More RUMINT Re NYPD, HumaWeiner, & HRC


Weight as you will.

More to come, I am sure.

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  1. NYPD ought to proceed with filing state indictments just to kick the Feds in the ass to get a move on. Nothing makes a Fed get off his ass faster than losing jurisdiction.

  2. I would say by the end of today if this is not fully announced/charges filed the NYPD just does a info. dump if they cannot get prosecutors to take action.I understand the prosecutors especially at state levels may have been threatened along with their families,let the dumps happen and then the info is out and they can move forward.I believe it is very clear the feds prosecution level will not act until at least after the elections if ever,be glad to be wrong.

    NYPD,you have done the right thing,now,one way or the other,follow through by any means necessary.

    • The problem is that if some of those emails are classified, and they are released, the prosecutors themselves can end up charged with violating the espionage act. Just a guess… Anyway I can see why there would be a lot of reticence.

      • You all might want to take a gander at this expose. It’s the money trail. Makes treason look like a parking citation. Treason was an instrument to power, it wasn’t carelessness or stupidity.

        What I’m beginning to see, and you got to look at it from a cops perspective, it is that germane, they have never seen the likes of this level of corruption and the crimes involved. It is off the scope. There is no reference for the crimes here. It is on another level. If I was a cop I’d be dumbfounded, and be asking myself where do you even begin with something like this.

        I’m serious as a heart attack you guys. This expose is not like anything out there. Forget the emails, this leaves those steenkin’ emails for dust.

        These fucking scum where this close to making the western hemisphere their private piggybank. There is no racket they aren’t involved in. They don’t have a name for how crooked Clinton Crime Inc is. With the money and power they have been accruing, being POTUS is akin to a fart in a mitten if she got in. If the bitch got in the USA was finished.
        Make your jaw drop, guarantee it.

        • Check out this re-posted 4Chan thread for some more background info on that:

          Obviously no way to tell if the guy who is claiming to be analyst is for real or if this is just an epic shit-post. I read thru the whole thing twice – and it seems to pass the sniff test to me.

          It’s dated back in August too – so the crap that is coming out now has apparently been rolling around in the background for a while.

  3. JacksonHoleSkier

    I haven’t heard much mention of the fact that Obama used a pseudonym to communicate with Hildabeast on her ClintonMail account. Apparently that came out in Huma’s interview with the FBI. What other business was he conducting with that email? Was it a fake .gov email or a private one? How many of those Obama emails are on this Weiner Laptop?

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    I do not have the words to describe what is transpiring here.
    Fuck it–yes I do have the words.

    Both Bill and Hillary Clinton have to be purged with fire.
    They are degenerates of the lowest order.

    • The word that should be used to describe what needs to happen here is “deprogressivification”.

      Which should be a process patterned after the DeNazification that happened in Germany after WW2:

      The corruption runs just as deep – and a similar amount of people need to be led to the gallows for their crimes.

  5. I doubt neither the accuracy nor veracity of the original tale, nor this, which basically echoes it verbatim.
    But until some reputable first-tier news organ throws their reputational weight behind the story, it’s untouchable, and will remain rumor, whether by default, or design.

    And I think the NYPD, along with every news agency (besides the bulk of the latter not wanting to rock Shrillary’s boat) knows that if they break this before Tuesday, they not only take down Shrillary & Co., they will usher in an epic national bulemic purge of every Democrat in down-ticket races, to the level of dog-catcher, and no one wants to tear down the entire goddam socialist edifice most of them have slaved for all their lives, or in the NYPD’s case, be seen as wholly responsible for that level of political blood-letting which would inevitably ensue, top to bottom and from coast to coast. And there are less than 96 hours to bring this into the light, if it’s going to matter.

    Also, there remains the non-zero possibility that someone or several someones (WikiLeaks, e.g.) may intend to drag the suspense out right to the wire, and vomit this out early enough to completely torpedo Shrillary, but too late for anything but vain screaming to be offered in reply. Remember please that the opportune moment to throw water on the witch and melt her is always in the penultimate scene.

    If someone pulls the pin on this grenade say, Sunday, but after the usual talking-head shows have wrapped, it would be the only story on 24/7 from that afternoon until the polls closed next Tuesday night in Hawaii.

    The last time anyone did anything that shocking, it was on August the 6th, 1945.

    If that proves to be so, you magnificent bastards, I read your book!

  6. “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  7. “Erik Prince: NYPD Ready to Make Arrests in Anthony Weiner Case”

    Unlike Erik Prince’s highly-place sources, my highly-placed sources (my intellect and knowledge of the Clintons’ prior conduct) tell me that even if this story is true, NY prosecutors will fold like a bad poker hand when DOJ leans on them and tells them to back off. Even if there is a prosecutor with some balls in the NY state attorney generals office who decides to buck the system and go after Clinton, odds are he’ll have committed suicide with multiple gunshot wounds to the back of the head.

  8. I listened to this audio this morning, I don’t think it gets much deeper state than E. Prince but his connects are probably top notch. I hope to God someone brings these foul pieces of shite to justice but I fear there is no one they won’t kill to keep the fun rolling. The hacker club seems to be on the trail of these filthy shitbags as well. You can follow some of their threads here:

    The gist of it is that Pedesta seems to be speaking in code in his emails and there’s some weird codespeak going on in the emails that seems to point in a very nasty direction. I’m copying pasting from the 4 chan thread:


    Jeffery Epstein’s Lolita Express’ flight log shows a lot of trips to Asia:

    Lots of pedos came out for the Indian tsunami too; it was around that time that GHWB and WJC teamed up to do a big new charity initiative.

    The two women in the pizza.jpg photo? Those are the two reporters who caught captured in NK. They were reporting on HUMAN SEX TRAFFICKING.

