TL Davis: These Are The Times


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  1. I really “don’t get it” … how can the President issue pardons?

    That’s kinda nullifying the whole concept of criminal responsibility.

    Surely it is no man’s remit to pardon criminality … except maybe the victim.

    • Actually, he can’t. You can’t pardon someone who has not been convicted of a crime. Killary and bunch have not been convicted of anything. What is he going to pardon them for? Being innocent until proven guilty in a court of law? The only way he can pardon anyone, is if he has irrefutable evidence of a crime being committed. And each of those crimes must be listed in the pardon… like tongue lapping little girls.

        • Let’s just put it this way, the original intent of the power of presidential pardons was to be found in justice and mercy… not in expediency.

          The criminal code of every country partakes so much of necessary severity, that without an easy access to exceptions in favor of unfortunate guilt, justice would wear a countenance too sanguinary and cruel. As the sense of responsibility is always strongest in proportion as it is undivided, it may be inferred that a single man would be most ready to attend to the force of those motives, which might plead for a mitigation of the rigor of the law, and least apt to yield to considerations, which were calculated to shelter a fit object of its vengeance. The reflection that the fate of a fellow creature depended on his sole fiat, would naturally inspire scrupulousness and caution: The dread of being accused of weakness or connivance, would beget equal circumspection, though of a different kind.

          Humanity and good policy conspire to dictate, that the benign prerogative of pardoning should be as little as possible fettered or embarrassed.

      • Waiting in Idaho

        Jerry Ford pardoned Nixon without him being convicted of any crime.

    • barry can issue all the banana republic pardons he wants. We The People will not recognize a single one. And the hunt begins……

  2. “Can’t we just drone this guy?” – Hillary Clinton calls for murder of of Julian Assange in State Dept meeting .

    She wasn’t joking. The election is too important to leave to chance.
    Pardons may not be the favored tool for resolving problems.
    Ask Vince Foster.

  3. Isn’t it time to start identifying those hundreds who are complicit in crimes against our nation.

    Face it, either we the people address the issues, or we allow those who created this mess to re arrange their power structure.

    Frankly I don’t like either option. But option #2 simply can’t be allowed to happen.

    I recently read a prepper book in which the main guy went hunting. He hunted those in the press for their lying. He warned them first, with a ” you lie, you die” nudge. When they failed to heed the warning

    He went all patriot on them.

    Good book.


    • Yep, everyone needs their enemies list in proper format. You all know that the “other side” is working on same.

      And It’s imperative to impress upon the politicians, media, etc. that when “things” commence, 911 will not be there to save them. There’s not much time left for their Come To Jesus moment…….

  4. Can a pardon come before a conviction?

  5. Thank you TL. I sent it out to others as you have explained it simply for all to understand. I think that it’s fitting to hear it on this day!

  6. Well; T.L. spells it out. Now just who is
    going to bell the bureau cats.

  7. It just dawned on me how this whole election is going to go down. I think we all know that The Powers That Be want violent to break out to further their agenda. The issue I was having was how they can get everyone in on the fun. I think it is assumed that of Trump wins the violence from the loony left will be immediate; neighborhoods burned, cops and white folks targeted, you know, the usual. The problem is the left tends to burn themselves out quick. After a week or two nobody evens remembers what happened, they just can’t keep their attention focused long enough. Sure you will have some immediate carnage but nothing sustained.

    Now if Hillary wins TPTB realize that the potential violence from right would be much more brutally and have long lasted effects. The problem here is the right is much more patience, calm and overall “civil”. So there is the potential that nothing would even come from the right.

    So you see the conundrum the Power Brokers in the Beltway are under right? How do you ensure total sustainable chaos? SImple, both win and both lose: Trump wins the election (by a slight margin) and as previously stated the violence is immediate. Then, Clinton of course demands a recount. After the recount she is crowned the victor by a wider margin. I believe this would be the catalyst for the Right to get in on the action as they (we) feel they (we) will have been cheated and the system is “truly” rigged, so what’s left to lose?

    Game set match. Hope I am wrong…

    • As far as I am concerned, if this country’s “Law Enforcement” so spit on their very oaths of office to let Hillary “win” the “election”, then pig hunting season starts on 9 November.

