Now Is The Winter Of Our Discontent


Ignores the map above, but a meaningful admonition as to the time period.

US aggression in the interregnum is more likely, IMHO.

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  1. Hillary, if elected, will use the US military as the fist behind “requests for donations” to the Clinton Foundation.

    “Nice country you have there, shame if something were to happen to it.”

    WWIII is all but inevitable if that woman is in charge.

    • wealthy farmer

      She’s already done this. Demanded $20 million ‘donation’ from Gadafi to the ‘Foundation’. He refused………

      • I kind of wondered if Clinton used Libya as “proof of concept.”

        Which means that, more than likely, Obama has been promised a substantial payday from the Clintons.

  2. “Made glorious summer by this sonne of York”….York being full of mulatto immigrants…

  3. And there are hardliners waiting in the wings in the event that Putin does not respond to the growing Western threat on their borders. From a friend in the Ukraine. There is not much but social equality groups running around. Western NGOs and Contractors providing training to the NGOs regarding situational awareness etc. No visual of any military force in Kiev and the surrounding area. What does that mean? Life is pretty much what you would find in any Eastern European capital. Of course that can change.

  4. (((Alexander Boot)))……(((Max Boot))). Probably less than 6 degrees of separation. Both and all other Zionist warmongers need to be put on a train to Israel. What? There are no trains to Israel? That’s too bad.

  5. “Russia’s 2008 aggression against Georgia”—Oy veh, just one of Boot’s inherited tribal delusions.

    August 2008, Israelis train, instigate, and assist Georgia (the region of the former kingdom of Khazaria) in attacking South Ossetia
    See also: Matthew Raphael Johnson, “Israel, Oil and Death: The War for Ossetia,” Culture Wars, October 2008, pages 6-11 & 25.

    Bottom line: After killing over 60 million Christians, Judeo-Communism was finally given the boot (pun intended). Subsequently, Jewish oligarchs attempted to recapture and re-rape Russia, but mostly failed. Since their enormous failures, the tribal agit-prop machine has been spewing oceans of effluvia against Putin and a Russia that is trying to regain its Christianity.

  6. As often happens, three of the four links have been disappeared, but the webarchive backups are available for the first two. Simply scroll down to August 2008 on this page: The Culture Wars article, the most detailed of all, is still available.

  7. And the neocon hits just keep on coming. Russia (and China) wish only to trade and peacefully coexist. The sociopaths in Washington/New York seek world hegemony. They lead us to hell by the shortest route. I damn them for the demonic spawn they are.

  8. Centurion_Cornelius


    …all meant NOTHING to this happy group of family members when things got “spicy.” the Russians, English, and Germans–all related–family members–butchered each other with glee to the tune of millions over four years. empires shattered, cities laid waste. unbelievable suffering.

    will things be different when two adversaries who hate each other (and have been programmed and told to hate each other) mix-it-up?

    HISTORY LESSON +100 years– Famous last words:”…er, Hey! call back all those troop trains, I mean launched missiles!” Kaiser/Czar POTUS/PUTIN.

    back then, hours or days to ruminate and consider the options. today–milliseconds. plus today we have the apotheosis of true global statesmen of the first order.

    PROGRESS, eh?


  9. If anything, some tightening of the knots during the weeks pre-inauguration. I’m sure Putin is laughing at the court-induced reins being pulled on BREXIT. But, evil-incarnate as she is, if Jarrett doesn’t approve something it won’t happen. They have shown they are now most concerned with the “legacy” left for the diorama in the library & museum.

  10. I got all the way down to the part where the author invented a ‘rumor’ about Putin paying for Trumps campaign. What a load of utter horse shit. Here’s another rumor: The author is a homosexual drug pusher.

    Frankly I don’t give a rip what happens to the EU. If Russia wants it they can have it. Guarantee you their ‘immigration’ problems will be solved overnight.

  11. Is Alexander Boot related to Max Boot? If so : Max Boot is a Neocon tool of the highest order. Seems like Alexander Boot shares the same mindset. Alexander’s Wiki says he was born in Russia – Max Boot was also. Max Boot was “born to Jewish parents”. Was Alexander?

    Given that the European Union has seen fit to let itself get overrun with Muslims – maybe a little Russian invasion would do them good. The Russians don’t seem to have any compunctions about ridding themselves of invaders – and the Eastern European countries aren’t anywhere near as tolerant of the Eurozone BS as the ‘western’ countries are.

    France , Germany and the other western European countries might be due for a little invasion to set their heads back on straight.

  12. Only an idiot or a fucking retard allows their govt, to pick your enemy. My govts enemy isnt my enemy, until I make a Informed decision determining them, my enemy.

    I don’t see that happening. When Russia is the enemy, and the musliums our peaceful friends,

    Just more of that silly rhetoric, in play.


    • “Only an idiot or a fucking retard allows their govt, their true enemy, to pick their enemy.” There, fixed it for ya. 🙂

      “It is hard to fight an enemy who has outposts in your head.”
      — Sally Kempton

  13. Uh, a lot of those countries shown to be with the NATO symbol, are not members of NATO. Like the ones in Japan, and Africa.

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