    Guess who went to pick them up? Bill Clinton and Steve Bing, who both are Lolita Express passengers.

    Source on this:

    Original email here.

    Another related email invitation for a possible pedo party at David Brock’s

    Sleuthing around for Pizza related things led us to this email:

    Comet Ping Ping Pizza joint in DC named:

    The owner of Comet Ping Pong, JAMES ALEFANTIS was the gay lover of David Brock for a while. He stars in a number of creepy ads for the pizza place.

    The Pizza place also has hidden doors to rooms according to their webpage:

    Rabbit hole is deep.

  9. I’d believe this “rumint” before I’d believe Hillary…

    Hillary is looking like an even more wonderful President every day. Just think of the scandal potential, the laughs, the incentives for secession… Think of who gets the blame when debt wrecks the economy. I don’t care if this stuff is coming out too late to stop her election. Either way, it’s good for us. The only downside in this election is the possibility to be incinerated in a nuclear war (admittedly a fairly bad thing to happen). Bill bombed a Sudanese pill factory to divert attention from Monica’s cum-stained dress, but I think it will take something a lot more serious to divert attention from the skeletons in Hillary’s closet.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      If Trump wins, everyone stands down and business as usual for us (libs will get pissed and throw shit around for awhile, then pout). But if Hillary wins, embrace the suck, it may be exactly what we want on the long run. There could actually be a silver lining in this.

      • I think you’ve got it. As to the rest: Nothing. Will. Happen. If Hiligula wins, all investigations will be quashed. If Trumpet wins – he’s a pal of Eisner too – same thing.

      • I’ve been arguing that for a long time. In the end a Killary presidency might be the better strategic choice. We’re gonna get a recession within the next President’s term. When it really goes bad – it will get blamed on whomever is in office – just like it always does. With Killary in office the right will step up it’s efforts to fill the House and Senate – just like it did during Obama. Killary in office will also completely destroy any claims to legitimacy that the Democrat Party has – and probably all confidence in government as well. Both of which are necessary pre-requisites to tearing the whole damn thing down.

        On the other side – since we all know the lefties will go absolutely batshit crazy if Trump gets in , the blowback from that might REALLY screw this country over for like a generation when the lefties go REALLY full bore on a candidate in the next go-around who makes Obama and Killary look like GOOD choices.

        This whole thing is a devil’s choice – damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  10. Apparently more than just a few FBI people are being shipped to DC and NY City right now.

    Popcorn may be required.

  11. Time to make a batch of popcorn and enjoy the show. Things are about to get even more interesting…

  12. I was hoping this would turn out to be something, but its looking like it was made up for kicks. The alternative is that dozens of people at the FBI or NYPD were able to be bribed or threatened into silence, which as bad as I think our country has become would still suprise me.

  13. NYPD “wanted to hold a press conference and make arrests”…but somehow didn’t. TumTeeTumTeeTum. 100 hours until the polls close, and 99 luftballoons to take us there:

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Color me skeptical, but aren’t the Boys in Blue almost ALWAYS union Democrats?
      And we’re to expect something bad to happen to Hillary and gang? or something along the lines of expecting the NKVD to investigate Stalin. The anticipation is just too much to endure……..

      • “aren’t the Boys in Blue almost ALWAYS union Democrats?”

        Probably, but even they have limits. The stuff on Weiner’s laptop was probably too disgusting even for them.

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    And, we are surprised, how? Hillary and her cohorts were simply too stupid to keep her filthy secrets. I may have to give Carlos Danger credit for being aware enough to keep all of this porn on his laptop. May I live long enough to see this filthy monster hang.

    • I doubt Carlos was aware of it. Somebody was saying they were using Microsoft Exchange which supposedly syncs everything whenever you access it. That would explain why all that stuff was there (although I still can’t fathom 650,000 emails).

  15. Pelosi: “I think that we have to just get through this election and just see what the casualties are along the way.”

    Well, cinch my knickers. Given how they operate that’s got a worse connotation than Palin’s “reload” comment. LMFAO.

  16. Gentlemen, the “guilt of dirty hands” is echoing all over:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  17. I saw something about sending low level Cleveland based IRS agents to Dallas to investigate the Clinton Foundation.

    Wasn’t Cleveland ground zero for the IRS intimidation of conservatives? By low level employees?

  18. Listen up, people… all the clever analysis, speculation, supposition, musing, estimation and prognostication in the world does not preclude Reality:

    We,The People, must and will, take such existential matters into our own hands by force of arms and the restoration of swift Justice.

    Or not.

    Expecting to be relieved of this existential obligation by some miraculous infusion of integrity into the “legal” system is magical thinking akin to progressive-ism, or the salvation of Humanity by The Elites.

    And before the critics appear to remind us of demographic disabilities, allow me to qualify: We, The People, is that portion of the current occupants that inherit, honor and operate according to the Founding Principles.

    It matters not that we may even be a minority in our own country, we have more moral force, integrity, faith, courage and <i< more to lose than the feckless, rudderless, dependent, ignorant, unhinged and balkinized identities arrayed by patchwork against us.

    Hone your blade, scour your hatchet, confirm your zero and…

    Harden. Your. Heart.

  19. thesouthwasrght

    Breitbart, which is growing exponentially, has the hillary pedo story up and I expect this thing to drop like Fatman by monday. PA doesn’t do early voting for example, and while many people early vote most dont. The epic sinking of Clinton Inc happens by Monday.

  20. Nothing in politics happens on accident.

    What is this huge distraction directing our attention away from?

    It must be bad, if they are willing to toss Hitlery under the bus so nobody notices it.

    Perhaps a financial meltdown of epic proportions? Maybe something that will make 1929 look downright prosperous?