      Damn every one of them straight to hell for their treason.

      • Attttaboy I was wanting a ” it’s the pigs fault” before the weekend.

        I’m at a cop funeral tomorrow, a young deputy was ambushed couple weeks ago, at my old agency. Modoc County in the NE corner of CA. Shot from ambush, by a fucking coward.

        When they hunted his ass down, oddly enough THEY didn’t kill him, took him into custody, with the shot in his legs he received in a gun fight with my old boss, the sheriff, as he arrived to see his young deputy laying dead on the ground from a gunshot wound that cratered his head.

        Did I mention the responsible was a convicted child sex offender. Mark you ok with that? I’m just aksen,

        Mark Ima ask every pig their who their voting for. I guessing ZERO are voting for Hilary. You see they fucking hate her more then you will ever understand.

        Dirk Williams

        • Dirk, It’s all too easy for many of us non-police to assume the worst about all cops. So many stories and videos of police arrogance and abuse of power out there. Shiny badges don’t grant special rights. Plus the police have to be the ones to enforce “the law”, even if the law is unjust, and they are therefore going to be the focus of a lot of anger by people who are treated unjustly by the polical powers that be and the legal system. The flip side of the coin is that it is the police officers and sheriff deputies who have to go in harms way to answer the call when something comes up. It might do well for those of us not in law enforcement to remember that there are ambush murders of good police officers by truly criminal scumbags happening out there.


          Dirk: I am truly sorry for your loss. After thirty+ years on the job in SoCal, I know what you are feeling. This must not be looked at as a “score one for our side”, or “one less badge-wearing ORC.” What I have told the: “THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE” folks is that no one held a gun to my head and told me to go into police work. I accepted the risks of the profession(when it was considered a profession). I treated all people with civility and respect due under the law. I never had to back up to the pay window. And, there is still considerable outrage and righteous anger in our society when police officers are ambushed and murdered. That tells me there is still much respect for the rule of law and the folks who enforce it for the protection of the public.
          Two things: Do the police abuses(LaVoy Finicum, Miriam Carey, and Kelly Thomas) get as much play and public concern? I think not. Also, cops may hate liberals, but they are tied in economically and psychologically to their paychecks and the pot-of-gold pensions at the end of the rainbow. The Democrat machine knows that which is why they court police unions.
          How do you think most of them will react when Madame President, with the stroke of a pen, signs an EO cross-designating them as Deputy US Marshals? She will need to do this to enforce her Marxist edicts against “The Deplorables”. The answer will lie in each officer’s mind. They will have to look in the mirror and ask if they are Peace Officers or Police Officers. Time will tell. And, time is drawing nearer than any of us think.

      • You know what’s really sad…That is the SS (funny how that synonym stood for something else not all that long ago) thinks it’s a hoot when Clinton fell and broke her elbow because she thinks they are dirt but doesn’t have the courage or fortitude( or balls as some would say) to do the whole world a favor and end her evil….

  8. excellent summary of the situation by TL. Except for his invocation of “the People”. With more than 60% of the population now consisting of gubmint-controlling Jews, gubmint-dependent Blacks and Mestizos, collectivist Asians, and urban White cosmics, the ‘Murkan “People” don’t exist anymore. On the other hand, 5 boxes of Federal .308 Hog Hammer ammo got dropped on my porch this AM.

  9. You might think Haxo is speaking metaphorically, or perhaps you don’t always get it, or wonder if what he says is really true. No worries, comrades!

  10. “These are the times for which the Constitution was written; this is why there is an impeachment clause; this is why there is legislative oversight of the executive branch; this is why there is an electoral college. Elections are important to the legitimacy of government officials. Where there is no confidence in the election process, there is the electoral college, but all of these clauses and instruments require a core of integrity. ”

    This only applies to those of us willing to go participate in the vote next Tuesday, not the ‘conscientious objectors’. They’re sitting it out.

  11. Nice piece, although I disagree with him on the electoral college concept, since it established (and continues) the practice of setting up another layer as one’s betters. In streamlining vote-counting of 200 years ago, perhaps. Today, moot – the country continues to get what they ask for so kick the process to the curb.

  12. Something I wrote a while back (a little prematurely, but on target now):