FedGov Battlespace Prep


NYT version.

Words fail.

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  1. I guess we in the American Redoubt get a little break from the whipping post..

  2. This is why you don’t tell a thing to anyone. God damn these fools.

  3. NEVER forget the mass media’s role in all this.

  4. Who, pray tell, are the asshats who let New Yawk Times urinalists interview and photograph them during their “tactical training?” And why is it that every digital rag from here to the U.K. has articles and photos of “three percenters” practicing – nay – showing off – their superb training to any asshole with a camera and a journalism shingle? Crap – I’m beginning to think that Kit Perez totally underestimates the sellouts, insiders and idiot “Threepers.”

    This shit only throws gas on the fire of the “elect Hillary and disarm the cretins in flyover land” lefties.

    For f**ks sake – just shut the hell up, already.

  5. It’s easy to sneer and make fun of non-state actors and their efforts. The laughter continues until the propagandists end up facing defenestration, or lamp posts with ropes. Ah, the miscalculations, the remorse!

  6. I wonder how many of those “recruits” at the Thanksgiving dinner were informants and/or agents?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Saw this somewhere else today – another ‘don’t believe everything you read’ story or better yet, if you have enough ink (or the digital ability) you can set the narrative. Critical thinking – do they even teach it anymore?

  9. One last election, and GA. will not submit, Trump 2016. Then what follows is what follows, but for me, to cast this vote is a necessary requirement to what may follow.
    I could ask no more of a candidate for President, this video lays it all out verbally and visually. May God have mercy on our souls, the travails may very well break many of us, but I will do all that I can.

    • Yes, we must use the tools that the founders gave us.
      Thank you for the video link.

      • “Pray for the best, Prepare for the worst”. Some may say that phrase is a bit trite, but I know of no better advice. Maybe the “When going thru hell, Keep Moving” is a runner up.
        I have for years constantly asked, Where do “We” draw the line? ……..
        It was the wrong question. They draw the line and shove us over it. We are at the line.


    These people need to thimk! Who, pray tell is going door-to-door to confiscate firearms? All the Hildabeest presidency will do is divide the country further, make the “LEOS” more scared to even park and write a report after they answer a call for service, and put the bureaucrats, tax termites, and other remoras on notice.
    Be of good cheer. Remember how the Dorner situation paralyzed whole sections of SoCal. Cops are getting picked off right and left this year. And, the elephant in the room is a whole lot of agencies cannot even fill the vacancies with cannon fodder for protection of the person and property of the cosmic white Hillary-worshiping Marxist cabal.
    The latest from the ‘Net is the Mark Cubans of the world are investing in super-spendy hideouts in New Zealand. These folks are hedging their bets against a FSA meltdown. They want to be somewhere else when the mobs storm Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and the rich leftist enclaves back East. Stay tuned.

  11. as soon as the SPLC is mentioned, page-close. Mark P. is a scumbag.

  12. Cool tattoo. And note finger off the trigger till it’s time to fire. Someone should explain this to gun control nut Dianne Feinstein and her ilk.

  13. Publicizing is not the best idea.

  14. “His arms bear tattoos of the 3 percenter logo and of the Kuntry Krackerz, a group affiliated with the Georgia Security Force.”

    Where does one sign on for the Kuntry Krackerz? Sounds like something Hillary would serve Huma.

    It won’t be as easy as you think tyrants, count on that.

    • You just made me laugh and cough on bile at the same time! Well done. I shall now attempt to “un-see” an image. Do they make “Brain-Bleach-Bit?”

      • Haze,they do make brain bleach bit,it goes under the nick name Jack and has a #7 on the bottle,hope it helps!

  15. ALCON,

    What’s that time honored axiom ? “You can’t fix stupid !”

  16. This is why we are doing Lies of Omission, the editorializing and quoting of SPLC is egregious. I just can’t figure out why these guys talked to the NYT or let them anywhere near them. Yeah, I know they are all good people and probably just wanted to justify themselves, but not at an actual training session. It sort of made me wonder if the leader isn’t the infiltrator.

  17. Their 15 minutes of Fame is going to be expensive.

  18. The longer I read the louder the banjo music got.

    • Hey, lay offa that anti-banjo/redneck shite.

      My banjo is a machine gun for exploding dilettante marxist effete snobs delicate effeminate feeling housing units!

      Can’t stop the Banjo Signal, Mal.

  19. Freaking Stoopid… ever heard of OPSEC?

    • In Scouting and Patrolling by Applegate, there is a cartoon doofus, “Azimuth Al, the Super Scout”, doing all the wrong things. Could a willing artist do something similar? (My drawing is as bad as my singing.)

  20. Everyone keeps asking who let the reporters from NYT, Reuters, etc, into their training. The answer is, Chris Hill, their Commander, invited multiple media and has been giving TV and radio interviews for weeks. They have sent out invites to anyone with a microphone and a camera. They brag on their social media sites of the articles which are going to be written on them then get pissed off when the articles come out painting them in a negative way. I have come to the conclusion that the entire effort is a massive misinformation campaign by Infiltrators and provocateurs to both collect information on those who declare themselves part of III% and to discredit same.

