Buppert: Voting Is Moral Vandalism


Bill’s latest.

I have no problem with principled opposition to the franchise, especially as broadly as it is used in modern times.

Choose a dog warden?


Impact my person, property, or people?

By what right?

And who do you think you are to even consider such a thing?

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • In 1857 the Boston scholar, George Ticknor, wrote to an English friend that American politics is “completely inexplicable.”
      Indeed, one reason for this is that some Americans at times will turn a purely political matter into a moral issue. That is to say, they will turn a matter of indifference into a matter of right or wrong. Furthermore, this is not an honest mistake done out of zeal, but is a deliberate deception. In other words, some will turn this matter into a moral issue because they want to be justified in defending it to the death, and to be able to demonize those who would not agree with them.
      So it is with the above article, as it is with many articles that appear on this site. Yet voting is a political matter, not a moral issue.
      Just the same, the reason why this country has gotten into a pronounced, lawless political situation today, not to mention the lawless societal, business, and marital situations, is because America has fallen away from biblical Christianity and the moral transformation of the heart which it brings. As a result we no longer have a moral or religious people in this land, but a people who make up their own morals. Moreover, such people will be prone to make bad political decisions, intentionally or unintentionally, not to mention bad societal, business, and marital decisions.
      Ask yourself: From where did the corrupt heads of government come? They came from the pool of citizens.
      Thus the citizenry, the pool from which those in government, the military, and the police have come, is itself lawless and unethical. “As the people are, so will the government be,” the Latin maxim goes [Ut rex, ita, grex]. Yet the above article fails to consider, to mention, or to address this.
      For instance, a vagabond could steal a ride on a boxcar, while a college graduate could steal the whole railroad. What would be the difference, since their intent would be the same? The difference would be this: their opportunity and their know-how. That is all.
      No? Notice the “Me first!” attitude among the citizenry! For example, see how many citizens willfully and persistently break the clearly posted speed limit! Why? It is because they have no will to be moral. They think that they are above the law.
      All of America has a severe moral problem, not just the notorious citizens in the headlines. In fact, the chief moral problem is America’s willful and stubborn refusal to admit that it has a moral problem.
      Thus things are not going to get any better in government until the citizens morally get better.
      Just the same, the author of this article urges his political solution: No longer vote, but secede (which still would have to be done by political voting, however)!
      Nevertheless, he is addressing merely a political symptom, not the underlying problem itself: to change the corrupt heart to become moral.
      How could this be done? There is only one way.
      It would be called “mission work.” That is to say, fearless preachers such as Jonah, Elijah, and John the Baptist will be needed in America to indict this land of its sordid departure from the Lord, and urge it to return to the Lord in repentance of its sins, and of faith in his gospel promise of pardon. Nothing less will do.

      Gene Urtel – The Rivertown Press

      • “Ask yourself: From where did the corrupt heads of government come? They came from the pool of citizens.
        Thus the citizenry, the pool from which those in government, the military, and the police have come, is itself lawless and unethical.”

        Wrong conclusion. Even the most virtuous of people are bound to be corrupted by power, or by a system that creates perverse incentives (which is what power does).

        “The experience that was had in this com̅one course and condition, tried sundrie years, and that amongst godly and sober men, may well evince the vanitie of that conceite of Platos & other ancients, applauded by some of later times;—that ye taking away of propertie, and bringing in com̅unitie into a comone wealth, would make them happy and florishing; as if they were wiser then God.”
        — Governor Bradford’s history of the Plymouth Plantation

        Had the Pilgrims “fallen away from biblical Christianity”? If they had, then there is no hope for the rest of us.

  2. “If a local gang flying colored rags and singing bad songs came to you and said we’re taking half of your shit…”

    Welcome to the United States of Negan.

    BTW since early voting started in my area the wait was been 1-3 hrs at any given time. 300 people were lined at one location an hour before the doors opened today.

    The Neganites are licking the hands of their master.

  3. Western Civilization was built without voting.

    Funny how the “impact” of lack of voting on “person, property, or people” was absent or entirely negligible before voting.

