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Don’t bring a keyboard to a SAM and MLRS fight.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Suck on this moral high ground.

    Armed attacker rushes Trump during
    rally in Reno.
    Yes, with a gun.
    Yes, tonight.

  3. If the above tweet is true, the US just staged a cyber attack on the infrastructure of Russia including its C3I net, and all that can be worried about is that some sack of shit named Trump was threatened by an “armed attacker?”

    Surely, public education is alive and well here.


  4. two people reported seeing a gun and yelled gun, could of been anything.

    • Yeah, “could of been anything.”
      Just like LaVoy (Who) was completely
      responsible for his
      (360 degree firing squad)
      assassination by the FBI and OSP.

  5. If it’s true; the US is asking for a retaliation or it will fabricate a retaliation.

  6. If the parasites on the potomac actually did engage in a cyber attack on
    Russia’s infrastructure, it’s an act of war by those self same parasitic
    shitweasels in Mordor on the potomac along with their friends in Langley and Ft Meade not to mention the pentacoop! Frankly DC has whatever it has coming in spades in retaliation for this kind of crap..and I won’t be sorry
    for a bunch of eastern elites biting it big time..they can all FOAD!!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any obligation or subservience to dc shitweasels!!

  7. Here’s an article about it:
    U.S. military hackers penetrate Kremlin command system

    Hmmmm…badness and terminal stupidity/arrogance combined = shitstorm
    in retaliation…not good..not good at all!!

    Putin has a right to be mega pissed!!

    Yours In Liberty!
    NorthGunner III

  8. War is an exit strategy. We should have cleaned the stables years ago.

  9. The pre-K children in Mordor are playing with gasoline and dynamite. They have no idea of what they are doing. Or perhaps they know all-too-well what they are doing, and it does not include most of us living to a ripe old age. Threat condition two, anyone?

  10. Consider if you will the following: the alleged cyber attack on Russia either never happened, or was staged for…. American domestic consumption.
    The 2nd round may be a not so faked American cyber attack on itself. Think CANNED GOODS
    Think it can’t happen here? Then have another ritalin and sit in the back of the class.
    Seriously, do any of you think the pointy head brigade inside Mordor on the Potomac could follow the discipline needed to pull off such an operation? Think of the levels and layers of maskirovka and the background hum (or is it a silence?) of reflexive control.
    We are getting played, only question really is by WHO.

  11. Odd that. Wherever I went in Russia, there was an electrical outlet somewhere. Americans have a very odd perception of Russia out of kilter with reality.

  12. The ‘gun incident’ in Reno. If anything it was something to give a thumbs up to. Americans perceived a threat, took some action, and forced the perp to eat the tarmac. Nobody waited around for the ‘professionals’. A fundamental difference between those that are citizens and those that think they are.

  13. We might see Putin grab Obama by the pussy before January.

  14. I wouldn’t put it past the ‘pre -K problem children of Mordor on the Potomac’ to initiate a emp/grid down situation domestically as a false flag to a.) point a gollumesque finger at Russia or China and say, “He did it!” or b.) claim that a ‘domestic right wing anti-gov group’ committed it (especially if it derailed the sheeple moving into the slaughter shoots/voting booths) on Nov 7th) and then count obamula and bidenberry scream and stomp and declare ‘martial law’ and suspend the election ‘in the interest of national security for the duration of the emergency’.

    With the parasites of Mordor on the Potomac…anything is possible!

    Yours In Liberty w/o any obeisance to said parasites, or their shitweasel
    NorthGunner III