    • My thoughts exactly.
      Let them get all the attention in GA.
      They sure seem to want it.
      Yatesville is also the home of the annual Chitlin Hoedown Festival
      My God that stuff stinks.
      Would make a good area denial weapon for Muslims though.
      Add in a Tabasco kicker for extra power and a small bursting charge to spread it around.
      Heave a 5 gallon bucket through a window and after the blast you find the occupants curled into a fetal position on the floor in a pool of their own vomit.
      Jackson is Butts County.
      Yatesville is Monroe County.
      This is the next county over from Yatesville.
      Pike County Tannerite Armageddon
      Small mushroom could forming.
      Probably some other group fooling around.
      No arrests. Decent sheriff.

      Lots of activity between Atlanta and Macon GA.
      No telling what is up in the mountains north of Atlanta.
      Probably gets noisy on the weekends when it is good weather.
      Lots of potential threats too. Those bastards that set the old lady on fire this past Summer are from the next county over from Pike, Meriwether.

      No wonder they chose to film The Walking Dead in that area.

    • That conclusion floats to the top of my list as well.

  21. This is perfect. It’s better than any psyop we could hope for. The enemy is over confidant and underestimating the real threats. Our eras equivalent to the sneering, dismissive “pine and fir navy”

    They already know who we are. The would have already grabbed the evil black rifles up if they could.

    And on a final little introspection, what have you done this week? Did you get your gear out and sweat in at the woods with your friends like those berided and laughed at rednecks? Did you even see your gear, or touch it? Could you step up and show these people the right way? There’s some salvageable material there.
    You’re going to have to play the cards you’re dealt.

    • Umm…yes. As a mater of fact I did. 🙂 And yes, I agree, we’re all going to have to play the cards we’re dealt. Ruck walks, people! As heavy and as long as you can stand! Push ups!! Lots! (Not to mention, “push aways” that is, “Push Away From the Table!”

      Not taking shots at anyone, but have seen enough to know that ‘rotund fitness’, smoking, and over-indulging while enjoying endless war stories will not help anyone overcome even the most simplest obstacles. As the meme says, “Suffer the pain of discipline, or suffer the pain of regret!”

  22. Sipsey St had something to say about them back in September before the site shut down.


  23. shocktroop0351

    For future reference: It’s time to seperate yourself from an organization or identity when every Cousin Eddie and his dog Snot can buy bumper stickers, t-shirts, flags etc. and then tarnish or otherwise co-opt it’s meaning. Or better yet, don’t ever start identifying yourself with labels in the first place. I know this is the day and age where people tattoo clothing brand logos on their bodies in an effort to signal to others what they like or follow, and I’m sure these III% types aren’t any different.

  24. I want to be the first to suggest that whomever invited the septic tank NYT to the festivities in GA is an informant or FBI employee whose job is to make that group of morons look as stupid as possible. Mission accomplished.

  25. Does anyone here actually shoot that steel-cased Russian ammo (Tula) (as pictured in the article)?


      Warpig: It works fine in the SKS & AK. It has issues in the AR platforms. In other news, we would all do well to remember the Charley Reese article that was quoted here some time ago about THE TRULY DANGEROUS MAN. Lose the muscle shirts, bumper stickers and Gadsen Flags. Realize you cannot debate these criminal psychopaths on the left. Avoid them and avoid verbal confrontations. Remember fighting is what children do. Killing(when the time comes, God forbid) is what adults do. To each person their families and belongings. Bleib ubrig.

      • shocktroop0351

        Excellent advice about the bumper stickers, etc. If your interested in trying steel cased ammo in your AR, buy a small batch and test it first. If you can cycle a magazine of rapid fire you should be good. It’s a matter of timing in the gas system, steel cases need more time to contract after firing or they will stick in the chamber when the bolt is trying to extract.

    • Colorado KnightOwl

      I use it all the time for practice. Shoots well, and every bit as accurate as the fmj out to 150 yards…haven’t tried it beyond that. About 1200 rds downrange so far and no misfires of any kind….saves me money for the green tips….
      I figure if the shtf it will also be good for barter?

    • Russian ammo is dependent on the coating. Lacquer sucks. Polymer coated is your best bet.Wet bolt.Clean chamber Helps the cycling. Steel cases will wear on your extractor. Don’t be an ammo snob. Be knowledgeable. Educate yourself.

    • Warpig,

      There was a time when I tried to save a few bucks with .223 TULA and/or WOLF ammo in my AR-malites. No more. The .223 Russian steel is quite underpowered and caused cycling problems for me.

      Do a test…..take two mags, 5 rounds each, one of Russian steel-cased and one of brass-cased ammo. Use the same bullet weight cartridges. Fire the ammo from the same platform. First the steel-cased. Then the brass-case. You’ll feel a marked diference in felt recoil. Not to mention no fear of cycling issues.

      Re: Tula/Wolf small pistol magnum and small rifle magnum primers…I love them ! Problem is one cannot find them any longer.

  26. If that’s what passes for battlespace prep, that’s some pretty weak sauce.
    They didn’t even use “Toothless inbred baby rapists” once. HTF do they ever expect to appeal to their base when instead of rhetorical red meat, they serve up textured soy protein colored red with sustainable algae dye?

    And the thought of actually squaring off against the sort of guys at the weekend camp session would undoubtedly trigger them to run to their safe spaces, put on their footie pajamas, and get a pot of warm cocoa going, before they fainted dead away.