    Now that “the people” (whoever they are, I’ve never met one) are “sovereign” and elect their “servants” to govern them (can anyone think of anything more stupidly contradictory?) it has been nothing less than a living hell.


    • “Western Civilization was built without voting.”

      As a blanket statement that is nonsense. Please be more specific in supporting your premise.

  4. Stealth Spaniel

    Money shot:
    “It wasn’t the US that came to the table in Paris in 1783 to fashion the peace after eight years of war, it was thirteen different nation-states that were formerly fleeced colonies of the Crown in London.”
    When the 13 nation states realigned into one country, it was just a matter of time until some socialist jackass like Lincoln came along. “The Civil War was about slavery.” The hell it was. The War of the Northern Aggression, was about sovereignty, self determination, and money.
    We are supposed to be a democratic REPUBLIC! Not a democracy, which is mob rule of 51% over the other 49%. No one should be voting unless they have skin in the game. That usually means land owners. And they should have real citizenship: not citizenship of the world. Chink by chink, our masters have fashioned this slavery chain. (The Fed, Senators being elected instead of appointed,Income Tax with ALL OF ITS EXCEPTIONS, etc…etc)
    I will vote for Mr. Trump. I do not think that he is a savior but he is a time buyer. The best that I can suggest to anyone is to be working on becoming invisible.

    • yeah. Trump is a time-buyer, alright. But for the wrong side.

    • FYI, the word “republic” means only “not a monarchy”.

      If you are talking about representative government, that is just as fraudulent as democracy is. If I had an actual representative in the legislature, he would never do a single thing that I disapproved of – or I would fire him. Whatever is going on in the legislature, it sure ain’t representation.

    • ZeroGov mentions the elusive “Social Contract”.

      Let me throw this idea out to you, to see whether it has merit.

      Does the act of Electoral Registration, enter you into a Contract with the State? Could this be the “social Contract”?

      As I interpret it, upon Registration, you agree to abide by the decisions of the Collective and its representatives. You agree to participate in the system, in the knowledge that “your” wishes might not be met.

      You also renounce all rights to property … since you handed your autonomy to the Collective. You no longer wish to hold exclusive control over any asset… therefore, you don’t own it.

      If this is true, then any Registered elector who fails to comply with the Collective’s decisions, is in breach of his contract. And subject to sanction.

      (The B of R represents an attempt to introduce some caveats into this “social contract” … some property rights which remain sacrosanct. Good try; didn’t work.)

      • You’re getting closer to the right answer regarding how you’re actually considered by your “betters”.

      • A couple of problems with that theory. 1) it applies to everyone, not just those who enter the social contract you imagine. 2) Real contracts usually spell things out in detail. Registering to vote is not a procedure where you are told what the implications are.

        No, it’s just plain old bullshit, enslaving people with their own minds.

        Government does not rule through the consent of the governed, but through the consent of the rulers. Peons don’t have a say in it.


    • I hear frequently that the War of Southern Independence was not about slavery. That’s as may be. I know two things for certain: the secession resolutions of at least a couple of the Southern states referenced the institution, and the two ancestors (from different family branches from two different states) voluntarily joined the Union army specifically to further their abolitionist convictions. They were both farmers with living fathers and sons to look after the crops.

      Personally, I believe the main Southern aim was States’ Rights, a concept I believe in, and was unfortunately wedded to slavery. I believe T. J, Jackson was correct when he (is reputed to have) said “We should have emancipated the slaves, and THEN fired on Fort Sumter.”

      • Wars are fought primarily to benefit the ruling class. So the idea that you can find one reason for the War of Southern Independence is incorrect. Obviously, different people fought for different reasons. The Southern planter class clearly fought (or at any rate, sent others to fight) for slavery; that is what gave them their position in society. The ordinary people, who were not slaveholders and who if anything were harmed by slavery, probably fought because bad things happen when one’s country is invaded (rapine and plunder). No doubt there were merchants for whom the tariff was the primary irritant, and others who didn’t like the general centralization of power in Washington, and yet others who were mad at the notion that entry into the Union was a one-way street.

