SiGb: Fiat Justitia, et Pereat Mundus


A link-filled recap of the ugly Weiner/Huma/Clintonista stuff.

What is justice here, assuming facts currently in dispute?

UPDATE 2229EDT 5NOV2016: Herschel has related thoughts.




10 responses to “SiGb: Fiat Justitia, et Pereat Mundus

  1. I’m actually enjoying watching these fuckers outwit themselves. Turns out they’re NOT the smartest people in any given room…..

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. to paraphrase (((Sigmund Freud))):

    “sometimes, a hotdog is just a hotdog and a pizza is just a pizza”.

    This is not one of those times.

  4. I agree with Hershel on all except for Cruz who is ineligible for prez(he should know that).As for the libeal elites and their lackeys I have said for years they will eat their own and each other.Strap in tight, its gonna be a fun ride.

  5. I’m a bit doubtful of all this. There are false flags, there are October surprises.

    On the other hand, extreme perversion seems (at least historically) to go hand in hand with great power and those who seek it.

    Let’s face it, Presidents and their minions routinely kill people. These are not the kinds of folks you’d want to introduce your teenage daughter to. Maybe it’s really true. If Clinton wins, it will make for a very interesting administration. Perhaps we will get a lot of apostates from the Government Religion. I like to look on the bright side of things, heh.

  6. Whoa! Time out!

    Not for nothing folks, but that visual has tons more meaning than meets the eye! For starters, the pentagram pictured is upside down and within it is a donkey type face. As a student of Tarot (and no, its not about reading stupid fortune’s) this imagery corresponds to Key 15 “The Devil” in the Major Arcana deck. Google that for an image.

    In Tarot, we learn that most, if not all, outward appearances are the illusion. Key 15 personifies this as a belief that the outward appearance is true… it’s not. It’s the result of the sum total of our beliefs and thoughts (NO this is not that “Secret” bullshit).

    What we see in our day to day “reality” is actually the end result of our thinking. The world of our circumstances doesn’t happen to us…. we put it into motion with our thinking and it comes about (what do you think about all day long?). The crux is the subconscious and the beliefs and telepathic invasions that were instilled in us when we were defenseless children from well meaning parents that ultimately became beliefs in our subconscious… causing the same old same old that has run through our daily lives.

    If that wasn’t enough to inflame most, here’s the real kicker… LOOKING at Tarot cards with attentiveness realigns your subconscious to what it’s actually supposed to be (minus all the crazy shit that got put into it over our lifetime).
    Ultimately, the image in the post refers to ignorance… (and overcoming it in Key 15). I find find that fascinating! Research is your friend. Knee jerk is not. Flame away!

  7. HHH Old Vet.

    Anybody seen my Flamethrower?? wanna roast some weenies.

  8. The problem isn’t that Democrats are evil. The problem is that ALL of them Republicans AND Democrats are evil. Deciding which overseer gets to flog me next is not a real choice. —-Mr H. Smith is a rabid Jesus Nazi. Who he wants for the next Emperor is of no importance to me at all.

  9. Begun, the Memes have.