suppressed .22LR pistols?

    To parallel your question about the US military being able to defeat any insurgency in a mere week, and how no power could withstand their fuckin’ awesomeness?

    No vast amounts of training/experience are necessary to take out an adversary. What if these girls each positioned themselves to put 3 rounds of rimfire ammo behind the ears of each of those vaunted jet fighter pilots, aircraft carrier captains and admirals, tank commanders, and the trainers of the soldiers that fire those rifles?

    Imminent defeat. Insurgent efficiency in warfare at its finest.

    Obviously, you’ve never heard of Marshall Tito, the Yugoslavian insurgent of WWII who later rose to prominence, who, when asked what he would do now that the Germans had their new Panzer tanks, replied:

    “We will simply wait until those Germans get out of their shiny new Panzers to take a piss and then we will shoot them.”

    THAT was made into a LOT of movies, and guess who won?

  20. The photograph of the starved Ukrainian child would make any parent weep.

  21. Oh, he said, “End of movie” to describe this glorious military defeating the American insurgengents. He doesn’t know about the series of US defeats since 1945. Sorry, I guess we WON in Grenada, my mistake. *grins*

    Thanks for keeping WRSA up, Pete. It’s a refuge of sanity in a world gone insane …

  22. I still cain’t tahp. “Insurgents”, of course. Although insurging gents may be apropos. Later …


    Civil War!? Not until the local mini-marts run out of Pepsi, Doritos Nacho Cheese flavor, and Mickey Big Mouth. Oh, and the SNAP and EBT cards stop working.

    • Confederate miner

      I guess you don’t have any idea how close we really are too that.

      • Especially after the “urban youfs” appropriate what they “need” from those mini-marts. And destroy the rest. Because, after all, that IS the way of their “culture”. And never forget that all cultures are EQUAL!!!

        “Diversity” is our “Strength”


        Sir: I have an idea that things are not good. But, I have been following economic meltdown on several websites for several years. I have read more survival porn than I care to think about. Close could be twenty more years.
        We are going to wake up on 11/09/2016 and the power will still be on. I will still be able to go to the ATM if I need to. Gas pumps will still be pumping gas and the Semis will still be pulling in and out of the Wal Mart parking lot. With the exception of the sudden arrival of SMOD, life will continue to lurch on down the road. The vast, clueless majority will have it no other way. Sad.

  24. Stealth Spaniel

    “David Kilcullen was bullish on Deliverance country as the site for the start of our hypothetical Civil War 2: Electric Boogaloo, “… Southern Appalachia.”
    He noted that he wasn’t yet seeing “the organization out there” that might portend a bubba-dominated insurgent movement…….”

    So, watch out for those uneducated, moonshine swilling, barefoot, gun toting, unthinking, HillWilliams who can never act methodically. THOSE bastards will start anything over anything. Here’s the 411 for this asshole David Kilcullen: I will stand with any HillWilliam because they value God, Family, and Country. Insurgents?? Try the Somalis in Minneapolis; ANY of the 6000 gangbangers in the US; the fresh-off-the-plane Muslims; or pick your poison of the 20 million illegals who now trod my nation. You are worried about Special Ops Soldiers, because they know too much and might not tow the Government Line? Funny, they were good enough to send to any GD forsaken Hell Hole that the Elites decided might make THEM some money. It was okay for them to die in Benghazi when someone had to clean up Obama and Hillary’s mess. But now, that they have put 15+ years into fighting wars of idiocy for the Government-they cannot be trusted?? Clever, I was thinking the same thing about you and all your Harvard educated friends.
    Keep preparing, keep local, and stay sharp.

  25. Urban versus rural, someone has done their homework. Once the police are isolated through fear of action a federalized force will emerge, The federalized force will not be trusted by the public. The framework for such a force has been developed for decades.

  26. FrozenPatriot

    I’ll throw my $0.02 in… I think the biggest surprise is going to be the end of electricity. Not the temporary disruption or the occasional hiccup that annoyingly resets your cable modem or video game, but the months-to-years long blackout that would come early on in a hot civil war. That will reset a lot of hopes and expectations…

  27. our civil war was about slavery? that’s when I had to stop reading this shit. that’s right keep telling the lies, at some point it is believed to be truth. way too many left leaning realities in this work but sure too be believed by the public schooled crowd.

    coffee is done time to work out. “convict conditioning”

  28. 100-200 million… 🙂

  29. There is nothing anyone can learn from reading Cracked. Maybe it wa a funny little mag back in the day but it is now SJW central.