  5. Vote: for your own destruction
    Posted on November 5, 2016 by Jolly Roger
    First, you have to understand something very important. When your Dad was teaching you how to track deer and bait a hook, their Dads were teaching them how to control populations, and rule over them. How and when to eliminate political enemies, crush dissent or control it, and how little food you could get away with giving the peasants before rebellion ensued.
    You’re out of your league because you think like a peasant, and you’re being crushed by royal families, who’ve crushed many populations before ours, using the same techniques that have been refined to a science over the centuries.
    Our presidents are their servants, and their dinner conversation centers around how their lackeys are keeping their respective populations under control. The “elite” aren’t America’s billionaires. The real “elite” decides who becomes a billionaire. They don’t earn money; they supply it, and they use it to control your life.
    You believe in your autonomy, but in reality, you’ve been led around by the nose for your entire life by their control of the information you receive, for the same reason that slaves were kept illiterate. Control of the information available to you equates to control of your mind, and even if you’re smart enough to argue against them, they’re still telling you what to argue about.
    For several months, both mainstream and alternative news, and unfortunately the public consciousness too, have been dominated by Trump and Hillary, as if either one of these evil bastards were going to do anything but crush us further into the ground. It’s frustrating to think that an informed population hasn’t seen through this ridiculous charade we call “elections” by now, but instead, keeps falling for the same stupid trick every four years.
    It’s a circus, and nothing more, and after the election, both candidates will answer to the same boss. I have no doubt that it’s the most entertaining thing on TV, but actually going to vote is similar to being too wrapped up in a soap opera, and if you actually believe that voting for either one of the would-be tyrants is going to change anything in your life, it’s probably because you’re a little too scared to accept the whole truth, too stupid to see through the endless deceptions, or too lazy to take responsibility for your own life, and your own country.
    You’ve “swallowed the red pill” but it’s coming back up, because your stomach can’t handle it hitting bottom, and fully digesting. If it did, you’d have to accept that there will be no easy way out of this, and in fact, your future is one of war, poverty, and horror. No one wants to know that, and humans generally believe whatever makes them comfortable. (just call me a “doom and gloomer” or something, and everything will be a lot easier).
    Trump isn’t building any wall, and he’s not deporting anyone, but unlike the deceitful propagandist’s polls reported by the “news”, honest, scientific polling of the population has told them that’s what Americans want to hear from a candidate, so he’s sold that way to the American people, just like a shiny new car, or a can of soup.
    Hillary sells herself to the opposing audience, and the winner is selected by the royals. Your vote, or a million of them, means absolutely nothing.
    In exchange for your vote, you’re given the erroneous belief that you have a voice in your government, and that you’ve participated in a patriotic process, when in reality, you’ve completely betrayed it, and no one in power cares what you think.
    If Madonna and Michael Jackson were the candidates, you’d get behind one of those fools, and you’d enter into the same stupid arguments regarding which one was better for America, because the political process provides you with a scapegoat for all that’s wrong with this country, and it allows you to shirk your own responsibility for our future. Just pick from the criminals provided, and you get to sit on your ass for another four years, and blame someone else for all of America’s problems.
    Unfortunately, we’re at a point in our nation’s history where the responsibility will either shouldered by the people, or the people will be crushed by it, because we’ve been sold down the river by all of the politicians, who only compete for the privilege of robbing our resource wealth, and assisting with the destruction of our freedom, and constitutional rights. That’s what the royals they answer to want to achieve, and the politicians’ goal is to get the population to accept it.
    It’s for you to decide who’ll rule America; will it be the international bankers who have been instituting our slow genocide, or will the American people defend themselves, their families, and their liberty by simply refusing to be ruled by them?
    Your participation in this “election” process identifies you as one of their sheep, running toward the knife that slits your throat. By supporting either candidate, you lend legitimacy to the tyranny that’s already crushing us, and plans to finish the job soon. By showing up at the polling place, you’re aiding the foreign enemy who has usurped our government. You’re giving them the “consent of the governed”, and encouraging their endless tyranny and criminality. When you vote, you’re betraying the Bill of Rights that is supposed to be the supreme law of this land.
    When do you finally stand up to them and say “no. I’m an American. My constitutional rights will be respected, my nation will not be looted and destroyed, and I’m free to live my life as I choose?” Do you even recognize the tyranny you’re already being subjected to, or has the television successfully lulled you into a false reality, where nothing bad can happen in America?
    Your life has been made idyllic and easy for the purpose of weakening you. Everyone eats in America. Even if you refuse to work, food stamps will sustain you, and everyone has a TV whose programming is programming them, and keeping them distracted from and deceived about the real state of affairs in this country.
    You’re either going to start seeing through ALL the lies, and start accepting the whole truth, or you’re destined to be just another sheep. You’ll believe you’re free because you’re running loose in the slaughterhouse, and you get to choose which butcher cuts your throat.
    History repeating itself is only a matter of the same royal families playing their same tricks, and gullible populations falling for them, as they always have. Let’s hope that Americans remember who they are, and what they had, and let’s hope they’re not too stupid, scared, or lazy to hold onto it.
    Half of the population has the much ridiculed “double-digit I.Q.”, and I don’t expect that many of them will ever read this. It’s really up to you, the more intelligent segment of the population, to teach them, and help them see through these deceptions so they might grasp the big picture. Our future depends on this education process.
    The idiots will be real easy to find. Just see who shows up at the polls on election day.  — Jolly Roger
    “Fear is the foundation of most governments. When annual elections end, there slavery begins”.    — John Adams.

    • Nice essay. Really liked the M vs MJ comparison. We have dead people voting (upright/brain-dead and horizontal/decomposing), might as well have a dead candidate running, too.

      As long as we have a near 100% voter turnout and yet another “gee, this was a close race, but it was decided who the ‘new decider’ is and we all have to go with it” winner-by-just-a-nose-photo-finish, then the whole con game can continue.

      A vote for Evil is still voting for Evil. Participating in the process is still participation which means they already own your mind.

      Voting at this point is kissing the ring.

  6. Howard Dennard

    I might add that a voting adult should pass two test, 1) score in the three digits of an intelligence test, 2) be a LEGAL citizen of this country. Anyone not of sufficient intelligence to understand American history and the voting system , should not be allowed to vote. Only legal citizens of the country have a legitimate RIGHT to vote.

  7. Not voting, at least against Klinton, is an act of treason, not to mention stupid and irrational.

    Either vote and participate or please, STFU.

  8. Concerning the quote at the end of this article by Thomas Paine regarding an act of voting on what would be and what would not be the Word of God:

    The action of the Council of Trent (1545-1563), in which the Roman Catholic Church declared by a mere decree what books should comprise the Bible, and also anathematized all those who would refuse to accept all the books contained in the Vulgate as anti-Christian, was a presumptive usurpation of authority. The Bible has given no such authority to any man or to any group of men.
    The collection of biblical books, rather was done in this manner: What we call “the Old Testament” was a collection of sacred writings that were compiled together not by a vote, but simply on account of their obvious divine nature as books which were inspired by the Holy Spirit. What is known as the “Apocrypha” was never included in this collection because of its obvious non-inspired characteristics.
    What we refer to as the “New Testament” writings were compiled in the same way. Indeed, the church of the new testament was not a new church with a new religion, but a continuation of the one true church. To this enduring church the same Spirit of God who had spoken through Moses and the prophets graciously granted a continuation of his inspired Word through a period of about five decades.
    After this the early Christian churches took exacting care to distinguish between the genuine, inspired writings from those simple, pastoral writings ministers, and from spurious writings which had a religious narrative.
    Furthermore, each Christian church claimed the right of satisfying itself in this matter. By the year A.D. 250, the Christian churches commonly had satisfied themselves at to what comprised the New Testament.
    Just the same, today, when an average layman would read an inspired book of the Word of God, the divine, powerful words themselves will impress upon his mind that this book has been divinely written. Any matter written solely by man will not do that.

    Gene Urtel -The Rivertown Press

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